What is your promise or comitments in 2019?

I’ll start. A tradition in the country where I live is that we make promises or commitments usually 1 - 3 things that we’ll strive to complete within the next year. They usually is made before midnight before the fireworks start and the beverage in the hands of the gathered is drunk.

As midnight is approaching steadily and rapidly here are my spiritual commitments this year:

  1. I’ll undertake pathworkings or make contact with beings that I find terrifying or just haven’t felt like I wanted to do or just postponed. A few examples of the above that scares me would be: the Qliphoth (some) and Loa (all of them). This also includes finishing up old deals and paths I’ve walked before this year, as I’ve at times stoped when things got to intense.

  2. I just got out of a nasty case of what’s over here called the winter flu, and as a result I didn’t practice anything during my recovery, this year I’ll continue to practice magick even when I’m ill or as long as I am able to function properly.

  3. I’ll do way more spell casting along with the internal work I’ve been doing this year. It’s a skill that needs to be polished as according to me I suck at it.

Now what are your spiritual commitments/ promises for 2019?



A 85 hour fast once a month.
Work on opening/strengthening the chakras
Pathwork the Red King


Good stuff! Also, I have a few question for you regarding that book if you don’t mind;

  1. What do you think of the tome so far?
  2. What is your opinion of the Red King so far?
  3. Would you recommend it for anyone or someone specific?

I ask because I’ve ordered the Scorpion King from the same author, and based on the info I’ve been able to find it seems to be really great.

I wish you a happy new year.


My promise and commitment is not to have have one at all. I don’t find any value in it.

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Fair enough. To me it helps me keep myself focused. But that doesn’t mean I can’t see your point as promises can in a way be a bind depending on your viewpoint ot situation.

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I have used some stuff from it successfully, though I find the Queen of Hell much more practical (being the base for all of Primal Craft, that much is pretty obvious…) It builds on Queen of hell and Scorpion god builds on it, so they would be pretty daunting to work with without the earlier volume(s) Their all good Grimoires, but they aren’t the clearest of texts. I’d recommend reading through them and seeing whether or not they resonate with you. I worked through Queen of Hell in order this year, but have worked with some of the material in the 6 books uninitiated for quite a while, by the way. :grin:


Very well, I’ll be sure to take that into account as I go through the grimore. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:


Relearning all basics.

Working with Lord Ares, King Paimon and Archangel Raphael in depth (and a few other deities).

Overall just improving my Magick and achieving my desires.

Also Astral Projection and the Middle Pillar will be some of my main focuses for the year.

Lastly just gain more knowledge and share it with others.


This fast sounds intense!! I hope you enjoy it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve done longer ones before, though not at such… frequency. Can’t say its very enjoyable, but the benefits far outweigh the minor discomfort for me :grin:

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Many Spirits actually like that as an offering. It also takes real dedication :sweat_smile:

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Strength my chakras and have clearer abilities
Work with the whole infenernal empire
Heal my self and become me, with self love, confidence, and self trust continue my workings with lucifer
Be healthy
Do yoga


I tend to chant a lot of enns during fasting. Makes it way easier, and spiritually useful. Also the depth of trance one accomplishes during a fast is pretty cool. The night before ending a fast is a great time for rituals…well any time is but even more so :thinking:

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I recall seeing somewhere that back in the old days before working with Spirits you’d need to fast. I can see how it opens you up though, when I fast I refrain from meat and notice a much more aware state.


1-Meditate everyday (I get distracted easily so this is promise)
2-Communicate and take pathworking with djinn
While learning more of ancient arabian magick from them
3- dedicating everyday on learning more about my path


Cool stuff! I wish you the best in your future endeavors. :slight_smile:

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You too :smile:

  1. Manifest my Empire (s) on Earth

  2. Gain unparalleled amounts of power

  3. Kill my Enemies, both past, present, and Future

(And also end my financial troubles)


Lol Micah I love you :joy:

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  1. Consider if I turn my back towards magick or nah
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