What do lillith/ moloch want with children?

Both spirits have ominous histories with children (moloch) and child deaths (lillith). To those who work/speak with them what do they do with the childen and why?

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They are not the only ones. Ideally, sacrifices are well recieved by most entities, even the God of the bible was pleased by such thing. The rivarly between Cain and Abel came from it. Sacrificial “Goats” are both a shield and a path to the astral realm.


According to a magician, Lilith represents a sort of stasis; so from this point of view she’s opposed to the birth of a new life, with the instability involved.

I don’t know about Moloch, but in my experiences with Lilith, she doesn’t seem to appreciate hurting children in her name, maybe in the past but not now, of course, this is just my theory


The idea is that the scarifies become servants of the spirit. Basically, the children become their children. It doesn’t work that way. In actuality, it is the person consumed by dedication to the said spirit that becomes a servant of a spirit.



You are speaking of Abraham/Issac and the Slaughter of the First born males correct?

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Not only that, but also about the fact that Abel offered an animal sacrifice to the God of the bible (which is one of the reasons why he was also his favorite).

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Mythology, folklore, urban legends and superstition is often used for precaution and prevention. I believe, in some instances, Moloch and Lilith was a precautionary tale for parents to protect and take care of their children and be cautious with outsiders and strangers.

The Lilith I know doesn’t fit her myth and legends.


To the OP among those tribes in the ancient word there was a common belief that when a child was sacrificed to a spirit or God that the child’s spirit would go and join the spirit or God like an exalted servant. So for the people doing the sacrificing they believed what they were doing was good. There is also a huge glut of energy released from the act and spirits can consume this energy and manifest very strongly afterwards.

Now where things get nasty is certain deities and spirits began demanding sacrifices. We saw he it when with the Aztecs ( or Incas I forget) and sime other pantheons.

Lilith however is special and seems to cull infants for her own purposes. I can’t say what that could be.

With moloch I strongly suspect for him it was about gaining spirits and the power released from the ceremony.

That’s my guesx


I agree with this. The Lilith I’ve encountered is nothing Ike like she’s reported to be from myth and legend.


God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son to test his faith. However, God stopped Abraham and provided a ram for the sacrifice. Abraham named the place where this happened, “The Lord will provide.”

God killing the first borns of the Egyptians or more technically, the first borns of the households who did not listen to God’s command to put lamb blood on their doorposts, was a judgment. It’s never taught in the Bible that God enjoys the death of children.

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This is true, yes God doesn’t want children or anyone else sacrificed

Psalm 137:9?

@ephesians As if the Jewish slaves would have warned and told their masters that they should bloody the door lintels and door posts cuz death would take their first borne if they didn’t?

I seriously doubt the Jewish slaves warned their masters (except maybe if they were house slaves living in the same house with them cuz I’m that case their kids would die too if they didn’t).

Add: That’s assuming the story has any truth in it, I’m not excusing god though to some it may seem that way, since my statement says part of the blame goes to the slaves who didn’t warn their masters what was coming. In no way do I mean to excuse god for his part after all we are talking about innocent babies, innocent non-baby people who weren’t pharaoh and didn’t say no to letting the Israelites go themselves, (people with no power to let the Israelites go) and innocent animal first borns (since it was all firstborns including animal ones not just human firstborns).

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Good question - why would beings that have insane power and insight would need children? Or sacrifices in general?

Maybe because humans missinterpreted something or got wrong? Maybe because it’s easy to kill a goat and yell HAIL LILITH?

You are asking the right questions, but beware - human stupidity is a thing on this page.


Says whom?


I can’t speak for Moloch, but I know Lilith doesn’t hate children nor does she go out of her way to hurt them. It was tradition back in those days to blame tragedies such as the death of an infant on spirits. Lilith was one such a scapegoat.