What does a fox mean?

Look Up Wepwaret he is Opener of Ways. Diffrent than Anubis though Half Brother.

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My totem animal is the Fox, a hyper active little guy, while my spirit animals are various other animals.

The fox embodies the trickster archetype.

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Look into Kitsune too maybe one is nearby.

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I’m this term what do you mean?

Kitsune are a spirit in Japanese lore. Look into the celestial ones

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ANCIENT! please read the comments that people have put my friend…you need to realise that the reason that you are seeing a fox!

I’ve seen them, but I could not find out my specific reason for it.

But you are really keen on this topic :slight_smile:

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You asked, I answered.:grin:

In the Deep South, they are common, but rarely seen as they are nocturnal. Leaving a job in the country in 2018, I saw saw two red foxes running together, in the woods, parallel to the road, to my right, along a four strand barbed wire fence in broad daylight. It was surreal. I just remembered this after your post. I have no idea what it means. I’ve seen a whitetail doe nursing twins two times in my life. Most never see this in a lifetime. Granted, we have abundant wildlife here, but what are the odds? I’m going to look up animal guides as others have suggested.