What happen with us as human beings after we die?

Does anybody have right answer?

As Asatruar I believe in re-birth through family line. But this is only as a part of my belief system as Asatruar. But what is in reality? Does anybody know?

Really? :slight_smile: wow

According to Asatru before you back to your family line your soul past through some sort of cleaning. Soul rest some time either in Valhalla, or Asgard, or Hel, or Midgrad. Then soul returns through your family line.

It’s quite a common belief that you’re reborn into the same small group of people over again, and families have certain links and traits, so I’m not ruling that out myself, and I know I had shared lives with a couple of family members before - close family who also had the same basic information themselves from psychics, past-life regression, etc.

I don’t think anyone knows for sure though.


I think you get to evaluate what you have experienced every time you transition into the after life. This gives you the option to see what issues still need to be resolved, and what is best for your growth and learning. Higher frequency spirits that are part of your prime soul will guide and advise you as to the best course of action. I don’t believe that you necessarily have to come back to earth right away either or even if your restrained to earth for that mater. I think the after life has a very broad and independent nature to it, so you can really just break out of the illusion that your stuck in some form of endless cycle. Everything is transparent in the after life.

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There are multiple parts to the soul, let’s get that down first. The shade is left behind, which is the personality of the incarnate human. These are the spirits called upon in Necromancy. They are lacking their higher soul, or essential “spark”, which can lead to their decay if they aren’t given offerings and prayers.
Then there is a higher part that does other stuff…tbh, I’m not 100% sure what the other parts of the soul do.

[quote=“Euoi, post:7, topic:4524”]There are multiple parts to the soul, let’s get that down first. The shade is left behind, which is the personality of the incarnate human. These are the spirits called upon in Necromancy. They are lacking their higher soul, or essential “spark”, which can lead to their decay if they aren’t given offerings and prayers.
Then there is a higher part that does other stuff…tbh, I’m not 100% sure[/quote]
This shade you’re talking about is the etheric body who has left behind.
The astral body which is the real persona of the human goes away to other planes that is ‘‘almost’’ impossible for any necromancer to reach.
Unless you can consciously travel through space and time and reach the plane where your dead relative is living at this moment.

So the part that moves on into other bodies is the higher soul? It’s the part that separates from the shade when physical death occurs?

It 's the astral that goes away.The astral and the physical bodies are conected with a silver cord and when we die (physicaly),this cord seperates from the physical and then the astral body is free to go.It has no longer any connection with the corpse.
The etheric body is just the lifeforce.If you’re young and strong it extends 2-3 inches from your body.If you’re old and weak it shrinks very close to your skin.Now if you’re young and you die sudenly,this lifeforce continues to exist on the astral for sometime.It has no mind of it’s own but it carries the characteristics and the desires of the human person who was conected with it.The common word for this is GHOST.

I recommend the book “Life on the Other Side” by Sylvia Brown.
It gave me all the answers I wanted and more, so much to a point I put it down without finishing it. The afterlife and it’s function are better off as a mystery IMO.
Focusing on the now, and the present moment, is where we are truly most alive.
I read one of EAs posts, saying, “if there is an afterlife, than this is the afterlife.”

A few points id like to bring up from the book;
We chose to come here, and we chose the challenges we’d face, so as to improve ourselves and strive for perfection.
There is no hell like religion describes, hell exists in the mind.
All evil and darkness in this world is purely a human device, not from God turning away from us, rather, us turning away from God.
God loves us all unconditionally and we can all return home. Even Hitler. Let me explain, the darkest and most evil beings have turned away from Gods love and refuse to accept it. They will continually incarnate into hellish lives, because really, you could consider Earth to be hell, and hell can be beautiful.
Through each incarnation if lessons are learned, the poor soul may eventually realize it was created by God, accept the love being offered (still unconditional) and return home where he/she can be truly happy and alive.
Now what is this “God” I refer to. The name and idea has been misconstrued ever since we knew how to speak. That’s the problem with religion and the bible. They are devices to control people.
I’d like to remind you because I’m sure u know, true knowledge comes from direct experience. So let me briefly describe one of my experiences so as to back this stuff up.
I’ve been traveling South America and doing Shamanic ceremonies for about 2 months now, 2 months to go. We have been working with ayahuasca, and San Pedro. These are very very powerful teacher plants, and in a series of ceremonies, I requested death. To experience death and see the “other side” so I could truly know for myself what it’s like.
And request granted, after a 6 hour sweatlodge ceremony, where we mixed aya and San Pedro, I died on the way to the showers. Okay, it was more like a psychedelic death, my body was fine, but I really truly felt I had died, and was surrounded by the “hell” in my mind. To make a long story short I overcame this darkness and ascended to the light, to find myself in the presence of God. The true God, the creator of existence and the master of all.
This God does not interact with Earth or us in anyway, he has truly given us free will. This God has blessed us with the ability to come and experience life, which we CHOOSE to do because we want to. We choose how we’ll look, what family we’re born to (and yes same family if that’s what u want) what challenges we’ll face and how we’ll die. We choose our spirit guides, and we compose “charts” of our entire life. Then we pass through a veil on our way here and forget all that, so as to make the adventure exciting. Upon our death and depending on how we lived, 3 things can happen; one, tunnel leads to a light, heaven as you will. For most, this is the only thing they see, if they refuse to go to this light, they will be stranded and are most commonly known as ghosts. Most ghosts don’t know they’re dead.
2, for a very evil person, all they see is a black door. Upon entry they find themselves in darkness, and a council of dark hooded beings (archetype grim reaper) chooses their next life for them. And they’re sent back to “try again” and this can be a viscous cycle.
3, sometimes in rare circumstances, a soul sees both options, and must choose.

Okay so once we’ve died and if we choose the light and the love, we’ll find ourselves in celebration with a host of heavenly entities, our loved ones, friends family, etc. after celebrating we go to the “scanning machine” and we watch every second of our life play out like a hologram of sorts. We’ll realize where we made mistakes and what we still need to work on.
There are many other things that go on, you’d have to read the book, but basically we’ll end up wanting to come back, to eventually perfect ourselves, and perfect this world, which has the potential to be a utopia for human life.
We have an eternity to do so, if not on this rock then another one. And the next rock after that.

Anyways looks like I wrote an essay here, thanks for reading if you did, and seriously! Read that book! And I recommend exploring the opportunities shamanism has to offer, like ego death and the profound visions and wisdom.
Shamanism accelerated my spiritual growth much faster and safer than when I was doing black magick on the daily. Alright, signing off


Seems interesting and i agree with everything she says minus the god thing.I trust those who can do soul travel by will and they can visit every corner of this universe and high frequency realms.LIke this dude.http://www.soundcurrentrider.com/index.html

Is one of the best journals on Soul travel i’ve seen so far.Of course has nothing to do with what happens after the physical death,but it has fantastic info about the planes and the different frequencies that matter and life exists

Core shamanism teachers cover death and dying, including the fact it’s never as simple as “Everyone has this, this and this soul part, and death is always this specific thing, while ghosts are always another specific thing” - once you learn those methods and get some experience, you’ll find out it’s not that simple nor clean-cut.

One of the teachings is to travel to the moment of your own death, carefully avoiding trying to scope out location or your age at death, and following where your own soul goes after death.

This is a pre-requisite for studying psychopomp work in that method, and by “travel to the moment of your own death” I don’t mean lie with your eyes shut and idly imagine it, it’s quite a profound experience done in specific ways, and one of the things you need to have in place is a reason to come back because it really is pretty peaceful and nice “over there” but you also risk various hostile beings trying to get into your body (not for full posession so much as lower parasites), so it’s something to undertake with care and ideally with an experienced teacher present.

The diversity of after-death destinations and experiences that I’ve witnessed is why I don’t usually chime in on these threads too much, because I’ve never once found two human beings whose souls and spiritual “court” are the same, never mind the idea we have homogeneous souls and identical destinations after death…

I also think that cultures who got too locked-down into a view on what death is etc., are the reason there are myths of ghosts even when they had an established method of assisting the deceased soul to move on, because when someone’s born whose soul and - stuff, for want of a better word - doesn’t fit perfectly with those cultural expectations (which I think are largely determined by genetic/ancestral inheritance) then that person won’t respond as well to the expected route their soul’s meant to go after dying.

That’s also why I think different cultures have different ideas about how many parts the soul has and so on - they distil those from what’s true for the majority of people sharing that destiny and inheritance, and they’re not always applicable elsewhere.


If some soul is interested then here is in my opinion an interesting fresh video talking about death:

The Occult: Video 12: Death, Reincarnation, Funerary Rites

I feel that this was appropriate time to share, since i heard that my last grandparent has recently died.

Video is NOT made by me.

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According to Asatru before you back to your family line your soul past through some sort of cleaning. Soul rest some time either in Valhalla, or Asgard, or Hel, or Midgrad. Then soul returns through your family line.[/quote]

Umm what, we are already in Midgård… And in Valhalla the warriors are training for the Ragnarök as i have understood: killing each other in battle every evening and rising up again in the morning and feasting on the flesh of magical boar Sæhrímnir which is feasted every day and also conjured to the existence again every day. Well whatever i’m not here to make a lesson on norse mythology…

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Canadian Scientist Ian Stevenson who was a professor at the University of Virginia School of Medicine conducted over 3000 case studies on death and rebirth. “The Evidence for Survival from Claimed Memories of Former Incarnations” (1960) was one of his papers which attracted much interest.

I remember reading some interesting material on his work in Burma, where children around 3-5 years of age had memories as WWII Japanese soldiers. Apparently there was a 2 year gap between death and rebirth in the area you passed (Another reason I was happy not to get killed in combat in Aghanistan…yikes!)

I am a firm believer that you go to that where your soul attracts, much like the Buddhists who believe in Pure Land Buddhism. I expect to go to 1 of the several Lust realms, where I can indulge in filthy debauchery to my hearts content :slight_smile:

BTW, in my expirience there is no All Powerful, omnipotent god of the universe like Sylvia Brown suggests. I’ve Seen Yahweah and although wonderful, he is not all powerful.

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This is one of the main reasons for working with the shades of the dead. By giving attention to and feeding the dead they teach you to appreciate life. It’s a trade well worth the effort put into it. Try lending a hand to someone dying in a hospital too, you’ll learn the attitude of someone who has accepted death. And maybe give them one last thing to look forward too. You can be as black and dark about death as you want, but crack a joke with someone who is dying, and you will learn more in that instant as they laugh than you will from a thousand books. Death is life. Can’t have one without the other. Don’t worry about what waits for you in the end, worry about what’s I front of you now. But always honor and respect the dead, they earned it.


I’ve read that book. No disrespect to anyone on here, and at the risk of offending, I am almost 100% sure that Sylvia Browne is a fraud and full of ___. I would also bet good money she wasn’t the true author of the book to begin with. I have a feeling Euoi probably knows more about the afterlife than she ever will…

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To make a hideously long story short: You’re all right.

Now please have in mind I am not trying to cowardly “give everyone a cookie” out of keeping an atmosphere of neutrality, it is that more or less the afterlife reality fits all answers.

This is a report of my own experiences (went under past-life hypnosis with a psychologist and some spontaneous soul-travel after attracting the attention of entities):

  1. After death, as Euoi put it, the peron undergoes some sort of “fragmentation”. It would be comparable to spacecraft shedding structural components as further they approach their destination.

I also know way too little, but what I do known is abridged in

a) the shade, which is the earthly identity and personality that person had prior to his death and the one summoned and maintained by necromancers

b) the vital energy that might have been left, which will act as an egregore does but with very little clue of what it is, being more or less an afterimage of that person and dissipating very quickly

c) the true self which juts out into their “final destination” of sorts.

  1. Second or True Death: Now, some people have very weak astral bodies and are preyed upon by entities, or simply put they vanish and merge into the background. Some think this is the so called reunion with the Source (as if it were that easy!), and as result some “cease” to exist while others are kept in that non-existant state whilst expanding into the Cosmos.

When they’re done lollygagging, just like a rubber band stretched strtched, they return to a point of existance which leaves them clueless. Reincarnation usually follows soon.

Some traditions mention being dissolved into a sea of light and returning again with a “being made of everybody elses light”, but I stopped paying attention when they tried to guilt trip me. I vaguely remember that it had to do with an obscure branch of Kabbalism.

  1. Final destination:As vonPfaff puts it, yes, there is a very small dilation between one reincarnation and the other, but depends on the person (I guess).

What happens is:

a) Person did not fully trascend into the afterlife and creates, as we do when working on our astral temple, a sanctuary that imitates the effects of their beliefs.

b) Cosmic nepotism: Jokes aside, your patron deity and/or ancestors welcome you, you take your time there, and one day you’re evicted or something and return to the god damned cycle of reincarnation.

c) The Tumbler: Just as a centrifugal force separates matter by density, some people reach planes and states of being similar to their inclinations. This also means you will find yourself surrounded with people as mean as you.

d) The Conveyor Belt: Purgatory, Yama’s incredible wild ride, etc… All of those “go to jail” sorts of afterlife, which are not meant to punish wrongdoers as much as to set them free of certain attachments so that they can safely reincarnate.

This scenario happens when 1) person who died had a firm belief of that system or thought they need to pass through that 2) some goody-two-shoes magician invokes psychopomp entities to help a dead person who is stuck so they get the a nicely guided tour.

This of course happens to “weak” souls, you know, people who never even had a little interst of what goes on after you leave your carcass behind, hanging in a closet’s clothe bar by the neck and dressed in your grandmother’s vintage garterbelt. Seriously, at least leave a tip for the hotel maid who will find you, you know she’s gonna spend all her wage in cheap Thai liquor because of you.

e) Free ride: Magicians discard the guided tour and go about it themselves. Sometimes this means wandering, with all the risks that it implies, other times we “know” where to go, because of the prior examples, etc…

AND NOW, for my experiences:

  1. I went through hypnotic regression because since a very young age I would wake up the whole house by screaming and ripping to my pillow to pieces. Turns out, I led very violent prior lives, repeating once and again roles linked to war or conflict such as soldier, criminal, hired murderer, etc… Which lead to experiencing bouts of short lived psychosis, such as when a guy’s beat down car’s muffler let out a series of small explosions and I dove behind a wall thinking they were gunshots, and in general, having a vague sense of being persecuted or stalked.

This is what I saw in general: In the most recent life I died by apparently stepping on a landmine during combat. I didn’t see myself die, I simply moved to a side (for cover I guess), and the next moment, my train of thought went from thinking situationally to feeling EXACTLY as one feels when waking up from a dream.

And the only think I thought was “Hah! I am free!”. I didn’t even look behind, and I was already several feet in the air. I just looked at the horizon, extended a hand like a child does when he is convinced that he can “grab the moon” (lol depth perception), and pulled.

The whole scene was pulled apart from that point where my hand grasped the horizon, and I felt the world shift like a roulette to the place where I wanted to be. It was like a midnight sky, and when I parted towards it in the distance? Felt like going upwards.

I found myself in what you could describe as the Marianna’s Trench, but devoid of water. A dried up sea chasm, devoid of light except where my eyes set since for some reason I was able to see fully. And it its water-polished walls you could spot great structures of civilizations past.

It felt like it was a place where all things that had ruin befell on them go. A sort of Hades where nothing but a faint hint of nostalgia, forgotten memories and unfathomable creatures rest.

And as I was enteringt his realm I felt nothing but utter glee. And then, I saw myself sitting on a rough stone-hewn throne that was balanced atop a Greek-looking pillar, but everything was in a scale so enormous that it made no sense. It this pillar was set here on Earth, the planet itself would fit snuggly around it like an olive on a pencil.

Again, I saw myself on that throne, and as I saw my image look at me, I fixed my gaze in one of its eyes. Then, just like that, I was no more. I ceased to exist as the person who entered that realm, and became the one who was sitting on the throne all along. It was as if I had never even lived, but certainly had existed.

And I laughed. I laughed and thought “well that was fun!”, and as I tapped my feet together I willed to be born again. To repeat that. I remember closing my eyes in that impossible realm and felt akin to drifting in sleep.

I felt like someone does when they suddenly wake up feeling a very realistic sensation of falling, but I felt my whole self, the whole realm, twist upside down until I felt I was hanging from my feet. A warmth overcame me, and a sense of solidity followed soon after. It would seem I had jumped to the moment of birth!

CONCLUSIONS: Apparently the only reason I am here right now was the need for continuin violence. I craved the action and thrill that only combat can give. Thankfull enough I was born to a very patient mother who (thanks to her burning slaps probably) have made me into a (mostly) good citizen.

What shocked me was the obvious absence of an afterlife justice, because analyzing my past lives, I was not the best person to be around.

  1. This time I slipped into a deep slumber and found myself in a very vivid dream of which I could not wake up, just follow suit. I understood it must be some sort of asral travel because the alien note of my surroundings. While they were pretty mundane (a hospital!), it felt like I did not belong there and that the whole plane had become aware of my intrusion.

That the people living in that place were as much the place itself as full individuals in their own right. A symbiotic existance based on the expression and delight of only one quality: Sadism.

As I said it was a hospital, but the people I found had undergone painful surgical interventions for the only cause of both suffering and inflicting such torment on a sentient, and shockingly willing, subject.
Some were locked in small cages and were ferried around by a latex-clad brute of such proportions that could carry around five or six of these cages at the time and STILL have enough physical power to fully move around and bash your head in, undisturbed practically by their weight.

Well, I was faced by this man, and a morbidly obese nurse. Both beings had parts of thir face pulled to expose skinless flesh, and I theorized that beneath those BDSM-looking gardments the same pattern surely continued.

Faced with the obvious hostility of the situation I grabbed, or should I say that I actually willed it into my grasp, a knife and prepared for the worse. The brute charged me and I can gladly say I dispatched without much effort, but here is the wweird part: He stood motionless as if expecting an explanation. He was confused to WHY I would have ended its life SO QUICKLY.

Then, as it bleed from the neck, it vanished with an audible pop. Like being edited out of the picture with Photoshop. The nurse turned to me and asked me if I was sure I belonged there. I said that I did not know, and begged her not to tell anyone, that I would soon be on my way and that I was sorry for killing her erstwhile companion.

All she said was “that was boring” and let me on my way. Later, I hid in the bathroom as three men wearing nothing but a doctor’s coat appeared out of fucking nowhere. They also sported more of those surgically cruel operations, lacking skkin from their nose down to an inch before their ankles, and also an inch above the wrist.

Fearing discovery I lunged at one of them when he opened my stall’s door and repeated the quick dispatching method that I used with the brute, and goodness the being seemed thrilled at the surprise! His eyes denoted a rather gleeful acceptance of the sudden change of events rather than the understandable panic that anyone with a knife in their throat would express!

But then, again the same thing, it frowned on me at the quickness of my method and gave me a stern look before, as with his brutish friend, vanishing with a pop. The rest looked terribly disappointed in me and went on their way.

It was too much for me. Out of confusion I woke up with half a scream and a painful headache. I was riled throughout the day not only because of the contents of the dream, but:

a) After checking an anatomical encycloedia I noticed that the exposed human tissiue I saw in the dream matched almost perfectly with the contents of the book.

b) Realized that I came back with the knowledge that in that place, and out of a practical concensus, the worse kind of sadistic people would congregate and perform different acts of inhuman cruelty upon each other in a very organized and distributed fashion.

The suffering was real, the context too, if you saw someone bound being tortured? Yes, they were there against their will IN THAT MOMENT, but would very civically exchange roles and even comment and rate each others performance.

There were no victims though, everyone there was happy to accept and inflict misery to each other under sactioned and regulated methods.

c) They were worried and bored that I had chosen a quick method to dispatch them, having expected a more cruel approach, but I was left with the BURNING knowledge that they didn’t die. They would “time out” on their planar existance and pop back in according to their regulations.

Death and the methods to inflict it were VERY REAL, but not because a knife to the throat is by definition deadly, because they had chosen to re-experience the agonizing part of dying. They wanted to be slaughtered and butchered again and again.

That was their “game”, and I had somehow slipped in it. The good thing is that they sensed me as not someone of their kind, they thankfully realized I was a drifter and not a participant so they let me be giving me a wide berth, because their methods and cruelty was reserved only to “members”.

It was this dichotomy of monstrous cruelty and understanding compassion that wrecked me out of the dream, more than anything in it.

I want you to keep this in mind: Whenever a human body is stabbed, the cardiovascular action makes the flesh tense around the knife. You CAN theoretically feel this weak clamp-down if you take your time and remain close. All in all is a disgusting and sad experience when you can percieve how their whole body is struggling to cling to what could end its life.

THAT is to what point I experienced the dream. Holding one of those skinless men by the shoulder left a lasting impression on me because I felt the “ribbed” texture of the expose muscle tense with the tremors of death, only to then relax and vanish out of sight, and context.

CONCLUSION: It seemed that these people had gravitated towards each other out of their shared view on life. The only positive thing was that it had happened out of pure cooperation, rather than being some place that captures unwary souls and subject them to torment.

So all in all, the transition to afterlife suggests that there is no Hell by definition on which “snners” come to purge their misdeeds, but rather associations akin to that of a washing machine. All gravitate towards their similars.

Sadly this experience, whatever it might be, if valid? Is just one studied example. There is too little evidence to support this theory, and the existence of this one does not exclude the possibiity that there are places run by the sickest of fucks ready to lay way on unwitting souls.

FINAL CONCLUSION: I dunno man, I didn’t make it. Seems that just in case we should all mantain a good relationship with some Goetic spirit in the hopes that after our first few hours of death give us a look around.

I know I am doing that, cause sure as fuck no one will be there to greet me warmly once I pass away.

[quote=“333, post:19, topic:4524”]As I said it was a hospital, but the people I found had undergone painful surgical interventions for the only cause of both suffering and inflicting such torment on a sentient, and shockingly willing, subject.

… Sadly this experience, whatever it might be, if valid? Is just one studied example. There is too little evidence to support this theory, and the existence of this one does not exclude the possibiity that there are places run by the sickest of fucks ready to lay way on unwitting souls.[/quote]

Hey, I’ve seen those guys too!

A few years ago now, I did some work that led me there… that’s really cool you saw it as well.

I also saw a place that traps some people who’ve been defeated and brainwashed by that kind of person as well, the women were all skinned and scarred beneath their clothing and masks which led them to believe they were so ugly no-one else would ever want them, and they couldn’t escape, and only their mouths were left with the skin on, and a transparent plastic window over their mouths had a pouting sexy smile over the real mouth.

They were dressed on long skirts and did all the running around and fetching and serving.

The men were flayed more raw, still bleeding, and mounted on a wall with their hands and feet removed and the limbs bolted to pistons which they had to operate continuously despite their wounds constantly re-opening and bleeding, they also had to stay in harmony with each other because each set of 4 pistons with its male “engine” in the middle was linked in a mesh to all the others…

That was some fucked-up shit and I can’t say for sure whether it was real as in objectively verifiable, or some artefact of the “shared subconscious” (or maybe I’m just a psycho) but yeah, it sounds very like what you saw there.

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