Wendigo and its Potential for Magik use

So Ive poked around here for a bit and found very little info on creatures like the wendigo, mostly just experiences with them and a few people Wondering what role they can play in magick. After seeing them in one of my spirit journeys, and seeing them in a recent dream of mine, naturally I presumed their was a way to further my knowledge of magick that revolved around them. I’ve been trying to find info on them to very limited or contradicting results. And since there aren’t many topics of them, I figured this could be a brainstorming or discussion.

As far as some info I found goes, there’s some that say they are physical, others disagree
Some say they are both, but most seem to agree that they are NOT spirit guides with so far only one that implied a very questioning maybe?

Most sources of info get the general behavior right however points of contention seem to be
-Place of origin- anywhere in North America (Canada, norther wilderness of America, Navajo tribelands, and there are slight mentions of them and iterations in Nordic reigons)
-supernatural powers-
Some say it’s a man some say it’s a giant and in both versions it may or may not have powers that seem supernatural, including, telekinesis, heightened senses, increased speed, sometimes its said to posses limited magikal abilities, usually it’s just exceedingly smart and an expert tracker and deceiver. And interestingly I saw a mention of a couple of odd ball abilities particularly what sounds like an ability to control animals and nature (or at least work in tandem with them) and even being able to heal the humans it eats so as to have more food.

So this is where I think it gets interesting
During my research I came across a paper done by Chris Hibbard titled “The Many Faces of the Wendigo” which covers most of the deviating origins about it and it’s stories (albeit being a paper not written for an occult crown it ends by equating the wendigo to our self destructive and careless attitudes for our health and our planet)
A link to that is here:


However what struck me was a couple things first of which is this quote

“The fourth and final way to become Wendigo is through dreams or vision quests. Legend has it that if one dreams of the Wendigo, hears it calling their name, or even dreams of ice and snow while sleeping at night or in the midst of a vision quest, the body is then vulnerable to infiltration by the Wendigo spirit, and one will awaken changed, different from before – now host to the Wendigo spirit.”

Which describes one of my earliest encounters with the idea of the Wendigo, now I have no intention of claiming to be one, no not one bit. But after that and then considering the discussion on whether the Wendigo is physical or spiritual (I think both but that’s just me) I thought of an idea, now forgive me as I hold a basic understanding of most of these subjects, I just prefer to learn about lots of things and often in bite sized chunks (pun intended :joy:) before moving on the the next to keep my knowledge growing at a wider albeit much slower rate, I theorize that it’s possible to use or invoke the wendigo for magikal purposes, I havent quite figured out what for yet, but a couple of my ideas were:
Necromancy- it’s often referred to as being dead or using dead people as hosts. Or even just being a creature with an appetite for violence and a gruesome history, I could see it being useful

Nature Magik- clearly the wendigo has a very intimate relationship with it’s environment and potentially nature as a whole with it’s ability to track or either command or control nature, I could see a potential use here

Elemental Magik- in some iterations the Wendigo could cause darkness to fall in midday, a few accounts say he could create storms or blizzards out of nowhere, and it appears the only way to get rid of it was to torch it’s corpse

Shamanism/Divination- this one might be the most far fetched of my ideas, but I’m including it cause well why not? The idea behind the potential for use in divination is based off the premise that all things have a soul hence why some folk believe they can communicate with trees and nature, if the wendigo DOES indeed have a telepathic link to nature then I think it could be argued that one could use that to discern knowledge they either couldn’t know about their surroundings, increase the size of their awareness to changes in the energy field, or learn some form of knowledge.
The idea of their use in shamanism comes from the mention that they exist in the spirit world as we as the physical, and in more than a few instances it was explicitly called the astral realm. As far as what that would allow for I’m really not sure, I guess the best case scenario would be a potential Ally or source of energy or perhaps a guide in the astral world (I said BEST case scenario for a reason) worst case scenario is probably getting your face eaten like lunchmeat,

Invocation- For the record my knowledge here is extremely limited, but as far as I can discern, the purpose of invoking an entity into one’s self is to glean the benefits of their being whilst simultaneously gambling that you are capable of either tolerating or diminishing the negatives of the exchange. So in this case the wendigo has a blatant and obvious peril: getting the urge to invite the neighbors over for some “barbecue” and potentially a tendency towards insanity. Which would seem like a good reason to avoid this, but in consideration to the rumored existence of an “elder wendigo” who have much greater magickal abilities, a far greater connection with nature, and I’m sure much more benefits, and since the wendigo have been said in some cases to be immortal, the benefits from this could be very substantial. I mean even without the magickal abilities just having access to a being as old as the wendigo should yeild an incredible amount of knowledge.

But this is all just a brainstorming thought I had, not sure if any of this is feasible, if I have incorrect information, or whatnot. But if I’m not mistaken thats the point of this forum, to be a working exchange of ideas and knowledge within a community. So I’d love to hear any thoughts on this


To me, Wendigo spirits aren’t the cannibalistic flesh eaters of the urban legends. They are just spirits associated with death that can ,indeed, take a physical form. Like wow. People make a big deal out of everything. Scary looking? Maybe. Doesn’t mean they will drive you to insanity or transform you into a creature with never ending lust for human flesh. Besides. Few people have actually encountered them have lived to tell the tale and aren’t cannibals or whatever. LMAO But that’s just me.

Note: There are other threads about Wendigos in the forum. Check them out for more opinions on the matter. :slight_smile:

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Look up Cernunnos. That’s the nicer face behind the wendigo, or what I got for that matter. Hope that helps, meditate on it out in the woods, or as close to nature as you can get.


@BadSanta @Mystic-Void thank you! I decided to do some meditation around the topic just before going to bed. While I didn’t get as direct of an answer as I would have liked (which I’m not surprised about) I did get a strong message to trust my intuition. So I will definitely be looking deeper into this.

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Oh… I don’t remember a question in this post… Lmao I thought you just needed opinions.

@Mystic-Void to be fair my question for the post was me asking for opinions. My intent during meditation was different

Oh ok I was literally searching for it :joy:

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I appreciate the effort but nah, you’re good. Here i wanted more info, and by myself I was looking for guidance on what actions to take with this allure I have towards the concept of the Wendigo

Hi I do not know if it helps but i will just post my opinion on this. I started getting more into magic with interest towards druidry and shamanism (and feel myself getting drawn back to it more often nowadays). A form i saw myself as in meditations and early tries on astral travel and so on was not far of from a wendigo.

For me it represents a primal and dark part of nature. The one that devours you whole when you stumble into the woods and do not know what you are doing. Therefore i think your take on wendigo being connected to nature and maybe shamanism is right.

That said i think they are also linked or a kind of vampiric existence. Maybe an early take on that myth by north american people.

Also i think they are not really evil as humans would they are tricksters and a primal force.

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For the fella that mentioned cerrunos, and now that I’m paying more attention, I’m seeing cerrunos and the wendigo in ALOT of places even in things I put on my list of stuff to check out MONTHS ago. Amazing what you see when you pay attention

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