What is your "HARD LINE" that you you WILL NEVER cross magickally

Some of us have a hard time with cursing people.

Some of us have a hard time ruining someones life.

Some of us will gladly curse someone, as long as they don’t have children.

Some of us have no problems destroying an entire family, but not a child outright.

Some of us are heartless bastards who will laugh heartily as an entire family “mysteriously” contracts a fatal strain of the flu, and you sit there with a bag of Doritos, watching the news coverage while touching yourself.

My hard lines are: No cursing children to hurt the parents. No attempts at sexual conversion.

What will you NEVER DO under ANY circumstance?


I would never harm a child, harm an animal (even though I eat meat), force gender/sexual conversion or manipulate someone’s free will.


Well cursing someone would be my thin line and children and mothers.
But if someone would be out to destroy me or someone in my family, I would do everything in my power to change the direction in some other way (protection), or I would pick the last option and teach them a lesson (curse)


I can’t imagine myself ever harming a person with magick, even though I’m fine with, say, a fist fight. It’s a little nonsensical, but that’s not something I’m keen on doing, unless I see no alternative.


whenever I think about cursing someone I realize everyone is an ass sometimes, so i ignore them unless they are a real dick, or out to hurt me or my family. Then I’ll fight, but I prefer irl

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I’d never harm a child but that doesn’t include a pregnant person if they’re trying to harm me and my family. Speaking of family, I’d never harm them.

People’s animals are out as well.

That’s all I can think of for now.


Children is usually where i cross the line

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What will you NEVER DO under ANY circumstance?

Draw hard lines, make promises I can’t keep. I try not to, anyway… it’s not a rule. I don’t do rules.

I generally find, if I draw a hard line, or make a sweeping generalization, because I am a creature of balance and such a thing is inherently one-sided and therefore imbalanced, fairly shortly afterwards the universe goes out of its was to prove me wrong and find a reason the line should not have been drawn.

I do the best I can for as long as I can, looking for the highest balance at the time, but I don’t see how you can predict what that will or won’t be in advance and it’s a mistake to place constrictions on yourself when you have no idea what’s coming down the pike. Life isn’t so conveniently black and white most of the time.


Magically you say? Children and pets are not to be harmed. That being said it takes a lot to get me to actually seriously harm anyone whether it be with magic or more physical means.


Sexual conversion is something I won’t do, even if the woman was a highly attractive lesbian.

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I have a coworker who is as straight as he is cute. My marriage notwithstanding, I’d never try to turn him bi or gay just so I could bang him.

I’ve had people come to me as a hypnotist and ask if I could turn their son straight. I calmly told them to fuck themselves with a rake and come back once they leave the 1920s.


Nothing. Ill do whatever it takes to see my magick flurish

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Can you define that? That is after all a veery big field.


Hypothetically speaking. What if you one day woke up as a woman, Bang or nay?


Basically, I don’t want to force people into situations they don’t readily consent to. An example of this would be making someone fall in love with me or have sex with me.

Does that make sense?

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Yeah, it does. I just wanted to make sure if that was the direction you where speaking in your first comment. :+1:

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Cough Anthrax Cough
#HeartlessBastardLivesMatter :fist::fist::fist:
#OneOfUs :metal:

Stop lookin at muh workings dude :joy::joy::joy:

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I don’t know yet, cuz the circumstances are yet to come my way.

I would never harm an animal. Everyone else is fair game if they’ve wronged me. I’d only hurt those who really deserve it. That being said, I would never use my skills to force someone to have sex with me.

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I agree with the above and I will not do necromancy. I don’t mess with the dead. Only through Papa Legba and other spirits will contact the ancestors.

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