What Am I Doing Wrong ? (Evocation)

Okay, first off all I ’ m trying to evoking demons (as in the photo’s)
Trying to gaze the sigil, Sigil Disappears but even if i move my gaze, even a little, the sigil comes back as before. This feels more like my eyes are straining to create a blind spot where i’m looking.
And I Don ’ t feel any presences, Little help pls?



First of all, don’t get too hung up on feeling stuff. You might or might not feel a presence. That’s just how it goes especially for a beginner. Once you gaze into the sigil and you see it disappear or whatever then the sigil is opened and you can proceed to call the spirit. The spirit will come whether you are aware of it or not. With that in mind, you should proceed as if the spirit has heard you and is present.




Fake it until you make it :slight_smile:

Exactly I totally agree.



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I have a King Paimon and Lucifer sigil. I’ve found them helful due to color change during evocation when the sigil is open. Then I’ve been able to see flashing with the Lucifer one too. I’ll share them here. Hope they help.

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For some reason I can’t post my King Paimon.

Don’t expect to feel presence in your first try. Keep faking it till one day it will happen on your face.

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I Know, I’m looking at the wrong side but, I Need to make a pact with King Paimon in 3 weeks, so thats why I am acting fast so much like that

Then you can try divination to communicate with him.

In all honesty, I’m not sure how I ended up working with him. Initially, I couldn’t call him to me by myself, but I work with Lucifer and told him I was having trouble reaching King Paimon, and he called him for me. U can try to establish a relationship with other demons that can help, or simply just do a meditation on him and stay focussed. There’s a good one that I use on yotube. Gimme a sec I’ll find it and share.

Here u go. Only thing u have to do is do what she tells u too which is use ur imagination a lot…

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Don’t spend to much time drawing those sigils unless you want to make a artistic interpretation. Keep it simple. It will work.

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You can see in the photos, I Already tried to summon Lucifer too but I Really don’t feel anything you know, I Saw your lilith sigil evocation (“I saw this demon when I evoked Lilith today. Pic attached. Which demon is this?”) thread, even in this pictures I Don’t see anything, I Feel like my astral senses closed permanently, and because of this I ’ m worried, I Need that thing in 3 weeks

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U have to let ur imagination run wild. If u can use imagery well, this stuff will get right to u. I usually can send Lucifer’s energy for those having trouble connecting with him. Did that for 3 users on here and it worked for them. I however can’t do those anymore till I hit 90days on here. Come July, if you’re still having trouble, I’ll be able to walk u through it.

Can I navigate a sigil with u right now to kinda help u seeing what’s in them when they are open after evocation? This is the simplest one I have. It’s Lilith ofcourse, but really simple. I can tell u what I ses on it and direct u on where to look for it see if u can train ur brain to not make u feel like it’s all in ur head. Are u up for it?

Just fyi, something that also helps me is not looking at these entities as some crazy monsters because when u do and evoke them, they will come to u as what u pictured them to look like from the get go.

So, how are we going to do that?

Are u on here now?