What does this news mean for newbie magicians?


Hi All,

What does this news mean for newbie magicians who are just starting off?
Should we stop trying to learn to interact with demons and angels for now?
Would we be at any risk?
I am referring to this thread


Personally I would work with the very basics first. Otherwise you may be successful contacting a spirit/deity, but not successful at being able to listen to it.


Don’t let others influence what you want to do.

If you want to continue …then do so.

These threads come and go. It happens here all the time there is always some type of battle going on.


Thank you…:slight_smile: @arianna


Actually, the context for the question was the discussion going on in the thread that I linked to.
Some members are of the opinion that there may be some evil forces at play and one should have protection and stuff like that.
So, should I or anyone completely new be trying out all this at this point of time?


I think that believing that they won’t harm you is quite a big chunk of protection. But your feeling of security also plays a role. I personally started with very few protections, and very kind spirits and it did go well…But everyone is different.


Thank you


Don’t pay attention to it. The occult is filled with people who waste their time on drama. This wasn’t the first time it happened, and it won’t be the last.

Concentrate on what you desire to do, on results, and don’t listen to fantasy.

Focus on yourself.


YES. Exactly. I couldn’t find the words to express it like you’ve done.


It just means Im doing my own thing. Im not trying to conform, except how I would choose to fit into society in the way Id like. Where my direction isnt guided by the emotional strings of those who Nag, Wag that finger, disapprove, etc. Because it doesnt matter, as the my Decision…the very foundation of my Intent is a Magickal Act.

An example of not cow towing to the disapproval of any one person or group who use the fear or disapproval mechanism: a certain person expresses a Judgement of “I dont like this or that” and expects you to base your own decisions and magickal actions based on their preferrences.

Not me…I set my Intent and send a magickal ripple and then stare them dead in the eye daring them to move against me…my sword is drawn…the magickal waves around me increase in Intensity and Mass. At some point this person (or opponent) may become reactionary and may even come at me. At some point the person does…and prior to the person reaching my the Magickal Waves rise up shaking my environment in a few massive tidal waves as I then KICK the person back a few times before cutting the person down.

Am I being rebellious? Not at all…I am just standing my ground and Asserting my right to be there doing what I will…because it is MY Land and I protect my sacred magickal space.

Moral of the Story: Do not stick your nose (some with big noses) where it doesnt belong, unless of course you are willing to fight for it.


I just felt like that, nothing serious. On a lighter note yes you can do whatever you want. Just be conscious of the forces you work with as Magick isnt a Kiddy Game.


I think the OP was asking about the thread in general not really your comment specifically in that thread


Like @arianna said; you do you. There is always conflict and always reasons to fear. Just dive in. We don’t bite…



Temporarily abstaining from contacting Spirits may be done (since particular situations are possible), and a magician could still work on chakras, practice divination, spells etc. Nevertheless it’s a constant of Magick: the operator and the entities, I mean, at a basic level it isn’t affected so much.


Yes…this was in general @Meowlix


But I like to be bitten … hard :vampire: :joy: :smiling_imp:


I am not sure if it’s reassuring :grin:


Your very wise Arianna :). I was looking at that thread today, its getting a bit out of hand isn’t it lol. Very dogmatic as well. Putting off some new people I see from here. Its really sad when people try to make magick a competition or give into the Hollywood associations of death and apocalypse. Something may very well be on its way. But life exists in balance and as much as the bad may come, then so must the good also. Equal and opposite reactions and all that.


I’ll just ignore the snide remarks about the thread OP is asking about. I suggest doing what you were doing. You may or may not have difficulty reaching some gods, so if it’s quiet, maybe just evoke another. Shielding is ALWAYS a good idea no matter what’s going on.


Just because YOU have doubts, doesn’t mean you need to openly degrade others who are actually evoking and getting responses to that event on that thread. I don’t appreciate it or the animosity you’re feeding with such comments.


I am going to ask King Paimon soon is it a good idea to conjure anyone.