Evoking animal spirits

Anyone ever do this ? What was your expierence ? What’s their general demeanor like ?

What can they teach ? I’ve always loved wolves and foxes so was genuinely curious

I know about the Japanese folklore of kitsune

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we all have animal spirits guides according to some shamanic traditions
in general the animals that captivate you the most, are your closest allies, sometimes they present to us in many ways, sometimes the animals who show up to us are not permanent allies but they show up to give us their wisdom temporarily.
also animals you are afraid of, generally haunts you because they want you to learn their wisdom which you are rejecting, if yo dare to face your fear to that animal then you get its wisdom as a shadow totem.
there are some sites which have a lot of info regards animal wisdoms like fore example
there are also some shamanic drums you could use to start working with your animal spirit allies.
you have to meditate during the drummings visualize yourself going from the place you are at, to a place of nature, a park , a hill etc, you have to find a hole in the ground, any crack would do fine, you have to travel to the lower world though that hole (first two times are only a recognition journey to recognize your surroundings at the third trip you should get face to face with one of your animal allies)
here are the drums

now to communicate with your animal spirits once you get closer to them can be easy though a totem, if you have a picture as well it can be very simple with practice just picture the animal in front of you (eyes closed) and try to see it clearly, ask your questions, and the animal might bring you the answers according to its wisdonm

about the wolves and foxes you can search for its wisdom in the site I sent you


I generally don’t esp my animal family that’s passed. I think about them from time to time but I just can’t evoke them. Now coincidental running into is different.

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