What happens spiritually when you commit suicide

Like do you face the same consequences when you let someone else kill you?

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Have you read the similar threads available?

Unless someone kills themselves (yes, assisted suicide is still suicide) they will never know. Everything is simply conjecture at this point.


Thanks I will read them. Wasn’t aware of those threads.

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I recall a lifetime where I suicided to keep from being raped. To preserve my honor. I recycled back.


In Slavic mythology, committing suicide is one of three grave sins that twists the soul. The other two being murder and becoming a magician (the Slavic concept of a magician is someone who uses magical powers to harm others, there are many folk magical practices, magic itself is not evil, but the wicked application of it).

What happens to the body of suicide victims is it becomes a strigoi, an invisible being who drains the life force of its victims.


Perhaps stragoi only applies to human souls. Im obviously still around and not sucking souls. :wink:


You have to die first. :wink:

This is also why traditional Slavic burial practices were cremation at Sunset, because Xhors Dazhbog is the best psychopomp. He goes to Nav every night, and he’d guide the souls of your deceased ancestors. A severe problem arose after the introduction of Christianity, because they believed that they would one day be resurrected, so they needed a coffin to put their bodies in so it could be resurrected.

But there was an Ancient Slavic practice of confessing to the ground, because Boginya Mokosh, Moist Mother Earth, could forgive their sins, and in the syncretism of Slavic Christianity, Boginya Mokosh became syncreted with Mary, Mother of Christ.

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Your thinking this RHP style. Dying is an overlooked occult technique where you basically reset your energy bodt and consciousness to begin anew. Some have decised techniques to go to other dimensions, and in some cases as a beginning platform of manifestation towards a different life.

The vampire thing is just to feed the new. Now of course knowing this and just chanting, evoking and waving your wands will not make this work. Something has to happen to you that effectively causes this “Reset” and in some cases abolishing of memories.

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