What are The Actual, Precise, Uses of the Spells from the Simon Necronomicon,

Were you a begginer…or an experienced Witch?

To be honest it’s a pretty fascinating book, and I don’t even like or read fiction…

It’s interesting to note that one of the moon sigils is directly modeled of a solomonic pentacle of the moon.

It’s stated various times in the book that some kind of pacts are tied to it by the author.

I personally think there’s probably some truth to this and part of what drives the contents of the book.

Especially if you dive deep and really unravel all the mystery and contents.


Yes!I’ve been studying the Simon Necronomicon and it’s History…There was an old Manuscript called the Al Azif written by Abdul Alhazred…and Aleister Crowley and H.P. Lovecraft both weaved these manuscripts into the book…and fictionalized the rest…The Spells were real…or atleast some of them…but how could anything that Aleister Crowley help create/write be powerless?..

LOL where did you get that nonsense?

Lovecraft knew of Crowley (there’s a character based on him that gets a one sentence reference in one of his short stories) but they never met and certainly didn’t collaborate on a book. For one thing, Lovecraft was an atheist and did not believe in religion, magic or the supernatural so he would not have anything to do with any supposed occult manuscript nor a so-called magician.

As stated previously, the entire book is fiction, including its “history.”

I should add, if you find the first book confusing, pick up a copy of the Necronomicon Spellbook, also by Simon. It’s more of a practical collection of spells than the Necronomicon.


Oh…Why is Aleister Crowley in the pre-book pages?..as of he wrote it…

His name was used to lend occult credibility to the book.

Aleister Crowley was dead 30 years when the Simon book was published and I seriously doubt that if he had written such a manuscript that it would have waited that long to be published (and by an anonymous author) as Crowley was notorious for seeking fame and fortune. He was the occult equivalent of a modern day social media personality, always trying to get his name in the paper so he definitely would have slapped his name on it if it were true.


I had been doing Golden Dawn type things for a few years. I was following the rites and study materials that Regardie had published. Truth be told there was not much magick in the early levels. Meditation, and God Forms, plus astral travel were really the main points. You had to do a sunrise ritual, the LBRP and sword banishing and other practices were to be done daily. Even Crowley’s AA was really the same. A lot of work in Hebrew and correspondences of the different entities. When I studied the OTO that was really the only real magick rituals.

So-Called? Aleister Crowley?

Yes. As I said, Lovecraft did not believe in magic or the supernatural so to him, Crowley would have been nothing but a charlatan and con man.

Do You Not Aleister Crowley Was A Magickian Pure Of Heart? I Always Thought He Was…And One Of The Most Powerful Ones (Of His Time) Too…(That We Know Of…)

If you know anything about Aleister Crowley, then you know he was the furthest thing from “pure of heart” lol

I heard that he liked to rape little boys…
“The Best Way To Gain Powers Is Through The Rape Of Chlidren Especially Little Boys”
That’s What My Uncle Said, Never Believed it…But!..!!DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW!!

Ok my thoughts first it’s over 20 necromomicon books so far know in America is 2 counting Simon.now if you search in France Italia it’s a lot of necromomicon whit a few differents rituals yes rituals,no spells.dome are mantras,and the 4 gates are in one initiation.in a hermetics orders,I read a few,and it chance the invocation.#2 Crowley and Lovecraft never meet but were know each other tru friends letters,and yes Crowley wrote about Jack the ripper, he also wrote a few booklets ,no know in America,and I did pass tru 2 gates what did I bring ,? Some power energy and wisdom back in 2016/8. Also some orders do work whit beings of others sistemas,and follow some rare books which necromomicon is one of them tey have their own book,it’s why is so many Italian / French necromomicon.its a Italian author who follow the teachings of Crowley ,and say Crowley work tis book and give rituals to follow besides he’s a golden dawn and etc.

No, Crowley didn’t do anything with children. He liked to speak in analogies, so nothing he said is supposed to be taken literally. For example, he often referred to masturbation as “child s-crifice” and sperm as “a white male child, pure and innocent.”


I thought my Uncle was making shit up

You’re saying you’ve been able to pass through the gates?..are you saying you recommend the Simon Necronomicon or Another Version?

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@DarkestKnight Did My Aleister Crowley Say This Or Was My Uncle Making Shit Up?

It’s 4 gates I get tru 2 inana or Ishtar was one,energy and wisdom was wat I feel.lime electric waves of it.i dnt recommend it it’s a personal choice.also the book is worked in some secrets orders for everything.im aware of 3 American schools of tis sistem no names a famous guy he claim from 13 star magic and 2 others schools who fight for name and fame .no good to me.

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