Wendigo cults

I have been reading around out of morbid curiosity about Wendigos. There is not much information outside of the creepypasta and urban legend communities unfortunately. Fortunately I came across a post on a forum with no particular expertise on the subject whatsoever(it was a general question asking forum). Somebody claimed people could become wendigos spiritually and actually of course via an initation rituals that is very illegal, dangerous and forbidden.

Has anybody heard of these cults or is it another person trying to scare others?(I don’t mind either way, it’s really interesting.) Also, for those who knows members or are in one. What are the conditions like?


Definitely sounds interesting, but spiritually? Wendigos are supposed to eat flesh… I suppose one could attempt to actually eat another’s astral form?

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I have heard about them from stories. Don’t know how much truth is behind them though. They are supposed to recruit, having secret rituals as you said, but one of the main components is that you must kill a close family member that you care about and bring them to the cult leaders where they will be eaten by everyone.

Thats how the story goes anyway.


Well that sounds unpleasant.
A Wendigo was once a human being who out of desperation ate human flesh. That person would gain physical power but would crave human flesh and slowly go insane becoming truly horrible mentally. All humanity lost, all morals lost, even their own identity. The story goes the more humans they killed the more they would physically change until the oldest ones looked nothing like a human being. A hulking deformity but insanely fast, and still retaining human intelligence,

If you want more on the creature itself look up Native American lore, that’s where it comes from.

Not sure why someone would want to go through that spiritually. Strange things these days i guess…


Problem is that Native lore has been manipulated since Colonial times to try and hunt down Native Americans. I feel there is more to say about wendigos that what is said is popular culture. For becoming a wendigo, many people are power hungry but many are force recruited into it. It’s a rather interesting process but not something I would be a part of.


Astral wendigo, possible?

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It is possible since the wendigo is the spirit who possess people as the host for it’s deeds. The lore changes per area, I theorise that it is a group of species grouped together and seen as one type.

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Right, but possible to discern from the physical form and astral form? not take over both.

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The physical form is the manifestation of form through the host which tends to take a period of time.It bares similarity to the astral form. I had theorised Wendigo could possibly be a kind of fae.


Never heard of such cults, know a few things about Wendigo origins though. Link below is quite informative; Wendigo – Flesheater of the Forests – Legends of America

And there is such a thing as Wendigo Psycosis; it’s basically when one becomes a cannibal after either obsessing over the taboos a Wendigo represents or in order to survive, and they become a Wendigo in mind.

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I was raised around native Americans and one of my closest friends is a native as well as a practitioner of the religion. What he told me about wendigos, is that you don’t go around talking about them, same with skin walkers. That’s how you attract their attention. Wendigos are the one class of spirit that’s scare the absolute dog shit out of me. I think I may have encountered one when I was hunting and it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. Nothing too crazy. Just the feeling of something horrible watching you and wanting your flesh.


Albert Fish could be said to be a Wendigo :grin::smirk:

I share your morbid fascination, but haven’t found much more than is listed right here either, just sources of Native American lore and old trapper stories, and that well ran dry for me before creepy pasta was invented, before Supernatural the TV show had an episode on them… not unhappy about that - those departed quite far from the legends, somehow the legends weren’t scary enough for Hollywood already.

So I never heard of the cult thing, that seems very new, smacks of appropriation/inspiration, and, well, maybe just a bit too much like kids inspired by the new media trying to scare each other- it’s all “extreme illegal darqueness ™” with no reason or substance. 'Course they’ll invent it into reality soon enough if they work it hard enough.

My picture of the reality:

  1. People accused of being wendigos were ordinary people that were dying of starvation and turned to cannibalism over particularly hard winters. Typically someone they knew died and they ate the cadaver rather than burn it or leave it for the animals (not gonna bury it in winter I think), they didn’t always murder. Sometimes someone would go rogue and deliberately hunt humans, but that was more rare. These people, when discovered, were driven out of the area by the tribe, to die of exposure. I can imagine how the horror combined with the desire to discourage such temptation created the first Wendigo stories, and from there the manifestation was built.

  2. Apart from a couple of stories that depicted the creature as supernatural but also tortured, as in one folk tale I read from a library book, it was heard crying ‘my feet! my burning feet!’ as it ran fast through the treetops around it’s prey - like it couldn’t stop running because it’s feet were burning or something.

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Just came across this video and the third story it tells put me in mind of this thread - bunch of hardened on exercise in the middle of nowhere Marines hear it calling their names in the voice of one of their own men - that’s a wendigo trait as I recall.

It could also be more like a Black Eyed Adult, something else, a combination of things. It’s interesting assuming it’s authentic, and what I like about it, is it’s not sensationalised or overdone. … And then I wonder if wendigos and BEAs are related somehow?

Why would people be interested in Demons…:wink:
Wendigo’s might as well be a misunderstood race as our modern thinking.