What is considered to be a current? And other questions

Okay I think I know that different types or forms of energy ruled over by and or characteristics of different spirits are called currents on this forum.

Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Well what are different types or forms of energy?

I only know of astral/psychic energy and Etheric energy…
although I barely know exactly what Etheric is and in what all ways Etheric is different from Astral.

Could different fictional universes and the characters/egregores within them be counted as currents of magick?

Are there different meditations that invoke different currents?

This is mostly just curiosity but I also think it could be useful to me.


Also I recently read a post that seems to call Lovecraftian magick a current.

So is there a specific form/type of energy that is characteristic of The Cthulhu Mythos despite (as far as I know) being pure fiction and only in the Astral Plane?

And what about yokai,kitsune, japanese deities, or shinigami?

What about draconic or draconian magick but with fictional dragons like from Skyrim?

What about the thought form entities from the manga, Berserk?

Might be interesting to see where that can be taken.

Also a little unrelated and maybe belongs in it’s own post but…

Is chi really just astral energy or is that on a different plane like Etheric or something else?

I only know that chi is supposed to be life force.

Well, currents are not forms of energy, they’re more like “subcultures” or “flavour” or a way to label different systems within the occult. It’s a way of encapsulating a certain set of practices together. Those practices can use the same or different energies.

So “Lovecraftian” current means practicing with Lovecraftian grimoires, and Hermetic current means using the practices in Hermeticism, and the Egyptian current is working with the Egyptian pantheon using Kemetic techniques etc.

Currents are more a western thing, this is Japanese folk magick. I guess you could call it a current but I don’t.

This is Chaos magick, so that’s western. The ‘father’ of Chaos magick was author Auston Osman Spare, and you could call it the Chaos current. You should read his books to get a grounding in the principles of Chaos magick.

No, Qi, ki or prana is energy, typically human energy. Actually there is cosmic qi, Earth qi and Human qi, but most people mean only human qi when they use that word. Astral is mental energy, there’s an overlap. Qi is not associated with a plane, it can be used across multiple levels of reality.

These are from different systems, or currents, and it’s not ideal to try to mix and match them. They are different and use different language, so you’ll just get confused. It’s better to learn one system as it is, then another, fully, and practice them, to get a feel for the energies as they were designed, before trying to mix them together.

Can you “evoke” (western grimoiric magick) a Yokai (Japanese folk spirit), sure, but I think if you want to do Japanese magick it’s more respectful and enlightening to study and learn Japanese magick as is first.


@Mulberry Thanks.

“Qi is not associated with a plane, it can be used across multiple levels of reality.”

Well that’s wild and interesting.

So then is qi, ki, or prana even real or just an imaginary concept?

Yes I probably would like to learn about Japanese magick and Im already learning the Japanese language although way too slowly… so where and how should I start?

Well I guess qi is clearly more than an imaginary concept if it’s not associated or limited to the astral.

You’re alive. You would not be without qi, that’s as real as it gets. It’s what you use in yoga and in qigong, it’s what martial artists use to do more damage with less effort, such as in gongfu, or tai chi chuan, or aikido, it’s what heals you in acupuncture, which is an energy manipulation art, it’s the force in Reiki. It’s what human “vampires” and some parasite and human ghosts steal to make you feel drained. The Chinese study it at the university research level extensively.

You can feel it if you do exercises like the qi ball or cultivate qi.

It’s best to find a qigong or tai chi or yoga class near you, or you can follow youtube tutorials, and my favourite book on this subject is The Root of Chinese Qigong by Jwing Ming Yang.

If you had to study only one practice your entire life, I would stay study energy working of any kind, but particularly qigong or lifestyle yoga, it’s that important. But studying it also helps you in all areas of occult practice, because it develops your psychic senses. All magick is, is moving energy using your mind, if you can do qigong you can do magick.


@Mulberry That is awesome.

I can do what I’m pretty sure is a qi ball or chi ball… which for whatever reason is also called a psi-ball.

I can’t yet do that through visualization like in some tutorials though.

I just get my hands in the correct position and feel the force between them.

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Chi or qi must be incredibly powerful if it really is life force and keeps the physical body alive.

And I definitely didn’t think real chi could physically empower a punch or kick.

Kinda sounds too fantastic for this reality… like Dragon Ball Z.

I probably will learn all I can about chi manipulation though and even try to actually do it.

Perfect, that’s how you do it. :slight_smile: You might start getting an image if it glowing in your mind’s eye later, but it’s not critical.

Depends… “Power” is the rate of change of energy, it’s how much you can bring to bear at one time. So like you can have quiet sounds, you can have weak qi. The more you practice and build your energy and learn to control it, the more “power” you have. If you wanted a BOOM and all you can make is a pffft… that’s not poewrful.

The principle is there, this manga is based in real martial arts, just very overexaggerated.

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@Mulberry Awesome. Thanks for the reply.

I’m guessing my qi is atleast NOT the strongest yet because I been making chi balls for years now… but they are just barely tangible at all and never seems to get stronger.

It’s the one magick thing I got good at though and got good at it super quickly.

I would love to make chi balls that feel like giant nukes between my hands… but so far I can only make balls of energy that almost don’t even feel like a fully physical force but do however sometimes contain a little air I think.

I also feel pretty sure that if anyone else put their hands in the middle of my chi balls,…they probably wouldn’t feel anything at all.

Maybe I developed a little clairsentience in the palms of my hands?