What Is Your Legacy?

What do the world need, that your talent can provide?

That’s a huge question, right? It’s also quite controversial, considering that some of us do black magic for selfish purposes, for prosperity, for wealth and other gains that puts us on the higher scale in society. There’s nothing wrong with that, and if that’s your goal, no one should stop you.

What is my legacy? What would I leave behind as a black magician, and within the community of the path I’m in?

I started my path 7+ years ago, and it’s been a hell of a ride. Each new day, in presence of my two spirits, was never the same. Sweet memories that brings a smile on my face, every time I think about it, retroperspectively. It’s a love story that comes with internal, as well as external, changes to it. I came to a conclusion to share these experiences to the world, so I started my own blog. I joined a few forums, including this one, and I shared my experiences and what I learned over the years. I shared with my own perspective, and within my own comprehension and interpretation of otherworldly beings and it’s energies. I think that’s my legacy, and what I will be remembered for in this world.

“The affect you have on others, is the most valuable currency there is.”, a wise man once said.

What is YOUR legacy?


To become as powerful as possible through the dark arts.

I wont stop untill I can make people drop dead at a thought :slightly_smiling_face:


And I’d like to help people
It’s fun.
Through magick even better.
Don’t really care about being remembered.


Day by day, my legacy we live, all
And yet every way, my soul will contrive, to fall
Uplift it high and change its course!
Your spirit to the dark without remorse!

I thought this looked cool, here. :B


With any luck, I’ll leave Earth as a smoldering rock, spinning silently through the dark as the last bones of mortal men are crushed underfoot by the first steps of the occult Übermensch awakening to his destiny amongst the stars. :star_struck:


I will create my own physical universe and dedicate it as an eternal sanctuary to Knowledge surpassing Source and Void, perhaps even the Unmanifest Unmanifest Absolute.

Knowledge overwhelming, knowledge, power, wisdom, and generosity without end.

I know it’s possible. I just have to get out there and take what I want for myself.


I’m going to kill Jehovah. Strike the shepherd, sheep scatter.

Aside from that, knowledge, much of which cannot be shared, only experienced, words simply don’t work, such a limited means of conveyance.


My kindness is my legacy, gentle with my family, gentle with unknown people, trying to be gentle over myself.
But don’t take me wrong, I can go into a war if something or someone hurts me deeply,
But, after so much suffering, and betrayal and deception in this Earth, I am still able to be gentle,
So, kindness is my legacy!


I’m utterly shocked no one said: “to become a living god.”


The impact that I have made in the lives of others that will create a domino effect as they touch others and so forth and so on.

And ofcourse my children.


My legacy will hopefully be: to vanish, leaving no trace behind


To rise up from humble beginnings, restore divine grace to a few Men, and leave behind a refined bloodline of demi-gods.


I think it will be a book written in a secret magickal language that I’ll invent on day, with maps to different sacred places around the world for several hidden codes and formulas to decipher that language.


I want to help people reach their full potential in life, instead of squandering everything away in ignorance because they’ve never been shown a better way.


Why do you wish that to be your legacy?

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Because to me its perfection. Living the life, doing all the great things, knowing all the secrets that have been whispered into my ear. And then: vanishing into thin air. Just like that.


I’m trying to make a world a better place by writing my opinions, which is the method Seneca prescribed “If that’s all you can do” and using Click to Donate sites, but indeed it’s not much. That’s why I surely propose to take it to the next level either through beneficence, volunteering or even politics.
Also, I wrote some simple text adventures and I’m considering to write novels to the purpose of entertainment… I realistically put a bit aside my ideas of making movies and videogames but, who knows.

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Whatever you do, don’t let the gift of real-world experience get away from you. You know the term, “Armchair magician”? I find there are sometimes people that could only be described as, “Armchair philosophers”.

But on the other hand, just make sure you’re grounded enough in having dealt with the real world, and you’ll probably do a world of good. :grin:


By “vanishing into thin air” do you mean your essence going back into Nature and that from which you came?

My legacy? Hmm. To find my soulmate, crush my enemies, and heal the broken. Simple.