What are the Chakras you need open

How do I work on it like what are some practice I should be doing to enhances it or start developing the ability

I would work with the Bija mantras for each chakra. It is the easiest method to start with. Learn some basic pranayama, focus your awareness on the chakra, and vibrate the mantra as many times as you can.

There was a challenge on this forum a few years ago where someone spent 30 days simply chanting the Bija mantra for the Muladhara for a high number of repetitions and he developed clairaudience.


Awesome thanks alot I’ll give it a try

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Things like learning to scan helps your clairs because energy has a look, sound, taste, feeling, smell, even practicing projection. However, I find scanning to be an easier start.


I can wholeheartedly agree with @anon48079295 here. I am quite new to this but scanning is fun to me and also leads me to be more focussed. In addition i tend to remember dreams and symbolism better after scanning which normally does rearly happen.

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What is Scanning ? I never heard of that

Scanning is when you read your own energy or the energy of others, entities, objects and so forth using the 5 senses but in this case the clairs that are tied to all 5 senses + the 6th sense clear knowing.

Read this my love :slightly_smiling_face: (If you wanna learn how to do it yourself)

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I mighta read this wrong but this doesnt tell me how to do a scan of myself

It’s the same way, except your focus is yourself.

A scan of yourself? Oh… Didn’t know you wanted to scan your own self! :slightly_smiling_face:

I usaully dont like to ask to many Questions Because I feel like people are holding my hand but I’m new at this and I want to get into this now my Question is

What do I need to do lay down on my back listen to binaural Beats what I’m looking to focus on my third while do it or just my energy

But yeah as Rungr said it is quiet the same… :smile:

I only want to do sharpen my Clair abilities

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Yo !no no no … nothing wrong with asking as many questions as you want.


Questions are fine, when you apply the answers you get even better lol. I often work on inner awareness which is basically scanning yourself and outer awareness which is scanning others and the area around you.

Your clairs are pretty much a mix of inner and outer awareness being aware of your energy through all your senses and aware of the energy around you with the same senses. Being capable of picking a choosing which sense you use as well.

Honestly this is Tough For example I do 5 minutes of tai chi and that’s the only time i feel my energy and is only in my hands also around 9pm every night my right hand starts oozing with energy but that’s just about it I cant feel any energy through my body unless is my Companions projecting there energy to me I did worked on my awareness though but to the point the I’m on some level awareness of stuff around like the smallest black spot on a white green all colors wall I’m able to spot it with realizing it I dont know it that counts

Third eye chakra also known as Forehead chakra is the chakra to work on for astral senses. Ajna means brow chakra. They are different.

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It’s easy to answer. They didn’t.

The Hindu chakra system is only a relatively recent addition to the Western Magical Tradition, through the New Age movement via Theosophy.

Before the 19th century, magicians used other rituals to affect the same results ( in a way similar to the Golden Dawn’s Middle Pillar)