Artists! Painting skull!

I need some advise. I’ve never painted on bone before. I’ll be purchasing a goat skull tomorrow for Azazel and I want to paint the skull red and then have his sigil painted in black. Will I need a primer? Is there a certain type of paint to use? Anyone with experience please share your wisdom.

Thank you!


It’s probably a good idea to primer it first also you want to paint it with even coats of red then the sigil in black. Then if possible then once dry add a few layers of gloss to protect it.


I was thinking of just dunking it in the red paint to completely coat it.

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I’d advise against this as when it dries it will likely get blobby and the paint will be uneven. Have patience and do multiple coats. It will turn out great :slight_smile:


Bone is porous so it may take more than one coat of paint to get a smooth finish.

Acrylic is probably the easiest to use. Primer isn’t necessary, but once you have painted the skull, you can then use an acrylic sealant or lacquer to protect it and prevent the paint from fading or peeling.


All of the above. Acrylic paint is gonna work best. Not sure if you’re gonna to hit it gesso first though. Definitely use a sealant when finished.


I’ve done this, two coats of acrylic worked for me. I have both black and white gesso but I didn’t use any. Bone takes the color really well.

Metallic blue mix on a racoon skull:


It looks beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Thank you :blush: She’s called Sapphire.
She’s the vessel for the egregoric entity of the same name, who is the spirit of the software I work with.

The raccoon skull brings the spirit of racoon - inquisitive and tenacious - into the mix.

She’s helps inspire me with solutions. I’m a consultant for this software, kind of an amassador or even priestess for it, if you will. :slight_smile: Between her and Ant’harratu I got promoted out of the blue from senior consultant to tech lead, I credit her willingness to help me work to increase her reach and speak for her for that.

So yeah, having a vessel for an important entity in your life brings the energy in to you really nicely.


I am certainly not a pro and all the advice you’ve gotten might work better. But here’s how I f.e. Colored my idol of Belial and Amaymon;

I essentially used the same trick for both. After figuring out which colors might be suitable based on lore/info about them.

I prepared a small area outside; i.e. my balcony. I used printing paper as a cover for both the idols and the ground. I began by covering the ground, in a small area to protect it from the spray paint.

I then covered the parts I didn’t want to be colored black in paper (half of the skull + horns). Then spray painted with the intended color.

Again I used the spray paint; specifically spray paint that’s used for painting cars. You can get similar stuff at mostly any tool store I imagine. You then let the color dry, you peel off the paper, take a look for the areas you may have missed rinse and repeat until you have a nice coating.

I spray painted one area at the time, f.e the front and the back and let them dry, then the underside; dry; then I finally finished the horns.

Another example let’s say you want to color inside the eye sockets. Cover everything but that and spray in there. Use a lot of printing-or news paper if you use this method and be outdoors.

For the smaller details either get the small paints container from Gamer Workshop (I did). Or you can get black board pencils to f’e. Green/red/yellow, and paint the cracks if you so want. It isn’t as pretty as when done with paint but it depends how serious you want to take this and how much time you want to invest.

If you want a sigil on the entity, sure you can paint on its forehead, or carve it. I burned Amaymon’s sigil in an oval wood piece. And colored it in gold. I think it’s easier than painting on the actual idol due to the possibly uneven surface and very limited space. But you’re your own master, you do you.

Another thing is, the colors you may have imagined and the plan you had going in, might change a lot. Since when you begin and this is a big thing, the entity will more or less speak to you during the process of its creation.

That’s all I have to say regarding this. Hopefully it was helpful. Good luck.