What is the demon Merihem? it supposedly is out for my death

So my brother sees spirits and had a haunting dream of a demon who felt very powerful called Merihem that claims it is out to isolate me in my life until I commit suicide from having nothing. That it wants to bath in my blood basically. He woke up to feel its energy around very overwhelming all over. Said it feels very powerful.

What the hell could this thing be and how would one get rid of it? I dont even know why it would be here. My research comes up with just basic things saying its one of the 8 princes of hell a demon of pestilence.

I call those parasites. They feed of the energy.

Kill it with fire, like you do with insects.

This is a common problem, so we have a LOT of thread about how to banish and get rid or and even kill negative entities causing you issues. Pick a technique and get aggressive. It will quickly go away in search of easier prey unless you trap it to kill it and stop it bothering other people.


Only thing that worries me is it came as the demon Merihem which me and my brother never knew of but is a prince or fallen angel. She claimed she was stripping my life of everyone, my magick etc until I would kill myself to bath in my blood as she put it. But when he woke up her energy was really strong and felt stronger than Ishtars did etc. So could this be something using him to scare me and be around him aka the strong feeling? I have noticed people fall out my life in past week to weirdly.

And what if YOU’RE also a fallen angel? Why you do assume to give these beings ANY authority over you just because someone told you a title, which may or may not even be right? Stop doing that, there’s no reason for it and it’s a false weakness you impose on yourself.

I don’t care if it’s the Queen of England back from the grave to lambaste you for not pronouncing your "t"s correctly, YOU have a body and free will, you’re a powerhouse, use it and refrain from giving permissions where you don’t need to.

NEVER give your power away for free. Or at all. Do not be afraid, and stand up for yourself.

So? Who gives a shit what a useless parasite says? If it could do this maybe it should stop yapping and do it. It hasn’t. Because it can’t.

Actions speak louder than words. don’t let it scare you into giving it permission to do anything. You’d just be cursing yourself out of fear.

One thing: let it attack you, if it can, first: puts you on the high ground and the rules change, it’s easier to kill them when it’s self defense and friendly entities will get involved faster. It’s a “wait until you see the whites of their eyes” kind of thing.


That is true, I have pin pointed to it was sent some form of servitor based thing with an intent to attack me not fully spiritual it seems. Its angry cause it cant get to me so has used my brother as a ditch attempt to scare me but to be fare I feel pretty good in myself. It did though get to my now ex who can see spirits but isnt protected and put ideas into her head that I said stuff I never did sadly I went other week and she felt it on me trying to smoother me to get in and was following me around very negative thing just a shadow of sorts and has then split us apart. But I pushed it away though it went back and tarnished her against me as it was too easy for it. So now its trying again. Pin pointed its time frame to a online facebook group where I put a post up that got some back lash from light workers… laughable. That someone on their took it upon themselves to attack me then. But its going to be returned with some extra bells and whistles back at them now as they are threatening me with a death curse over a comment.

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my only issue is I cannot see spirits myself, got no claire any skill sadly. Interestingly only 3 days ago I did a curse removal spell with Lucifer why it hasnt disrupted this beats me lol.

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