What is the ultimate insult to yhwh?

I have alot of hate for the desert spirit of abraham and I would like to reach out and ask if there is a ritual or way to insult this deity to its core. I’ve looked for a topic on this via search and have not found one. I have a book on Satanic prayers that uses the word nema, amen backwards, I liked this alot and wanted to see if anyone knew some tricks to really piss him off.


Without wishing to be a buzzkill? Is it a good idea? Are you protected enough?

After that, i may be talking out of my ass, but a god who wishes for control and submission will probably be most insulted by you cutting all avenues of control he may use against you, and making yourself strong as f.
From what i gather, spirits like Belial and Asmoday have quite a dislike for everything JCI related, and above all, wish for their human petitioners and pact makers to hone their craft to a dangerously sharp edge. That could be an idea too, and i suggest having a chat with them for ideas, they will probably be pretty hyped about it.


You already did it. You questioned his authority.



You can try the act of blasphemy I think, I don’t know how it is done but I am sure you can find it on google.

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I would first see if your original issue is with the actual Judeo God or the collective Thoughtform(s) mustered up by angry LHPers or deluded extremists throughout the ages.


Technically, it might be converting to Judaism (which is where the name YHWH comes from, at least in spelling) and then choosing to practice another faith. Mind you converting is a long process in itself if your mother was not Jewish.

You could use rites of blasphemy if the focus is towards more of the general Abrahamic version of God, but those rituals mainly work if you were deep in that faith from the start, as it is an emotional release, which can be helpful for those who feel the need to severe that bond. Or have a deep emotional memory rooted to a particular aspect you can mock, such as burning pages of a bible. I think it does more on the human end than it effects the spiritual though.

A great example of a blasphemy ritual I can think of is harvesting a drop of blood from near your reproductive area (safely mind you, preferably from a Lancet on an area away from major veins and arteries with the area sterilized. A scratch will suffice as opposed to a puncture. Please do your research before attempting) and giving it as an offering to a spirit you are close to as opposed to G-d. Since the common practice of circumcision was once based on religious dogma, to deny one spirit that blood and give it to another could be considered an insult.

Mind you that it is an example that can be used to bounce ideas. Any ritual from another faith done in the name of another spirit could be considered a rite of blasphemy, especially if it goes against the dogma.


Hotep Set, I can tell you what pissed me off quite frankly. Lies and those who wear Masks. Corruption of man YHWH is Set Also Baal Careful What you Wish lest you Offend something grand

Christians and Pork though, And strong Drink. Give him a cross and watch Chaos Descend

The Hate that you feel towards Father I understand. It’s because of Religion and the removal of my Consort that makes you feel this may. It’s because of Paternal Religion that was corrupted by Man. True story how long was Asherah in the temple of Jerusalem

I can see that comparison. YHWH does translates to Lord, which is what Baal also translates to. However, at least in the Jewish context, the role of the being seems more inclined to El, who was the one Baal had to defeat to rise to power (got to love how religion changes after periods of war). The distinction would have to be established in ritual but I can still see YHWH being used.

There is also the matter of whether the individual wants to offend El or the bastardized version popularly used by Man for their own agenda, that would be more of a construct than an actual diety


Meh Anat-Bethel Sets wife mind you was House of El or Womb of El

Try asking this guy:

Also, Reversing "The Lord's Prayer" To LHP Intent.


Check into that more, Dear brother soo close. It’s all Him just know he’s been the Opposer always. His Consciousness. Look into Zar Spirits though again keep in mind mankind and the fear that has been used on the masses

I couldn’t agree more. I am familiar with the Zar spirits, although it has been years and will likely need to be reviewed.

@Nashoba_Eloym you sir are the first member here who has motivated me to review the papers I wrote in college. Now that I think about it, I covered the Zār in one for my religious studies minor.

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As all things come and Go if Not used. I believe these “Zar” are sent by our twin flame until we find the balance we’ve been seeking. And they can be treated as Such. Give the Zar frankincense and Myrh an item of clothing to wear and bam. I’ve balanced the world with a few grains of sand.

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That’s why I’m Here it’s the reason I Woke.

Well, thank you for the suggestion. I’ll be sure to take another look into it and see where it takes me once my current pathworking is done

Tell me why Zar are the only spirits that permeate all monotheistic religion.?

I read somewhere inana saying she is te elohim

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We are derailing the thread here so we will have to keep it short.

But to my understanding, they are spirits that echo older pathes that have nearly been forgotten but still fulfill a need locked behind the subconscious that we have ignored recently that our ancestors did not. Similiar to the Djinn, the fae, and other spirits of the such that have appeared over many cultures. They are a form of spirits that seem to…echo (lack of a better term) deeper than many deities can to the human heart.

@Lady-Eva could we break this conversation up into a separate thread in order to keep things neat?

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