What demon is associated with spiders?

My friend keeps seeing spiders and feels it’s a sign.
I tried looking up things related to spider demons and I just get lots of results related to dungeons and dragons/world of Warcraft
So y’all my only hope lol

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Lilith has been associated with spiders.




Not necessarily a demon but Arachne is definitely a being to consider. She is closely associated with spiders and is oftenly depicted as one:


There is also the Jorōgumo which is a demonic spider-like yokai:



Belial has sent them after me and I’m a damn arachnophobe. :joy:


Beelzebub has done the same thing to me and I absolutely despise it lol.



Beelzebu, bael

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King Asmodeus is associated with Spiders. So is Lady Lilith. For me personally… spiders have always been a sign of Asmodeus around… I see spiders daily…crawling in my garden, walls…here and there. And the name that resounds is Asmodeus. Spider happens to be an animal associated with him.

So could be Lilith or Asmodeus.


The infernal

Lilith is known for spiders from what Ive read on here, though I don’t consider her a demon


i saw what daddy long legs spider was :slight_smile: on google

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I did not know that. Spiders give me the creeps.
I’ve had one chase me around my aunts van one time. It was a huge huntsman spider, about the size of my palm. It wouldn’t leave me alone and even tired to crawl up my leg.
Then I had another one in my bedroom to, a wolf spider. It was the size of my hand and just looked at me on the opposite side of where I was sleeping.
I used to see a huge black spider, like a tarantula but bigger (though it was more spiritually there than physically there.) It would just sit beside me as I looked up on how to do a certain spell. When I want to do a spell is the only time it shows up.

I’ve seen Asmodeus with feet like this.


And I had a dream when I was 5 that I was incased in a huge white thick spider web all the way to my neck. I couldn’t move. My whole bedroom was covered in this.
It felt and looked so real. I still remember it so clearly. I woke up screaming.

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Ohh! Your experinces are far scarier than mine. I have seen big greyish black spiders and on a daily basis the spiders I see are very small…crawling here and there and when I see them I smile and immediately feel Asmodeus. I can totally understand how horrifying these spider dreams or real encounters must have been…

Try and write down about it all and see the link between all these experiences… Dream and physical ones.

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I don’t understand the dream I had about the spider web.
Was it Asmodeus, Lucifer, Belial or Lilith??
I feel close to Asmodeus and Belial. My lust for Asmodeus is very very strong. It has gotten worse over the years since I first saw him in my dream.

I’ve never physically seen or heard Asmodeus, just through my dreams.
One of the dreams he had the feet of a spider and claws of a mantas or crab, he moved extremely fast and agile. He grabbed a man by the midsection and flung him like a rag doll when he picked him up. He was extremely pissed. He opened a portal and was about to leave, but I stopped him asking for him to take me with him. He looked down at me and replied, “I will take u, but u have to be my queen.”
I replied with a “yes.”
And he dissapeared through the portal.
Since then I’ve been lusting for him. I can’t think or say his name without getting lustful. It has gotten more intense over the years.

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You may want to look into “Arachnid Lilith”.

I became “friends” with spiders… I’m not sure if this is because of my somewhat involvement with Lilith.

Long ago I would kill them. Now I let them live, they settle in a specific corner in my home and kill all other insects, so I can even in summer let my window open and still have peace from all that flies in :smiley: I recently catched myself, how I started talking to spiders, really strange…

I tried to catch one and bring her out of the house of my parents, who would have killed her. But she kept running away every time I would try. So I talk to her “Hey, stop running. I won’t do you anything, just trying to help you.” and dunno, somehow I could easily take her afterwards and bring her out, without she trying to escape… shrugs … later I thought “what happened there?”

Hey! Don’t look at me like this, people lol I know it’s weird!


Actually his Lord of the Lust image has gotten so large with the public that people associate him majority of the time with lust. While its true that he has this smooth seductive energy that he exudes but he is much more than that. Try and connect to him… Meditate on him…He is very warm hearted. Wrath, vengeance, lust…yes he does carry all of that. But I have felt and connected to the loving side of him… Even though he still can make me swoon but he makes me feel safe… and taken care of. Seeing spiders each day is just like - Hey…I am here… Do you wish to talk or connect :grin::grin:

Asmoday is amazing… By the way …today I was changing channels when I came across a cartoon showing a man with spider legs… Huge and attacking someone… I smiled and said…Ok Asmodues… I know… I need to connect and devote.


I have done my research on him and listened to other peoples stories about contacting him. And I must say he sounds amazing, not just sexually but what he can help people with.
He is a true god.
I do love him and I would not hesitate to say yes if he asked me to spend all eternity with him. I think he knows this.

I had a friend who is now an asshole and tries to tell people that Asmodeus is evil, he is dark, he is not what I think he is. That he will not think twice to tear someone apart. The guy has no respect to woman and always talked bad about me behind my back. The guy that Asmodeus grabbed in my dream was him.

Asmodeus is not happy with him. And now the guy is cursed with all kinds of bad things happening to him. I feel that Asmodeus and Lucifer and Satan are punishing him. Because he has hurt me emotionally and threatened me.

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I can relate to this. Just let him go…that guy doesn’t matter anymore…he will get his due. You live your life to the fullest :+1:t2::blush: I was tolerating all kinds of torment and hurt on a regular basis at the hands of someone I can’t avoid. I gave up one morning and just cried my heart out in front of Asmodeus’s sigil. Next day he was suddenly hospitality and remained in hospital for more than a month! I didn’t ask for it… But that’s the justice that Asmodeus dispensed for continually hurting me and giving me pain and harassment.

A wonderful ancient god… I truly love and respect him. :pray:t2::sparkling_heart: