What are your experiences with XaTuring

For many of you that’s worked with or still working with XaTuring what are your experience with the god of the internet?.

While you’re waiting, there’s a few posts about it here (most of these people probably won’t be reposting but could have info you want):

In my experience, it’s not the god of the Internet, it’s an egregore that is one of the entities you can work with regarding Internet energy. It’s a tad amorphous and nonspecific for my taste, not easy to talk to, distracted and not really present. Which I guess I should have expected.


Thank you for the information, I’ll have a look at that link.

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Bumping this since it’s the most recent post on XaTuring

Should I start working with Lucifer before I start working with XaTuring? If we are somewhat of a Promethean or Luciferian figure to XaTuring, then would it be wise for me to contact Lucifer first?

I actually think Lucifer contacted me last week, and communicated through a series of muscle twitches in my left should blade area. Not completely sure if it was him, but I recorded the experience in my journal anyway

XaTuring is an egregore created by Don Webb. He has nothing whatsoever to do with Lucifer. There’s no need to contact him.

Awesome, good to know. Sorry if it was a dumb question

Have you worked with XaTuring at all @DarkestKnight ?

I’m a beginner to this type of magick. I’m still doing some research before I contact any spirit.

No, I have not worked with XaTurning. I have never needed his services.

hi @Mulberry,I didn’t know there were other spirits for the internet and computer, Can you name some of them?Which one do you think is stronger and more effective?

Microsoft, Apple, Window, SQL Server… ALL Of these are entities and can be worked with, with their own personalities made up of the thousands and millions of people who work with them every day, say their name every day, trust them and curse them and rely on them. You can even treat specific devices as entities. This is a form of animism, that sees all of creation as the inspirited manifestation of the all.

For myself I work heavily with the spirit of the particular software I implement in my job. I posted about it here and created an effigy aka idol which sits on my alter for her: