What does a fox mean?

There is a place where i go to just calm a little bit, it’s a part of city, nothing special, but almost every time I go there with my deep thoughts or questions, a fox is crossing my road, but literally I go there with car he is crossing the road before me, I go home 40 minutes later, the same fox crossing the road before me at a different location but in the same area.

Any idea what this could mean?


It could be that the fox was checking his territory, especially if it was a red fox.

As far as spiritual meanings go, there are a few different websites out there to check out. You could also meditate on foxes and see if anything comes up


I’m seeing this fox for 2 years now, so it’s unlikely that it’s the same one, and also would randomly appear to me

It could go either way whether or not the fox is the same one, as foxes can live 2-6 years in the wild. But there could be more than one, depending on the area of the environment. Since the area is part of the city, it could be used to humans as well, making them less likely to hide.

Either way, meditation could help you figure out the importance of seeing a fox for you.


When my nan was very ill, I use to see foxes all the time!

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I had a similar experience, all I can tell you is what I personally think.from experience! There is a lot of meaning there…do you want me to explain?

Sure, go for it please :wink:

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Foxes are elusive by nature, to see one you are lucky…I won’t bore you with facts etc…lol…but seeing a fox means, to me personally, no matter how hard life things are, normally associated with times of stress. There is a way out, sly like a fox!

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A guess you are either stuck in a situation that kinda controls you, stuck in a corner? And you have had enough! And want a way out? To be able to walk away, no hassle, stress or comeback! Free man…

Well everyone has something like this in his life, but I’m unsure what foxes do with this :slight_smile:

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Yes you are right everyone does have shit like this in their life…but not everyone gets busted by foxes! Lol

I was Taught That foxes symbolize a need for Stealth or Closer observation before making Further actions, as Anubis was desert Fox he Leads People in the occult as A Diety of Magical Craft, he Has the Ability to move Between Death and Life. He could be Calling you. Or it could just be chasing a Rat. All awnsers lie within Self, Trust Your Path And your Spirits. Hotep Blessings and Peace


I was recently performing an evocation and a fox cried one long moan. If you’ve ever heard one, you know what I’m talking about. I did some research and there wasn’t much except everyone agreed that they were associated with tricksters in most literary traditions.

@ Nashoba_Eloym,
Interesting- I was evoking Belial when I heard the one long screech. I thought it was strange in that it was only one. It definitely startled me.

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Oh just an addition m, that I just picked up form my memories.

A while ago I had some meditations and it appeared that I was a “fox” or some kind of like that animal with my fox kids and fox wife, but it wasn’t first person view, more like a movie, and for some reason it was in a deserted area like Nevada, where foxes doesn’t love so I don’t know how to make up that.

search for its shamanic wisdom
fox animal spirit might be trying to contact you
do the shamanic journey there are topics in the forum about getting into a trance state to communicate with animal spirits

Hah yeah, as it goes with many sites promoting information. I am Native American and due to foxes naturally going for the easy prey they steal food, raid chicken coops etc. Some people associate them with negative aspects of Nature, Yet in Nature nothing is out of place. It’s our perception that needs tuning. Nature is a fine tuned machine where everything has it’s purpose and acts according to purpose. So some may say a Hurricane is a terrible thing while I say it’s a Hurricane. Perception of some is that Natural Disasters are God’s wrath, others not believing in God may say that it was just Natural phenomena. These things all apply to self your own unique belief structure. May differ due to social and cultural background. Your individual unique genetic markers are to be considered and traced. Find your Root, THE Beginning of ALL.


Could you provide any link or topic on this?

The site i used to rely is no longer available
But you can do a google search on shamanism animal spirits fox
You will get lots of sites explaining the wisdom of the fox
And i bet they will all point out in the same direction

I will leave you a post on the shamanic journey just let me search for it

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