What are The Actual, Precise, Uses of the Spells from the Simon Necronomicon,

Hi Everyone!..So…I’ve been looking at the Spells and Rituals from the Simon Necronomicon, and I’ve noticed that most of the Spells don’t Actually tell you why to use them and what for, (I’m not seeing such) It’s like DarkestKnight said, It’s one of many Grimoires written as if the reader is a skilled magkician…I’m asking for advice, personal experiences, anything, from any of you…Let the Favor of Marduk be upon the whole lot of thee.

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I haven’t done any of the actual spells from this book yet…

However, I do intend to do some of the spells eventually, especially making the seals. In spirit, for me is using something new that was built on top of the old (more on that in a bit), and would make me feel closer to these deities. Sometimes even reading parts of it has had a powerful effect.

The entire reason why I even own a copy of this book in the first place is because it was a gift from someone who knows I love the Sumerian deities and because I have an utter obsession with Babylon

The Mesopotamians were all about building on top of the old, literally and figuratively. The history of their cities was buried whenever they were destroyed, but not entirely forgotten as they were rebuilt.

I love that this is what the Necronomicon does, it’s something new that builds on top of the old. It brings the modern to the ancient and the ancient to the modern day.

Something else I can really appreciate about Necronomicon is that it’s made some of the Sumerian and Babylonian deities more accessible to occultists. There is some material out there on their magick (as it was in ancient times) but much of it is hard to access — whether it’s because of partial translations or locked behind expensive books and scholarly articles.

In way I disagree that it is only for advanced magicians. Maybe some of it is, but for many it can provide that that first familiarity with the most ancient deities who were recorded in writing.

I’ve noticed in a lot of your posts that you seem to be drawn to Pazuzu and Sumeria/Babylon/Mesopotamia.
Since you also seem to be drawn to Marduk as well…

If you read Enuma Elish (it’s not very long) the part on the 50 names of Marduk in the Necronomicon will make a lot more sense. :slight_smile:
(and especially if you have an open mind to the differences)

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…Thank You!
I do not believe this the Necronomicon is just for Advanced Magickians…In fact based on all of the warnings and stories I’ve heard about the spells I’ve they seem perfect for begginer Witches, and Magickians, they seem to hold…almost limitless power, these entities, Gods, Spirits, and Rituals…They are not Governed by the laws lof man, nor are governed by the Magicks of Man, But are only constrained by Certain Gods, Gates that must be kept Closed forever, and the Spells that Constrain, them/Seal The Gates.

I’ll definitely expirement as well…now what is strange is that the book is full of Exorcisms,but none of them work on the Entities, nor Curses, Portals, Gates, One Has Conjured…Now this Truly tells us thd power of the book…and while the spells and Rituals give clear instruction on materials, circles, ritual items…etc, I simply believe that the mere recitation of ANY spell or conjuration…well let’s just say I don’t believe it to be powerless…

Yes, they do. :thinking:

That is certainly not true. The entire book is made up; it is not real Sumerian magick in any factual sense. Many people have read the book and got nothing from it. It’s really a rather bad mishmash of HP Lovecraft and Sumerian mythology created to cash in on the name of Lovecraft’s famous tome of black magick.

However, just like the chaos magick paradigm holds, fiction can be used magically if you believe in it enough. The book itself is nothing. You are what is required to make it go.

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…I see…I was misinformed from othet sources then

I agree with @DarkestKnight, and the way I often put it, is the only thing that is magick here is you, the practitioner. You can use any method and any tool to get your head and heart into the right place to move the energy.

If you just “go through the motions” without putting yourself into it, nothing happens, if you don’t read the room and another energy overrides yours nothing happens or you get unexpected results, mastery of magick involved greater and greater understanding and control of the energy and situation - it’s very hands on.

Even when asking another entity to do the needful for you, it’s ideal (in my option) to feel they’re there and in agreement and watch the energies changing around you, and your belief in e entity is backed up by your experience making it work better, as you contribute positive energy continually through the period of the working, from the second you decided to do it.

