What demon should I summon to help me attract a specific lover?

Can anyone help me with an entire ritual, Sigils, words, demon etc to keep a man that I want interested in me? I’m never attracted to anyone, and I’ve been alone for so long and I feel like he is in my life for a reason, I just want to help it along and make him realize the same about me.


Hi, I am a newbie as well. Similar thing wanting an ex girlfriend to contact me. Did some research and found Sallos is pretty good. Do a search for evocation of Sallos and you will find some stuff or Google Sallos sigil as well. :slight_smile:


There are several demons for love. Gremory attracts men to women as well as uvall, sallos is good for fedelity to keep a person loyal to you, sitri or set is also good, asmodeus is the demon who rules the many realms of pleasure.

Try this

I call forth (demons name) to influence ( persons name) to be influenced by ( demons name) to be attracted and drawn to me

I desire their attention
Draw this person towards me with sincere appreciation and desire
Open the doors for this person to desire me
And remove any obstacle in their mind that would convince them to not possess me as a lover ,girlfriend etc.
Ignite the fires of passion in their soul for me and let it burn bright as the sun.
(Optional: light a red candle as it is connected to passion and love and visualize this person wanting and pursuing you to date you etc. Etc)

Sit for about as long as it takes for you to exhaust all your energy into visualizing this person being with you in a way that you desire. Once your exhausted of energy blow the candle out


These are some ideas for spells (not demons):


Has this worked for you personally?



Have you tried it with Lord Rosier at all - he’s been very helpful, I have a slow burner as nothing is happening at the moment as circumstances aren’t at their optimum.

I have to play a long game with this particular prize.

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I would like lord rozier’s sigil. It does have my interest. Pm me if you can

I’ve used Sallos and Dantalion for this. You don’t need specific words, and their sigil are easily found online. Evoke them and tell them what you want.

Teach yourself evocation from all the good posts here. You can take Koettings course as well. He has a ton of videos on YouTube.

If you’re desperate you have to work on that first.


Thanks, you guys are great and so helpful! I did try it last night so we will see. I just hope I’m doing it right.

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Remember the most important part is totally putting the ritual out of your mind. Once you forget about the ritual and dont care if it works. The energies have a better time working uninterrupted


I agree in part. When you’re finished with the ritual you have to know wholeheartedly that it worked, and let it be. It’s not that you don’t care if it works, but that you know it did.


Well. The most important part is letting it work

I hope we don’t love the same guy. That is what i am looking for to.

Hi hear is Lord Rozier’s sigil 18f81604d41bcc2bea63adce202c0bdc


Lirach Tasa Vefa Wheil Beleth


Sallos is definetly a good choice!


I have a question about that issue but before thanks for nice vids and explanations once again; thanks for the all the light indeed.

In some spells maybe kind a JCI tradition not so sure; and logically the lack of photo in the past; it was a tradition to use the desired person mothers name with his / her name

Though our manifest will be probably enough i.e. mediating/imagining her/his image in our minds and our desired future together, just to be loyal the traditions too and strengthen the magick itself pand guiding all the energy within universe, personal items seems helpful.

A simple probably answered question, but I just wanna be sure

  • If we are not so lucky to get a personal item of our desired one; Would we use a photo of her/him?



Yes, a photo is a good link. :+1: