Weird dream

I am using a subliminal to swap bodies with a girl IAM a guy
So the last two nights I had the same dream there was me a girl and a guy who likes the girl I wanna swap with he is not her boyfriend and the girl I wanna swap with call me twice in the dream but she never say something
I had this dream two days now the same one
What does it mean


The trouble with dreams is they’re highly personal it’s really not for others to say what it means,although others could divine,get gnosis or scan for you,you’re the one in the know.

I’ll throw a couple of things out though:
I could suggest this was a wish-fulfillment dream, which means it’s nothing more than you “pie in the sky”-ing. I could suggest it might show a connection has been made.
The most important part of a dream, is how you, the dreamer, feels about the symbols and actors in it, and you didn’t mention that.


I agree with Maulbreere there are dozens of interupatations of dreams and they should have a meaning to you with your details of what they mean. Almost everything we see in our dreams is encoded in symbols.

Generally dreaming of someone we like indicates that a person has comes into your thoughts and or you should analyze the relationships with others.

You might consider keeping a journal of your dreams for study in the future as you might not understand the dream now but future events may come about with insightful meaning.

There are a number of good threads that can help interupatate your dream start with these: