What are they saying?

I’ve had spirits tell me I have to revoke myself and I have to become obsolete. I know these words don’t make sense, do you guys know what they mean by it?

I suspect they’re suggesting a rebirth type of thing, where you release everything that’s blocking or not serving you.

Just yesterday or the day before someone posted a very detailed “I killed myself” article along these lines that’s worth checking out.

It’s no uncommon for mages to consider that the old self, or parts of it, died along the way to make way for the new.


I wouldnt do anything if some spirit tells me that im outdated…

if you have no problems with your current, you know ?

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They tell me: “by becoming obsolete” after asking certain questions

This is a bold question, but are you a people pleaser? If you are, my theory is that they may be telling you to become something not to be “used” by others.


Yes a bit