So, just reading made up words is “going through the motions”. You might have a bit put into it but not enough to effect change against the greater energies you are trying to move. An ant can’t move a rock. You have to put yourself into it, interact with the energy strongly, make it work for you, then you can believe it because you can feel it. Also if you can feel it you can adjust to improve it.

You weren’t misinformed. You just mistook someone’s opinion as factual. The thing is, people want the Necronomicon to be real and so they make it real by pushing the belief that it is. After all, who doesn’t want to read a book that supposedly drives you insane? (an idea that Lovecraft took from Robert Chambers’ story The King In Yellow). However, the more you delve into the occult, the more you will realize that occultists just love making shit up, and they have been doing it long before chaos magick came on the scene in the 1970’s with their dictum that all you need is belief. The so-called “Tunnels of Set” of Kenneth Grant are a prime example of something that was created by one person but then passed around and worked with by many others so it took on a reality of its own.

There are at least four different “Necronomicons” that have been published, including the Simon one. There is the George Hay version that came out just after the Simon book was released. There’s Donald Tyson’s version, where he tried to pigeonhole Lovecraft’s Old Ones into the Kabbalah and there’s the 1586 Necronomicon that purports to be written by John Dee (as far as I’m aware, this one was released freely on the internet back in the early 90’s and has never been commercially published).

And they all work, to varying degrees. There is a old thread here on the forum of someone’s experience working through the 1586 Necrominicon if you’re interested, for example.

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Thank you!

You Know…Dearest DarkestKnight…You almost sound like people are either manifesting the unreal…or…they’re driving themselves insane…are they driving themselves insane?..you can’t manifest anything unless you atleast the seven major chakras open…and then maybe hope that you migth be able to manifest something real…

I’m not sure if it was my post that was misinterpreted or not, but I think it’s important to first understand what the Necronomicon is and what it isn’t.

It’s a fictional grimoire loosely based on the Mad Arab from Lovecraft’s work as well as Sumerian/Babylonian magick. It is not an actual ancient text. Despite what it is, some have successes with it while others find it not useful.

Personally I appreciate what it tries to be. The spells in it are written in the style of Sumerian hymns and poems, like the repetition which is common in Sumerian poetry and the way the deities are addressed. It’s not perfect, but I get what the author was going for.
Most Sumerian magick which has been found and been made more accessible to the public has to do with hymns like this as well as exorcisms (probably why those are featured so prominently in the Necronomicon).

I only read through it once about a year ago and did not do any of the spells, so my memory is a little hazy. If I do remember correctly though, the seals and gates are made to connect with Sumerian deities for later dealing with the Lovecraftian entities. The work also implied that the Mad Arab is going insane as the work progresses (presumably as he connects more with the Lovecraftian Old Ones).

Hope that helps clarify things a little.

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Yes…Thank You!

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Neither, they are using the imagery as a TOOL to manifest reality. Gets your juices flowing. This is part of why it’s called “arte”, I think.

I don’t think anyone uses the Necronomicon expecting to go mad, but instead expect to be able master it and get results while holding your own.

Ah Yes!

Thank You

Well although fictional…it seems worthwhile to atleast expirement with…

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I could Also Invoke the Deities that I’m worshipping (Hekate, Pazuzu, Azazel) and ask them to aid these fictitious rites…although they’d probably say I’m wasting their time, and not be willing to do it.

I would say do them straight first. Kind of like following a new recipe: make it as written once just to see how the author intended it to work, and then you’ll have a clear idea on how you can change it. It’s part of building a well rounded experience.


I think almost every mage has experimented with the Simon Necronomicon at some point in their journey. It’s one of the easiest grimoires to get your hands on when you’re first starting out since it was produced as a mass paperback. EA Koetting describes performing the ritual to evoke the Watcher in one of his books, for example.

The only thing that never made sense to me about it was the author connecting the Lovecraft entities to Sumerian mythology. If you actually read Lovecraft, there’s little mention of Sumer anywhere in reference to the Necronomicon.

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Yup, nothing whatsoever. I am a Lovecraft nut and bought the Necronomicon when it first came out in the 70s. I was very confused what Tiamat etc. had to do with Cthulu. I did try some of the magick in it and it does work. But as Mulberry said it is you making it work. You could use the Power Puff girls for magick if you wanted.