What demon is good for promotions?

I’m a construction worker & I’m a Son of Belial… I’d just recently started working construction @ this company as a Labor Worker. This company simply doesn’t seem to want to even attempt to give me any kind of hands on experience. I wanna excel deeper into the construction industry & I wanna get myself put onto a Site Crew!!! What’s the best Ancient to call upon for this occasion? I personally was thinking of making a Blood Pact w/ Azazel, being I’m well aware that Azazel is well known to give his assistance in such matters! I need to be able to properly provide a decent living for my family!!!

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King Paimon.


Azazel is perfect for this, and can introduce you to Ant’harratu (from E.A. Koetting’s The Book of Azazel) who specialises in optimizing all aspects of your life but seems to excel on career path stuff and getting you recognised at work in general, and he doesn’t stop on one task, it’s a lifelong energy he brings.

Doesn’t need a blood pact, he thinks this is fun and worthwhile, because he’s in the “human ascension is important camp”, and fulfilled humans have more leisure to study the occult for ascension when basic needs are met.

A lot of people who should be rising are crushed by circumstance and a corrupt society, he helps guide you through the bullshit.

I also recommend a ritual with the Goetia to hide flaws so others see the best in you and you’re more likely to be given opportunity and get a break. Berith can do that.


Hi @Mulberry I looked through this book awhile ago and I see lengthy ceremonial-esque instructions in the first portion. How did you call upon Azazel and Ant’harratu?

Regular evocation, which is ceremonial magick.

I don’t recall the instructions for evocation being difficult or lengthy, or requiring any special props. :thinking:
Especially not compared to some other authors. I would say follow it straight-up the first time, when you get a feel for how it works you should also see how you can edit it.

Once I’ve met a spirit I can as them if they’re ok meeting me via other pathways, such as in my astral grove or accompanying me in a journeying meditation.


Have you worked through the whole book of Azazel?

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Prince Orobas.


Yes Prince Orobas is perfect for bestowing dignities and helping to achieve promotion. I agree with @Dankquanicus . Also he’s very easy to work with.