What all can be called baneful magick?

what kind of magick one can call baneful is it just of ill intent are love spells baneful magick technically it isn’t hurting or affecting a person much I know it is a dumb question but I am curious about it and wanted to hear from people who knows better in these areas.

Any spell that has the intention to cause harm, whether that is physical harm, emotional harm, or psychological harm, or to infringe upon the free will of another.

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Deliberately baneful love spells like the Intranquil Spirit aside, it depends on the target, some people have been driven mad, others to stalking and obsession, others have suicided, a love spell imo can easily be one of the most baneful spells there is.

As they are technically psychic attacks, many targets instinctively feel predated upon and run or start to hate you, though they don’t usually know why.

Even one that creates a great relationship can cause strife: if the person finds out years later it causes doubt in a relationship as the target suddenly finds out they were emotionally manipulated and they feel like nothing they feel is real, lose all trust and feel abused.

They also have unfortunate effects on the caster sometimes, sometimes causing the practitioner to become more obsessed and more in pain than before the spell.

I said this back in 2018 and nothing I’ve seen since has changed my mind. Those that feel the effects and fight, not understanding the feelings, have huge inner conflict that can be very disturbing and so stressful they go insane.
Those are the ones that get into so much pain they suicide, especially if in the meantime you change your mind… and the changing mind thing also seems to happen a lot. People get weird and flaky about “love”, they think they want it until it’s not what they wanted.
Insanity is rare but not unheard of.