What is crossroads?

So yesturday i found abt papa legba nd it sgid dat he stands between crossroads so i was wondering whats dat? Nd also how can i summon papa legba? Nd what does he do? nD which entity can help in voodoo?

Which type of crossroad are we talking about? I mean they are two that I know of. The regular one are the forks int he road, that can sometimes look like a T.

The other type of crossroad is the space between worlds and it’s a state and “place” that’s achieved through inducing trance. But if I remember correctly the generla idea from some of my basic understanding of Vodoo and some other native nature religions is that; an innitation is usually done under the guidance of a priest or priestess of the religion. After the innitiation is completed, either by the priest or priestess or in some cases by you. You can met the spirit in a designated place like a crossroads like you suggest for Pappa Legba one nice such palce would be a graveyard, fine a natural fork in the road and begin from there.


A physical crossroads is where two or more roads meet.

“Crossroads” is a metaphor for liminal space, that is, space that is ‘between’. It’s not quite one place of another. Because of this, it’s magical and a crossing between the worlds as well as in physical reality.

Other between spaces are doorways, windowsills, under ladders (hence the superstition about walking under a ladder), hollows in trees and cave entrances. All these places have folklore from various cultures about walking through them into another realm… which may have been real when the veil was thinner, and at least can be read as astral journey work.
Offerings for the Fae are often left on windowsills for this reason.

It’s also the name of a dark between space you can find as a first location in trance as a jumping off point for astral journeying. Sometimes it’s easier to meet entities there than invoke or evoke them.


His post made perfect sense. Badly spelled but sensible.

Papa Legba? He’s a well known Voudun Lwa. He’s THE entity to contact that acts as the go-to guy to introduce you to other Lwa. :joy_cat:

Good point, moving to Voudun category.

@Cosmic_star Try E.A.'s book The Spider and the Green Butterfly. If Papa Legba has called you, by all means reach out to him. If not, I suggest treading carefully. The Lwa can be tricksters and not for beginners, maybe not for advanced practitioners without being rather carefull and being very clear what you’re getting yourself into. They’re not like Goetic daemons. Many are ancestral humans, they have a lot of ah, personality, put it that way. :slight_smile:


I loved the knowledge about leaving offering to the Fae on the window seal.

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