We need good divination practitioners for an importnant task!

There’s something going on and we need divination to find more information!
As many people stated on the post “Anything Strange?”, there’s something really bad coming this way!

We need any kind of divination out and we also need some really fast results. This isn’t a request, it’s something we MUST know in order to proceed and use protection, or even offense, if it comes to it (which will probably happen).

The enemy is soon upon us and we need any kind of info about the situation going on. Many members here have been informed about it, by many different spirits. So, if you’re good with any kind of divination, please try to find more about it!

For anyone who missed it:


I don’t mean to be “that guy”, but shouldn’t this be kept on the same thread (Anything Strange)?


I thought about it and perhaps we should have a seperate divination post for this. Mostly because people enter some divination posts only to take action and help. And right now, we really need some results…

But normally, you’re right. We shouldn’t create too many posts about a very specific matter, unless (like this time) results must come as fast as possible.


I agree. Good idea. Perhaps just add the link to the other post for quick reference.



Fair enough.

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I have demon oracle cards, maybe I should pull them out and dust them off…:thinking:

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“That guy” agrees. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That would be a good idea!


I think I’ll do a spread with my rune and Oracle cards. Haven’t practiced in awhile but I’m not awful at it

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It’s better than nothing, so go on ahead!

I’ll admit, I’m not super great with divination, but I’ll try autowriting with King Paimon and see what I come up with.

I’ve been feeling a strange sort of “pull” from him for the last few minutes. I feel he has something to say.


Just finished channeling King Paimon through autowriting. He partially possessed me almost instantly. This was what was written:

iTjere osd sm eme,y cp,omg/

Ot exosts emtore;y pitsode pf tjkose imoverse pir creatopm

Fearm pt we jave dea;t wotj ot nefpre ,am

S notrt Ot os a treat not known to anyh of rou stau srtong and await firthjer onstructions

All spiritis have fought it before and we will do so again

Rjhw kawato

I also heard his voice as he was typing it. This is what (I believe) he was trying to say:

There is an enemy coming.

It exists entirely outside of this universe, our Creation.

Fear not, for we (spirits) have dealt with it before.

It is a threat not known to any of you (humans). Stay strong and await further instructions.

All spirits have fought it before and we will do so again.

The Kakari (the enemy’s name???).

During all of this, I saw images of a giant black hole looming over a planet. The planet looked a lot like Mars. There were also armies dressed in dark red armor and wielding long spears and shields standing at the ready.

King Paimon then left as quickly as he came. He said he was busy and needed to make more preparations, but that I could call on him later if I’d like.

What’d you guys get?


We’re in trouble…it’s almost similar to my vision. I didn’t get any Mars images, but I understand its meaning.

Humans indeed don’t know about this one and spirits have fought about it really long ago, as I’ve been told. And all spirits are in a rush to get ready.


So you also saw a giant black hole?

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These are channelings from a spirit close to me (NOT King Paimon) from a bit over a month ago. Slightly altered to keep privacy.

E: You said few weeks back that X is about to return and you’re torn between him and the others. What did you meant by that?
A: He will return in the horizon and you know it. Others know it as well. You’re expecting him. And when that happens, changes will come. Big and small.You will feel them. You already sense them. You are not alone here.

E: Will there be death? Are we in danger?
A: No. Not physical death. Spiritually.

E: What do you mean?
A: Things have to die so others can get reborned.

E: Are these other things a possitive change for us?
A: Depends. Where are you in the scale. Enemies will die. Friends will stay.

E: You keep talking about death but yet you said there’s no physical death.
A: There is no physical death. Each thing has a circle. And as X did his circle and then left, same happens with everything.

I asked after that why my spirit would be divided between X and the others and answered that there are changes and decisions to be made.
The sides are already decided fyi.
Probably not much helpful but here goes.


Wow that is, a bit startling.
I was planning to do an evocation tonight but he seems much too busy for that.

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It was something like a black hole with dark energy and stuff. Not easy to deal with I guess…


@Ethria these are some things that I’ve also been taught. I understand a lot and I agree. It doesn’t have info on the enemy, but it has some spiritual info that is needed.


With more and more information I get, I get a little more confused, probably just me though : /

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