What does this news mean for newbie magicians?


They are not meaning too.
You have to understand that this isn’t new here so ya some will have no doom feeling or care.

It just goes that way.
I saw the thread, read a few posts in it and this came to mind

Every “dooms day” thread I’ve come out on top and fine because I don’t fear. It’s different for everyone.

Also remember they are not being derogatory here and have a right to their opinions.


Have some nice music about this lol.


I didn’t see any snide remarks from the OP he was asking alegit question


Not from OP. From @Fire. “drama/fantasy”.


Ah, I see


I’m not about either. My main goal was to see what others were getting, if Others were feeling something off too, if others had had info prior.
So @Fire can miss me with that bs.


I will say this … ones ending is anothers beginning

Circle of life kinda thing … even if it is the end …it’s not the end of me. I will go on. So why fear anything ?


I saw that was your main goal…

But the thread did kinda take on a total doom and gloom aura and gives the feeling that everyone is freaking out.

It turned into a chain reaction of omg the sky is falling. .

I know it wasn’t your intent but that is how most of us that have been here for a long time are seeing it.


Again you’re asking if others felt what you do? Fire just stated no which is his opinion not BS. I could call that entire thread paranoid BS couldn’t I?
It’s your opinions and I respect that however.
I don’t see why respecting someone’s opinion that differs from yours is an issue, it makes this place stronger.


I will be happier If I am going to have some time to practice with my spirit until I am dead lol.
This topic made all newbies “omg the sky is falling!” for sure. Gods don’t care, do they?


I asked others to evoke their patrons to ask what’s up. That’s not opinion. So whatever. I’m not wasting my entire damned day over this. I’m going to continue to seek answers.


It means nothing at all, continue on newbie magicianing, learning things and getting the basics down or evoking/invoking whoever for whatever, maybe trying your first blood ritual. I wish you luck and success with whatever it is.


I’m doing business as usual and anything I work on with that is extra.

What does this news mean for newbie magicians who are just starting off?

The ones that always come will still always come. You might feel less of a presence, you might not, either way carry on and if you are affected don’t let it knock your confidence - take it as a compliment that you’re in a good position and need less help than others right now.

Should we stop trying to learn to interact with demons and angels for now?

No, I think the more you know the better, always.

Would we be at any risk?

I don’t think so, no, if you can’t feel it personally, you’re not on the radar. (That was stated in thread too)

When I was training in qi therapy, we would have the whole class read one person’s qi. Many people would find the same things, and always one or two would not see that, and see other things - it just means their energy is calibrated differently and they found something else worth working on. We all worked on what we could feel - you never try to compensate for or fix what you can’t feel. This is fine and normal. If you can’t feel it, you aren’t affected enough to worry about it, carry on as usual.

I should add, I hadn’t really registered that Azazel was a little distant and had just assumed we weren’t working together right now without looking into it until I saw that thread. For those not working with those big names you might not notice.

My feeling on the focus group that spun off from it (dunno, I wasn’t invited [sniff]) was that that was mitigating issues humans and related-level entities (e.g. greys) caused using the wave as fuel or smokescreen. Sounds reasonable that someone think of that to me, anyway.

It not really a problem for most of us imo, but use the opportunity to build good psychic hygiene practices. Staying out of fear is huge, I can’t emphasise that enough. Maintaining high vibrations by working on your grace are another - you become invisible to more of the lowest energies.

BTW I have had no change in effort talking to Kiltan and Dra’talon, Prometheus and Raphael recently.
I would guess that those with succubi or working with other currents might not notice either.


I am contacting Azazel for 4 days on a raw and he didn’t miss a night! Sure I don’t understand anything he do or say but I know he wasn’t busy for me!!! :rofl: otherwise! I might be dealing with a fake?


My personal opinion is that it is all fantasy and paranoia, because I have been around long enough to see it many times on this forum. It never amounts to anything but to scare newcomers for absolutely no reason, which is exactly what this thread is about. It’s not about whether your thread has any merit @Samnu. The OP wanted to know what it means for a new magician, and the consensus is…absolutely nothing. For most of us, it is business as usual.

As an experienced magician who has many spiritual allies, I haven’t experienced anything of what you are claiming but even if I did, I’m much too busy biting baby girl @arianna to worry if the sky is falling. :smiling_imp:


@Samnu was simply looking for conformation for something he experienced that thread took on a life of its on and ran …

Yes there is something going on …

Yes you can do everything you’ve been doing

And by all means everyone stop freaking out and stop fueling the fire.

There is always going to be a battle, a war something …

But going on and on about it turns it into unnecessary drama …


I’m still going to be too busy biting you, baby girl… :wink:


Whew! ! :sweat_smile: I was worried for sec :smiling_imp:


Agreed. The world may evolve and change but it still moves on and so should we all. It’s nothing to worry about.


It means keep doing what you’re doing. Keep practicing, keep evolving, assuming that this is your goal of course. Nothing changes.

No, why would you? Unless it’s your personal decision. As I said, keep doing what you were doing.

A car almost hit me the other day, should I lock myself and never leave my house again? Learn how to shield is basics for every kind of magic at any time, so if you’re unsure just shield yourself and you’ll be fine.

And to everyone: Just stop with that “I’m dead” and “I’ll die” things… No one’s dying… :roll_eyes: