What is this new "wave" of removing chakras?

I’ve heard about it from some occultist youtubers, chackra removing.
They said there are entities which control us thanks to chakras opening and developing.
I’ve never heard about anything like that from traditional yoga books.


Its new age BS. Or bullcrap if you prefer. New agers are everywhere on youtube and their purpose is to destroy people’s confidence and steal also their energy. many or psychic vampires. Thank you for that post because it is one of the biggest problem on earth right now. The new age movement.


Well, the chakras are simply imaginary constructs, created by ancient Hindu sages as a way to concentrate, and refine, prana, so, technically, you can do whatever you want with them once you’ve built them.

I think it’s important to note that nothing in regards to the energy bodies is in any sense objectively real. Neither the Hindu chalkras, nor the Taoist dan tiens, nor the spheres of the Middle Pillar, are facts. They are just maps for refining the body’s energies, but the map is not the territory.

This is why you can work with multiple maps at the same time without issue.

I call bullshit on this. There is so much crap said about the chakras, that I wouldn’t be surprised if people build their own thoughtforms connected with them, but a lot of what is done in the Western metaphysical community is not even close to the actual teachings of the traditional Hindu systems. Misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and mistranslations, of Sanskrit sources from Westerners like Helen Blatvasky and her Theosophy followers, have led to a lot of incorrect and erroneous information filtering down through the New Age community.


You wouldn’t read this in book, as far as I know, this is a new technique shared with us by the owner of this forum, E.A. Koetting in one of his live streams a couple of years ago. If you haven’t seen that video it would be confusing, as there’s background information you have no access to. I don’t think that old video is still available. Maybe it’s in a book now, I’m not sure. :thinking:

I believe this is incorrect. This has nothing to do with new age in this context. I have not heard of any new age people copying E.A.'s idea, unless he got it from somewhere else. But if I recall, he was guided to this by the entities he works with. It’s not BS at all, if you understand it, it has a use, but it’s not for people without energy working skills.

I don’t know about it being a “wave”, this forum has seen a few posts about it in those two years, but this is a forum with 10k views a day, do it’s not really a common practice. I recently wrote my opinion on it, last month maybe.

Here is my previous post with my current opinions based on my perspective as a qigong practitioner.

They said there are entities which control us thanks to chakras opening and developing.

I think that makes sense in the context of my understanding of what is happening here: you can’t remove your energy centers, but you can remove thoughtforms created that overlay them, look like chakras but get in the way, basically.

Personally, I do not use the chakra system, so I don’t have chakras, I have qigong energy centers.

I did find that I had fake thoughtforms in my energy field that were easy targets for parasites especially human “vampires”, that can create these through attacking someone and simply expecting to use them. These are not your chakras, they are junk in your system that should be removed asap.

The bottom line is, as usual, "know thyself", which includes how your energy works.

If you do not know energy working and have no tools to examine the situation in your own energy body, you’re up the creek without a paddle when people say stuff like this, because you have no way of understanding the argument from your personal worldview, or knowing if it’s a good idea for you.

I would call this an advanced energy working practice, and I advise against doing it unless you know what you’re doing and can feel the flows to get feedback as you progress: just do banishings and cleansings instead.


I believe he actually got the idea from Enoch Petrucelly, who really pushes the whole “the moon is fake and aliens are trying to control us” shtick.


Blavatsky misunderstood?

Yes by him but also another one.

Yes, she did. She, and her followers, invented a lot of stuff that is now part of New Age and occult belief, like the Akashic Records ( a misunderstanding of the Sanskrit word “Akasha”), and the legend of Atlantis.

Would you suggest me some book about it without new age misunderstandings?

Honestly, if you’re interested in energy work, I would suggest a book on qi gong, simply because what is available on the chakras has become so polluted with dogma form both the Right and Left Paths, that you’d have to wade through a lot of sewage before finding anything of real value. The Westernized books on qi gong, though, have mostly escaped that problem because the practice is not as tied to the occult as the chakras are (the Chinese arts were closed to Westerners until around the mid-20th century so there is far less of the arrogant pontificating that you find in the writings of Blavatsky and other 19th century occultists).

However, if you want some practical information from a Western perspective, that is not overly burdened by dogma and ridiculous suppositions, I’d recommend the book Energy Work by Robert Bruce.


It is possible and useful. Metatron and Azazel can assist in such matters.

The fact that the west has become so braindead when it comes to eastern sciences and concepts is only typical of how far the apple falls from the tree these days.

Much like the earthworm crawls without legs or eyes doing nothing but eating soil and shitting the soil out, the western occult world crawls its way meekly into “chakra removal”, dualism and ideals around the complete destruction of the self.

A “chakra” is an energy sphere formed from a triangular junction of nadis, which are like strings or threads of vitality in the subtle-physical body. “Chakra removal” would thus be the equivalent of open heart surgery, except instead of fixing your heart - ripping it out of your chest, and leaving your body be.

Don’t fall for this crock of shit.

