What is the nature of evil?

kinda all in the title, i hoping that someone can explain what it is exactly, i always thought of it as a human word to describe something that a society doesn’t like. but as i go farther down the rabbit hole i’m not so sure. any experienced magicians know anything about it?

Evil is complicated. Why is it that something evil to one person is another’s heaven? The answer can be as simple as; they don’t like it. Everyone is good and evil because we have traits others see as holy or obscene. Society is based upon collective contribution, and in order for it to be effective. This includes the choice of what evil is.

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so, then, when EA talks about becoming evil in his book “works of darkness” what does he mean? this book and other sources seem to indicate that evil is a spiritual force or some kind.

Moral evil and spiritual Evil are two different things.The former is what @SabahSnoblod described the second is the source of all Power. The primordial darkness of the Eternal Void.


interesting. can you describe it a bit more?

@dominus If you have your senses open I could hurl it at you. Other than that I am not quite sure it’s describable. Experiential knowing will eventually have to be used to acquire the answers you seek.

alright. i guess i’ll give it a try. assuming that getting hit with it won’t kill me then go ahead. my senses are not nearly as good as i’d like but better than average joe. so let’s see what happens.

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Will start soon. Tell me what you feel.

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cool. thanks

Felt anything? I tried to start off light.

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i little bit or a sinking feeling. not totally bad exactly. a little harder?

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So be it.

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its like im looking at something im afraid of. but i want to walk up and look closer. i kinda like it.

@dominus Good. I hope that gave you a sense. If you want something stronger someone else can help.

so this is the source of power?


thank you.

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wow, it’s like, sinking in more now. feels realy good. getting kind of gitty. is this what drugs are like?

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I wouldn’t know. I don’t take stuff like that.