Evocation side effects

I experienced extreme blurred vision, nausea, heart pounding like it’s going to explode from my chest, a nasty headache and gagging. It was an entity I had already worked with before.
How do I stop this from happening again?

To check I understand the situation: You evoked and the entity affected you, but you’ve evoked the same entity the same way before and it didn’t?

Was it for anything that involved affecting your energy? Is this one of those where you had not banished? In which case how do you know it was this entity?

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I performed the lbrp before the ritual. Yes, It was an entity I had worked with before quite extensively. I don’t understand how now I’m affected by it when I was not before.

I would ask the entity, but also ground and read my energy body to look for embedded parasites that could interfere. Something changed but there’s not a lot of info here and I’d hate to speculate.

Doe meditation count as grounding? How do I read my energy body?

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Oh, absolutely, grounding is necessary! My first evocation was like this. I personally suspect that this is a result of being exposed to high EMFs when an entity appears. If the energy isn’t grounded, all kinds of nasty effects will ensue.

In my case, I started the one and only argument I ever had with my spouse/twin flame, channeling all kinds of angry energy that wasn’t mine, until he told me I wasn’t being myself. It finally clicked for me that I was acting odd, so I went outside and stood on the earth with bare feet. I didn’t really feel better, though, until the next day.

I now do this immediately after an evocation, whether I’ve worked with the spirit before or not.

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