What does this news mean for newbie magicians?


just ignore it…there are some here who feel like there’s a need to get worried. If you search on the forum, there are a ton of these things. Just keep moving.

Those who freak out will just have to deal.


There is a word used in remote viewing training which while I cannot remember exactly the word basically means a type of preloading cognitive dissonance where expectation or preconceived notions of that the target information is takes over the experience instead of objective analysis. This causes a lot of false positives and inaccuracy as the subconscious while try to fit the percieved bias even if it is wrong. This can apply easily to communication with other beings especially with younger magicians or more excitable ones. They think they summoned the entity but they only created a thoughtform to match their bias or their mind outright translates everything that is being said to confirm a false lead without any objectivity. This is why mental training and conditioning is necessary to perform magick properly as it helps condition and train the self to not fall for bias or fantasy but to stay objective in receiving and translating the information.


I apologize for using the word Opinion.
I posted here what I got from my Matron about your question.
It didn’t fit what you were looking for so I didn’t post it there :woman_shrugging:


Well, drama llamas are everywhere, but this comes across as if you think @Samnu was the one creating drama, which he didn’t. Perhaps that’s not what you meant. There’s a big difference between creating drama and asking a question but having other people freak out on your thread.

Which was why I kept saying, get out of fear, stop reacting, slow down and trust yourself, then use your own gnosis to make controlled, proactive decisions, (if any are needed), and you have nothing to worry about. Someone else said, practice discernment - yes, all of that.


Well, if we start censoring ANYTHING that may “put people off” we’d be left with a single thread debating the carbon footprint of candles and whether it’s possible to permit them if they’re culturally traditional. So that’s something that is just going to happen from time to time, people can always click out and “banish with laughter.” :+1:

It was a valid thread, as @Samnu says:

Peer-testing experiences and methods was part of the original aim of the forum, and as far as I know still is. :smiley:

Magick isn’t a fairground ride that looks thrilling but has been safety-tested from every possible angle, so if the scariest thing that happens to anyone this month is reading a forum post, view that as a test of nerves and focus, and if you’re new and it still troubles you, consider seeking out methods of self-protection, and maybe focus on the lighter stuff to develop your skills.

A lot of us on here are risk-takers or have high set-points for handling fear and other “negative” states, meaning we seek these out as our own normal and find them not overly problematic, but not everyone is like this and there are plenty of currents (such as energy healing, core shamanism, and Law of Attraction) that will deliver you very little or no really scary moments, and can still be extremely powerful and effective. :hamster:


there isnt anything to worry about my dears said just to stay calm always cast a sheild before hand n just try your best to get a hold of them they are just busy doing other thing right now


they dont want us to have fear we ll gotta stay strong and be calm i must apologies if i scared any one thats new im new myself n i did freak out just alil more then i should have continue our work and as long as they are answering we should stay at their side but also stay out of it as well it was alot that was said that was going on from many ppl and you think about it when arent they fighting something you know they are our masters our lords our friends some even lovers i guess so we gotta keep our minds free from our own fear and worry not freak out and stay in iron clad state of mind us freaking out and getting scared doesnt do anything for either side get stronger n stay strong all will be fine


That is a fact. Look at nearly every ancient scripture, regardless of tradition. Wars in the unseen have been underway long before humanity started recording data.

It should go without saying that once you pull the trigger on vibrating words of power and lighting up the astral, that you have 100% decided to be consciously involved with everything everything going on. Good, bad and otherwise.

The key is being consciously aware.

This shit is business as usual and ALL are involved whether they like it or not, either consciously or unconsciously.

I choose to be aware of what is going on personally. I recommend you find your truth and stick to your path, whatever that means to you. Fear of the unknown is what creates panic, so choose to know instead.


Well said! :+1:

Also, bear in mind Eva’s Law: when you do weird shit, expect weird shit to start to happen. :wink:


What do you mean by weird? When is it considered weird?


I assume in this context, it is refering to things that the mundane world either don’t understand and would most likely raise an eyebrow to…or run from.


It’s pretty subjective, but I refer mainly to things like, someone starts opening sigils and then sees dark hooded figures next time they go for a midnight snack, hovering around their altar or the table they opened the sigil on, or weird energy phenomena, like shivers or jolts of energy, or hearing the same name 7 times in one day and not understanding why.

School, and specifically fiction, have led us to believe all things are neat, sequential, planned, and make sense.

Magick isn’t always like that (or at least not in the short-term) so we tend to experience these things as being weird - they have no context or don’t appear to happen in a structured linear manner.

These things seem reasonably likely to happen:


Oh ok. When you said weird I thought maybe it was something beyond a magickal ritual…like serious wierdo wierd stuff. Like lovers into bdsm sex magick…but then getting caught by neighbors in mid ritual


Well. Then my answer is that it is all just in your head :sweat_smile: No need to worry about anything. Evoke to your hearts content and deal with any consequences like everyone else.


Sounds like a party :smiling_imp:


What does this news mean to newbie magicians?
It means life goes on (to everyone), do what you’re meant to do but be a responsible one. Protect yourself, listen to your guides. There are risks in life not just in practicing magick. So just understand what you are doing or getting yourself into, and enjoy. Don’t live in fear.


Magic is, for the most part, belief. We make ourselves and others believe in our desired reality in such a way that it manifests the results we desire. This may take the form of someone adopting emotions that are beneficial to us, or engaging with thoughts that lead them to a certain mode if behaviour.
In ourselves, it manifests as our construction and acceptance of energy and energetic forms. As people have already said, disbelief is the easiest way to resist a magical influence; when your mind does not engage with the energy pushing against it, you will not act upon the messages carried by said energy. There are of course exceptions, such as in the case of unusually powerful energetic forms ( such as a haunting ), but even then some compliance with the energy is often necessary.
This ‘event’ will only effect you if you decide it will. Dismiss it as hyperbole and metaphors and it will pass you by.


Articulated really well, truly :ok_hand::clap:


Your ascend is only your story and never focus on other people’s opinions and experiences.
Some have rough times,some easier.
Build your foundation and up up up you go.
Whatever you do,you must never stop learning :fist:


Thank you all for your replies