What is the fastest way to develop astral senses

Fastest (danger is not important)
like shaktipat can be fastest (or nearly) for kundalini


There is no such thing. You still have to work for it. There are no shortcuts.

There are simply too many individual variables involved for anyone to state for certain what will work fastest for you because it completely depends on your energetic makeup.

For example, due to a shield placed around me by my Higher Self to protect me, I am energetically insensitive, so any energy work that might have an immediate effect for other people, does not have the same effect for me. I have to work harder for it.


You just ignored everything I just said.

There IS NO FASTEST WAY because we don’t know your energetic make up so what worked for us might not work for you.


Dreaming, in the Toltec sense of the word, is the most intense, and as such fastest, way you can train your astral senses, but is also the one which will likely be the most demanding. I have yet to meet someone who has made it past the Third Gate of Dreaming, so odds are you’ll have an easier time experimenting with other things.


yes but i must be lucid in dream to do it (im training lucid dreaming for now)

There is a difference between dreaming and lucid dreaming, though lucidity is indeed the First Gate, and as such the one you should work towards.


This statement is like saying every human has the exact same biological reactions to various stimulus :man_facepalming: this is not the case not for the physical body and not for the spiritual bodies either.

Just as some people need more protein or high intake of specific enzymes or vitamins some people need to work with specific energies in order to make progress. Hence there is no spiritual practice that will effect any 2 people the same way.


it doesn’t must work the same it must just work

Pain & Suffering.

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For me my astral senses had a mind of their own throughout my life. I didn’t know about them too! I used to think am just hallucinating but turned out being around entities kinda trains them. When I came to magic I asked Lucifer, king paimon and the entities that’s close to me for help. Sometimes it was painful literally feeling a drill drilling my brain. I had so much blockage and I needed to work on my lower chakras to stay grounded. Now I know they are open but I didn’t master how to use them at will! And I keep forgetting what was said to me by the spirits… I also was using music for years and can’t focus on my chakras without them. I hope this helps! The normal process has his side effect. Am not sure rushing it would be any easier.
Good luck


Yes i must try to draw sigil and summon Lucifer i was trying many evocations (and asking spirit to turn flame of candle but all of them failed

Lol don’t expect a result when you can’t actually know about it yet! Just state your request of needing help and guidance. Then just forget about it and go eat something. The result will come on the right time. Also if they know this might hurt you, they will not do it if you can’t handle it. You have to put the work too.


I do not expect results i do not have good english i say many not worked for me (methods meditations etc) so i must try this method with Lucifer sorry for my english

Because i never haved any results i want most powerful methods to check (none result even after many days (like 1 week for one meditation without results (any results not even physical like pain etc))

Find a method and execute it. Consistent Meditations every single day is how you open it “Fastest”, 1 week is not enough. Try months, meditate the same meditation for months and months, thats more realistic. You gotta have a little realism in the mindset, nothing comes over night.

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These are our teachings regarding the third eye.

Is a little short for an unforeign speaker to dissect what exactly you mean.

Do you mean you’re attempting to raise your kundalini,
or that you want to share a technique you learned and offer for others to work with?

If it’s for your attempt,
i’d suggest actively focusing on your chakras and opening them one by one, followed by going deep into yourself and awakening Satanas / Satholas directly inside of you.

That is - as you’ve requested - without any safety measures or defensive mechanisms in place.
Pure Dark Ascend, based on Satanic Power.




Thank you, that was actually a nice answer.




Ok for now i check this trataka i write after doing 1h of it

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Good meditation

This seminar is worth watching?