What is the fastest way to develop astral senses




With that being said, I encourage you to visit Rob the Magus’s blog, or is that magi? One mage many magi…side tracked :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Its well worth your time fast and definitely dangerous.


You should also be eating to support your pineal and brain, no fluoride, etc. The recommendations that I found online are fermented skatefish (aka ratfish) oil capsules, iodine, magnesium (like from Epsom salt bath), turmeric, and haritaki.

The fish oil had me vivid dreaming by the 2nd night. Apparently it has doses of vitamin k2 which decalcifies the pineal. Hint, green leafy veggies also contain k2, and this vitamin is responsible for having all of your soft tissue ,like organs muscles and blood vessels, release improperly stored calcium and send it to be used in bones & teeth like it’s supposed to be used.

The haritaki is claimed to be a powerful detox, but takes a while to notice effects, like a month or more. Also claims to give one as much energy as alternate nostril breathing.

The turmeric is also a detox, make into paste and wear on forehead overnight. Claims to directly reach your brain & glands that way, but also good to ingest the turmeric with a pinch of black pepper to cleanse whole body and remove inflammation.

Iodine & magnesium are for brain and gland functions. Don’t take iodine if you’re allergic, and for those who aren’t familiar, don’t swallow iodine made for topical use, or swallow Epsom salt unless you need a powerful laxative.:grinning:

Of the 1st 3, the fish oil would be my first choice, then haritaki, then maybe turmeric.

I didn’t take the haratki as long as I should’ve cause it tastes awful. It was recommended to take it at night before bed but the energy part must be true because I could barely stay asleep when taking it, then the freaky vivid dreams from the fish oil don’t expect quality sleep while doing this.

Anyway this is all to say prepare your physical body along with doing your meditations should help go faster.

I called on King Paimon too, felt like the back of my head being ripped open from the pressure, the he stopped & told me not ready yet, so they can only do so much for someone. Called on Paralda and was later guided to find the above info.

I also saw someone posted that they did Robert Bruce kundalini course & it worked fast, too fast as they were asking ways to make it stop.

I’ve also read that near death experiences as well as severe psychological trauma can lead to instant awakening. It somehow splits the mind.

Also be sure to do visualization exercises. Focus on an object then close your eyes and see it in complete detail. After doing that then work up to seeing your room in detail from all angles.
For me when I do see something it doesn’t appear on back of my eyelids, I really see it within my head.

Also this is hard to explain but you need to somehow observe your thought processes. Like think of something that happened 15 min ago and notice where that’s stored in your mind. Then think of an imaginary situation and notice where that thought is located. Really play around with this stuff in your mind and you should start getting glimpses soon if you’ve been meditating for so long already.


Ooh goodie, more info to devour. Thanks!

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I have skill finding power in meditation but nor finding knowledge from youtube

I’d say before taking any supplements, better speak with your doctor first. I’ve seen some nasty things happening from “innocent” things.

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Yes but im only doctor to myself and control they by hand im prepared and know usage

Good book so i check the methods for now

The same one is free on his site. Enjoy and good luck :+1:

1 Technicqe wirh stone is easy for me and does not requie visualization

(I do not have ability to visualizate but i can fell energy)

I’ve never come across this,.

What about if you listen to some of your favorite music and close your eyes, do you not get any random images forming?

What is in Robert Bruce kundalini course and can you post link to it?

Hmmm not sure I understand you correctly but you don’t need your third eye open for this to occur, it’s just your subconscious randomly outputting images (your imagination)

There is a book on remote viewing by the CIA, it’s a free book. Im not sure if it is wise to link to that site from here but I can send you the link in a PM if you want. It is a suggested method to assist in visual perceptions. You don’t need any chakra work or work on your third eye worked on for that matter to part take in the exercises. It was developed in 2000, naturally, you may find something current to better fit your needs. The exercises require more than one person and is also hard work, I’l admit.

i saw this book eariler
And no my problem here im not having results from meditation but im interesed with esotheric mostly after my third eye closed (if it was open i can imagine i was having big luck sense of power (i used it for not eating meat so i turnet intro vegetarian in 1 day) and i saw shadow so i was afraid seeing it for 4 days so it closed and only energy sensing and completly quiet mind remained (its very usefull for meditation like always meditating mind)

Now only my subconscious puts this but only if i do anything with energy this day like mantras

Im afraid the road ends here for me buddy. Perhaps @Mulberry who recently passed an occult exam might know.

You’re welcome. There are very knowledgeable people here so you will find answers. One way or another, you will have them. I usually find my answers in threads that have no relation to the topic what so ever :rofl:

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And my energy problem is deanonimizing so i delete my post up (6?) After 24h

I to to sleep for now all people like @DarkestKnight know im not new i posted my fucking hostory only for open people not for people

Ok im NOT going to sleep i must do something so i will be on forum

This is one of the reasons I suggested Rob the Magus’s book. It allows you to re-start from a place of earnest. Rebuilding your astral self, human self, your magickal self. Troubleshooting all of these things can be maddening, we aren’t always aware of things. Since undertaking Robs work, which is absolutely simple in concept, I was able to remove any unwanted blocks and reaffirm myself into what I knew was meant for me 5 years ago. My foresight came back, my visions have meaning and im able to tap back into the group conscience and a major one was - finding my way back to the current I originally incarnated into. Sorry for making it about me, just trying to help you so you know its not all “hear say and by the way fluff”