-Lotan Vovin


Its bullshit so some edgelord can larp likely at the behest of some parasite that thinks it is a god because people have viewed it as such for a long time. The idea the energy body is subjective is also bullshit. The interpretation of such might be subjective but its existence is objective as objective as matter and reaching a point where such can be considered subjective is to reach a state where you can rewrite reality and its rules at a whim where matter and energy no longer matter but only pure information and thought. Though by all means if you don’t like someone rip out a chakra or similar energy center from them and watch the result. Not very easy though the damn things are really rooted in there and tough to actually rip out or you would have people killing others on the street with a thought if it was so easy to sever the energy body that deeply.

The fact people aren’t actively dying from attempting this shows not just their lack of self-awareness but also the level of larping and delusion in the modern occult community tied with pure inability to affect anything outside of their psyche on a deeper level. Probably a good thing as this is the level of influence that could kill souls and scatter spirits to the closest thing to true death there is.

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I meant about Blavatsky’s lies and/or Atlantis.

It has to do with escape the matrix. People have basically similar chakras but some have more as because spiritually have more power. Through correct chakra removal you can center better on your goals

It’s not new at all. It’s been around since the early 2000’s at least.
And it’s bull shit. If Chakras are real, they’re part of your body. Why would you want to remove them? They’re not some vestigial organ. it’s a whole system, like your lymphatic system.


In short
Escaping the matrix is exiting out of Sahsrara and activating the hidden 3 bindu centres that merge forth from Sahasrara.

In the western view this is Tanin’iver (the blind serpent) riding Lilith who is the dormant feminine energy forth out of the ocean of illusion and to meet with Samael at the place of Abaddon, where they become united as Chia-Baphomet - and Lotan has his seven heads placed around them and apocalypse (spiritual climax) is initiated when the three veils of the abyss make their way from Thaumyal to mingle with Da’ath.

Thaumiel is the Sahasrara centre, which in a state of duality - is mastered by Lucifer and Moloch(Shiva and the Nandi Bull) who ride forth the merging of the lower destructive abyss (Abaddon, which is the gare of Daath in the 3rd Eye powered by the Throat Chakra) with the higher creative threefold abyss (tohu, bohu, chasek).
The place of Daa’th is forever associated with dualities and the minglings thereof, but it is also associated just as much with trinity. Notice the three triangles of Choronzon’s sigil, the three heads of Cerberus/Naberius and Magna Hekate. This is because the mystery of the destructive abyss of Da’ath is to mingle with the higher 3 Veils Before Satan, which are creative. Satan is the one who then releases the Gehinnomic Fires of Moloch to envelop the whole cosmic form after this is attained.

The ancient rishis described a similar process, and the indian Aghori systems provide a Nine Chakra system which does not involve Sahasrara, as it is technically not a chakra. Instead it involves the 3 bindu centres above Ajna, which directly channel Sahasrara. The qliphothic description is consistent with the Aghori yogic vision of kundalini awakening.


Expanding on this

the Chakras are not purely Causal.
They are sometimes described as Vortexes the same as Black holes. Remember they are junction points in between 3 Nadis(energy paths), and are purely subtle energies. It is up to the magician to align them with whatever energies they desire.

I on one hand wish to align the Nadis with their Qliphothic equivalent, which would be the tunnels of Set and the Acausal Aur She Ain bo Machshavah.

Since to the Aghori sages chakras are like black holes, the qliphothic descriptions are more fitting in general.

I find Tree of Life/Sephirothic causal chakra stuff unappealing and inaccurate to the acausal nature of Chakras.

-Lotan Vovin

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I Will say, in my experience when I first started getting into meditation and the energy of my body was waking up, that it would pool in certain areas automatically, without me trying to put it there, nor concentrating on any point.

I wasn’t trying to make anything happen at any point in my body, only follow any sensations that arose within as well as stilling the mind as much as possible.

The places I felt it pooling into me, was in between my eyes, then into my heart, and then in my groin.

I looked into it later to see if there was anything written about energy centers in the body, and came across dantiens and chakras.

From what I gather is that those 3 centers are universal, but you can build the other 4 centers to get the whole chakra system, and other powers that they represent, regarding the elements.

The 3 centers are usually called the dantiens by the Taoists, but they represent the different aspects of one’s soul.

For example the lowest center below the belly and in the area of the groin is the animal soul, and connects one with your ancestors, your bloodline, your primal drives, your vital, sexual energy. This part of the soul is said to usually not survive long after death, but thru vampiric means, can extend it’s lifespan significantly/possibly indefinitely.

The heart center, middle dantien, (or whatever you want to call it) contains the more refined emotions, gives a different type of vitality, helps to connect one with others emotionally, etc. This part of the soul lasts longer, but still eventually succumbs to entropy.

The 3rd eye, upper dantien( or whatever name you want to give it,) is the seat of psychic power, awareness, connection with the divine self. This part of the soul, if given power and joined with, is the aspect of the soul that never dies. It can just help you make another astral body when/if you need it with the power and authority given to it by the divine itself, or just live on the higher plain not subject to decay at all?

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