Desperately Need Help Saving My Marriage & Dantalion Advice

Today, I offered my soul to Dantalion in a ritual. In exchange I asked him to make my husband love me again and break up with his girlfriend. My husband has moved out and wants a divorce - but I still love him from the bottom of my heart. We are estranged at the moment, but I‘m not giving up hope.

I summoned Dantalion today for the first time in my life. I’m a novice to demonology, but more than willing to learn. I didn‘t see or feel Dantalion whilst performing the ritual. But when I returned to look at his sigil and wrote down my name with my blood, I felt a sudden sense of peace, of a light-heartedness that hadn‘t been there before. I then chanted his enn and signed the contract on his sigil three times.

As I’ve said, I am new to all of this. But I let my feelings and intuition guide me with regard to what had to be done (i.e.: create a makeshift altar with four candles, put water in a copper bowl, place the ten of cups from my tarot deck next to his sigil and ask Satan to ask Dantalion to work with me). I hope I was successful.

Right now, I feel I‘ve done it right and that Dantalion was indeed there and heard me. I sincerely hope he accepts the deal I proposed. In addition to that, I will promote his powers online. On pages such as this. I also asked for a sign that our contract was accepted by him. I hope I will notice them if he deigns to accept.


Welcome to the forum, @Leftisbest. Please take a moment to go to our New Magician and Introduction section and post an introduction to tell us a bit about yourself. It is a rule on this forum.

Thank you for telling me about this. I‘ve just done so.

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Hi, sorry to be a drag what with you being new and clearly distressed about what’s happening with your husband but this is the fourth post I’ve seen from you which says pretty much the same thing, it’s something that is frowned upon on this forum.
I’m going to flag your posts for @Lady_Eva to move if needs be.

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to get on anybody’s nerves. I have a lot of questions relating to a life-changing issue which is making me feel worse than anything before in my life (and I’ve been through a lot). My questions have not been redundant, or I wouldn’t have asked them. I have to explain my current situation in order to get valid answers.

Opening a thread entails just that: explaining where you stand at the moment and then asking a relevant question. It might look repetitive to someone who looks at all the things I have written since signing up today. But most people don’t. Why should they? So not saying where I stand in a newly opened threat would deprive people of the necessary background information. I did not copy and paste. I honestly and openly asked the questions that were on my mind.

I don’t know this site well enough yet to know whether your action is justified or not. However, notwithstanding my newbie status, it seems a bit harsh to flag someone who tries to delve deeper into a serious matter in order to gain control of their life. So far, I’ve only met nice people who gave me sound advice. I’m not going to let this criticism derail me. If anybody else thinks I am repeating myself, I am open for criticism.


It wasn’t a criticism, it was pointing out something which is a forum rule:

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I think you are being overly sensitive, I wasn’t nasty or rude to you.
I’m also not going to respond further as I’m aware that this is derailing someone’s thread.

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That‘s ok. I didn‘t intend to do anything gauche. If it’s a rule, I‘ll double-check my comments from now on.

Okay I have made this its own new topic and will prune some of the duplicated stuff, comments buried in someone else’s topic will not get quite the same attention sometimes, and you had my welcome PM that explains everything you need to know about getting people to see your posts, and which also asked you to read the rules :wink: so, please, go back to that and take a look through so you know what we’re doing on here. :+1:

I‘m new here. So some of my questions might seem dumb to veterans. My husband has left me and has a new girlfriend. He wants a divorce, I don‘t because I still love him with all of my heart. And my intuition tells me, he will come back when this has blown over.

I‘ve turned to dark arts only a few weeks ago. But I‘ve been into the occult since my youth (tarot, astrology, I Ching etc.). So far, I‘ve tried to evoke Duke Dantalion. Demonology is new to me, but holds a great fascination and I‘m ready to learn. I also use a pendulum and the tarot for divination.

Is there anybody in a similar situation? What have you done to change your path? And what has brought you the most satisfying results (with hindsight)?

I‘m trying to be patient, but I also know that I have to intervene now to avoid a divorce. Any answer is welcome. I want to heal. Being part of this forum has helped me a lot already. I am no longer lethargic, but taking an active interest in my future.


Sallos is another demon who specializes in love.
Lilith can help too but she is better at initiating lust.
So the difference is clear pure love vs lust

Thanks. I‘ll research Sallos. Lilith for lust sounds good, too. But I think love is a more solid solution. Lust on its own does not create a lasting relationship…

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I am glad you realize it :slight_smile:

I sure do :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m just wondering if you can combine lust and love, by summoning two demons at a time. But I would probably be in over my head…

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Yes you can summon them to work with different things for one goal

I might try it then. Love and lust combined is the ultimate relationship goal after all. I‘d pick love over lust any time though.

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While love and lust spells are absolutely baneful, while having the added fun bonus of possibly sending your ex completely insane, there’s a whole category for Love, Sex magik, and Relationships, and I’ve moved this from Baneful magik to there.

Making him (temporarily) insane doesn’t sound too bad :innocent:. It‘s the kind of revenge that might turn out to be beneficial for both parties involved. Generally, I‘m not into revenge spells / magic at all. At least not, as long as I love somebody and want them to thrive…

No, I don’t mean temporarily. Fucking with free will can literally destroy people’s minds.

Not saying it’s going to in this case, it depends on his will and emotions, but you should know it’s a risk… sometimes you get the body but not the person. Love spells are as dark as they come.

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You’ve got a point there. I wouldn‘t dabble in it if I knew for certain there was no spark of the old love left in him. I mean, he has married me because he loved me. The girlfriend might just be a phase or part of a midlife crisis (he has turned 40 this year). I‘ll proceed with caution though. I don‘t intend to f**** with his mind. I‘d rather call it guiding him back gently…

That can be mitigated for in the wording, leaving a loophole that allows it to be to be his will and just makes it very easy to choose the path you want would do that. Intent is everything, after all.

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