Weird Vampire Kick Journal

I’ve felt drawn to the path of the vampire and I’ve always found it fun.

It’s more of a succubus/incubus draw honestly. I think this post sums it up. Can one become a succubus? - #3 by charles9

I want this, and I’m gonna use this as an opportunity for a “break”. Just having the most fun possible, being lax and progressing!

This is my crutch. My secret fantasy and all together a great thing to spend my time on as a way to wind down. I know I’ll probably get people saying it’s way more intense than this, but I genuinely don’t care. If I die, I die. It’s not like I’ll be disrespectful, I just won’t have a heart attack if there’s something I need done.

So here’s the game plan, folks. Vampiric/Succubus ascent. I want to run around, feed off of the energy of men and generally be sought after. Or I just wanna steal energy and feel hot. You know, fun stuff. I’ll make a servitor to increase these abilities, use excess energy to fuel it and treat it as sort of a sacrificial altar. Or perhaps I’ll sacrifice this energy to a deity?

And from that point I contact spirits to help me on my quest. Now, besides the obvious choice of Lilith (which I’m sort of mildly against because I’m not biologically female (I’m not trans but I sort of want to let out my feminine side and just let loose in that department)) and I’ve heard she doesn’t always treat men nicely (Though that’s probably because they treat the dark goddess like a fuck toy), who should I contact? I’m considering sex magick, vampirism, glamour spells, charisma and a whole fuck ton of self confidence be added to my entourage of skills I’d like to develop.

Also, another step I’d like to take here is to more easily embrace darkness not as a negative construct, but a sort of positive empowerment. I’m on my way!

Lilith reads the post, a dark, amused giggle sparking up.

That. THAT we can do. I’m liking your style so far, seems to match up with mine well. So this is why you kept contacting me, hmm?

It’s the truth! I honestly just wanted to get this out and hardly even knew it at the time.

I love it. Absolutely, I’ll help you. I want you to get started by setting up a little sigil of mine you’ll send the excess energy through, I would love it as an offering. It’s fine if you just put it in your book, the intent will get through. I am going to make you an amazing succubus.

Okay, great! I’ll get to work on that right away!

Practicing predatory vampirism or evoking Lilith to alter your soul into that of an incubus, either work albeit one changes your soul and the other is just a practice. A lot of succubi can shapeshift to incubi and vice versa so what you are biologically doesn’t matter to what your soul is/becomes. I’m physically male and sometimes I shift my presence to a more feminine energy sometimes intentionally other times unintentionally, I’ve sought out and have been sought out, not to toot my own horn or anything lol. However, you see my point.


Yes, you’ve certainly sought out and CERTAINLY have been sought after.

Ah, and you’ll never know.

You may find some useful tips here:

Lilith: To begin the path that YOU seek, you must first take the mindset of a succubi. Why do you feed? The answer, for most, is simply to stay alive. But no, as the ambitious succubi you are you have a different endeavor. Power. Fun. All that good stuff. But to achieve that, some boundaries must be broken, or at least heavily analyzed.

Succubi do not have the hold up you have. They take energy, it is in their nature. You have a weaker nature, you discern because people are “nice” to you. Truthfully, you should only protect those close from you from your predatory habits. Everyone else is fair game. That’s the truth.

Keeping that in mind, we can move on to how exactly one operates. To obtain energy, they often find themselves fondling or mingling with prey. This is usually so that they may come back and be welcomed for consecutive visits, making them a renewable source. Just walking up to someone and taking their energy doesn’t always produce as much energy, and if they’re at all psychically sensitive they’ll catch on. This is why succubi often resort to and are well known for using sexual appeal to get what they want.

You have to work from that mindset. Once you can do that, you’re set. What’s more, this can be done to any spirit. For a beginner, someone who is prone to masturbation is definitely a great place to start. You can go off an do that now, even, and you should. Projection is a great way to do this. For any spirit looking for a good time, you can also provide. There isn’t a good reason why any succubi should go hungry.

As for you, I suggest you practice these skills. Go out, change your spiritual form a little to be more sexually appealing to whoever you’re after and go for it.

Did some succubus vampire work. I dunno what was up, but it worked.

I imagined myself in my “Succubus form”. Cause hey, gotta have a persona. I screwed off to physical project and decided to will myself to go where I was needed. Places where I can take energy easily.

Everything was a little stylized, but I’m assuming that’s normal. Sent a pulse to some dude’s sacral and he decided to go to town. I took the energy he expelled, and moved on.

Some other guy was sleeping. Sleep paralysis time. I gave him a sleep blowjob and he seemed very confused. Took his energy.

Morals be damned, I had fun. I deposited the extra energy I didn’t need to Lilith.

Lilith Lesson #2: You’ve got to embody what you wish to be and live in the moment and be “that bitch”. Own it. But that’s enough moral blabber, let me tell you about the finer tools of the trade.

Trance, sense, visualization etc.

You need to be an astral being, so be one. Pay attention to your senses, all of them. You won’t regret it later down the line. Pretty straight forward.

Soon enough lucidity is sure to come. This is one of the best practices for gaining astral senses, in my opinion, because you’re completely immersing yourself in the whole experience AND taking energy. Maybe even develop clairgustance and find a favorite flavour. Feel out the energy. But that’s obvious.

The meat of this lesson; have fun and relax. It’s not work, really, its self expression. Then growth is sure to come.

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how do you astrelly project

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Use the search function!
I have my own metho of getting there, make yours

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Good Morning, Terra! Thank you for tuning into my weird, nearly fetishistic vampire journal where I speak of doing legitimately unspeakable things as if they were nothing!

Tell me, what got YOU into this? Are you just interested in watching me ramble on about every insane thing I do or do you like the specific topic we’re on?

Positive comments only, please. I’m trying not to die~

Lilith: You’ve done pretty good today, but now you want to know where to go from here on your path to ascension. You just need to interact, Max. Build what you know you can. Embody who you want to be. I can’t give you step by step instructions. But here’s my advice, keep drawing in that energy and depositing it. I like the little arrangement you proposed.

So essentially this journal will display some of my greater exploits. Vamped energy + Lilith = Abilities, so I wont talk about every victim.

But if I make any big breakthroughs, they go here.

I’ve been informed that I should take an actual break, so I gotta go.

In the meantime, fitting in with the theme of me relaxing, here’s a bad poem I wrote

Satan (instead of Santa)
Twas the night before Christmas
World not more wild
Not a creature was stirring
All cept’ for a child

They sat awake, watching
From under the stairs
Hoping that Saint Nicholas
Would soon be there.

With time and patience
The child fought sleep
The eternal battle
Gainst’ those dastardly sheep

But a rude awakening
Was about to take place
When something unholy
Was right in her face

From hellfire and brimstone
A blonde man stepped foot
A sack in his hand
That wriggled and shook

The child felt fear
And shook to their core
What sort of darkness
Had been kept in store?

A letter to Santa,
Or so she once thought
A letter to Satan
That Satan had caught.

The man dropped the bag
And loosened the strings
And from it lept chaos
A canine, of things?

It’s fur was so matted
It’s skin was so sinked
It burned ever slightly
Hell, even it stinked!

This didn’t make sense!
Confusion thickened the fog
What was that thing?
She wanted a dog!

And the canine, so joyfully, bounded towards the child
Jubilant, playful. Happy and wild.

The blond man had turned to the child that hidden
To whom he came, unholy chariot ridden

He put up a finger, placed to his lips
The secret was sealed, and deserved no slips.

For the unholy adversary slithered away
No words of the hellhound were told on that day.

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On Lilith

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Hehe, sounds about right.

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Was thinkin about whether or not this path was right for me.

looked to the time and 11:11.

I love getting along with angels.

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Sus af :spider_web::spider:

I have devised a weird method in the astral to get energy.

Make a place, a nice little bedroom or something. Set it up with whatever mood enhancers you like.
Will people to come. People interested in sexual activity or simply just people willing to give you their energy for whatever reason. Cleanse them, fuck them, take their energy and off with them. Usually you’d get people who return. I got one person by name and a spirit that takes the form of a Flying Man from Earthbound.

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