Best Sigil For Lilith?


I am new to this and can someone show me the sigil for lilithe

What demon should I summon to help me attract a specific lover?

Hi Mike, I gave this its own topic because it was a derailment in the thread where you posted it, there are some great sigils for Lilith on here and hopefully you’ll get some replies asap. :+1:


Most common one is this one!


Thank you so very much if there is anything I can help you with please I am here for you I will do my best to help thank you


Working on your own ascent and having fun is plenty, thanks! :smiley:


I will


Another is that one: Lilith1
It must be red (I think, either “drawings” and words or the background). There are also this Lilith2 and the Dukante’s version…