We need good divination practitioners for an importnant task!


It’s only natural, for this is something new.


I mean I get it, it’s just a lot to take in. I felt it coming, but still


Everyone involved in this thread is also involved in the discussion in the other one, so these “divinations” seem to be simply feeding into whatever you all believe regarding this supposed threat. They strike me as what is known in psychological circles as “confirmation bias.”

In my opinion, it would take a reading from a neutral party, someone who isn’t involved, to really confirm if this is legit or not.


Hmm indeed! But @Prophet wasn’t involved before and he saw some similar things.


Yeah I’d like to believe this isn’t true like you said

Although I don’t know why so many spirits would say they are preparing if it was nothing


Using a divination tool could be a good option here. Napoleon’s book of fate appears to draw on some outside force to produce a clear, written answer: no room for confirmation bias.
This happens in any community. People see a few posts, get each other riled up, and start feeding off each other’s energy. Especially relevant since most of us are capable of picking up on thoughts and energies pretty easily.


Also btw I did a quick reading with my tarot deck. It didn’t say anything except the obvious
“Things aren’t going as planned but now you all are banding together, and trust our instincts and put our heads together to accomplish what needs to be done”

Tbh my deck only ever gives me nice advice. Good to hear but not exceptionally helpful


I believe this is more on a spiritual level and less on physical. But, I could be wrong.


All I’m saying is, there is a reason we tell people not to do readings for themselves on topics they are emotionally invested in, because their own emotions will colour what they see.

If someone really, really wants their love spell to succeed, the cards will tell them it will, even if that isn’t the truth. So be very wary about seeking information on something everyone here seems hellbent on freaking out about.


Yep I can say I can agree with that


@Biffa_Bacon @DarkestKnight I see your point there. I understand! This is why I actually made a different post, so that I could see what other people saw or knew about this.

@Ethria I agree!
@Venus Nice!


I believe there’s change coming, but change is always coming. There was a time that Yahweh was influential enough to send divine prophets, but that’s changed.
I’d say there’s just going to be another societal shift that leads to a spiritual one. No real need to worry, it’ll happen progressively, and probably at least a few years time, and we’ll have plenty of time to adjust.


Also a possibility. I’ve seen similar situations with Tumblr. Any time there’s a “major change” on that site, people blow it out of proportion and claim that “It’s the end of Tumblr!”. And when the change is made, it doesn’t really impact them in any significant way and people go about their lives as if nothing happened.

And King Paimon did say “Fear not” and “Stay strong”. So maybe they’re already taking care of the situation?


Yeah they did say that they were I believe


I’m sure they already take care of it. That’s why all of the spirit armies are moving. But we should still be careful.


I’m just going to put up protection.
Any advice on the protection spell/ritual I or any of us should use?


This is something like the fourth or fifth time someone on this forum has made a thread like this, talking about some vague, unknown threat that some spirit or another has hinted at but won’t straight up give any real information about.

You want to know what each of those threads accomplished? Absolutely nothing but sowing panic.

Do you want to know what effect these other supposed threats that were “on their way” had on the world? Again, absolutely nothing.

This is akin to the “prophets” of the Jehovah’s Witnesses proclaiming the end of the world is nigh with an exact date and then having to come up with an excuse for why it didn’t happen.

Stick around this forum and the occult community long enough, and you will see that things like this come in cycles. Someone will receive some vague warning from some spirit, and will freak out about it, and lead others to freak out about it, and on and on.

If you’re worried, set you wards and your shields. Otherwise, until there is actual verifiable evidence or information regarding this unknown “thing,” relax, put your feet up, and get on with your day.


Some questions to ask:
Also to add:
How long do we have?

Should we remain indoors?

What offensive maneuvers should we expect?

What are the strengths and weaknesses or repellents?

What energy weaponry is most effective?

What physical things might help (stones, salt, smokes)?

(If you are ritually dedicated) What legion and leader do you need me to report to?

What can we expect to experience and struggle with?


Remember the story of the boy who cried wolf. Eventually the wolf came. Multiple people had info about this a few months ago and it’s all pretty much matching in many ways.

I, for one, will discount it when I see nothing happen. Until then, I’m trusting my instincts and my gods on this.


That is your choice.

I, however, having been around the block a few times, and seen this type of thing over and over again, will err on the side of “irrational panic over nothing” until it is proven otherwise.

In my years of practice, I have never once received any sort of vague warning like this. I don’t buy into a lot of the conspiracy level thinking a lot of people here do so if a spirit really did have a warning about an oncoming threat, I would certainly sit up and take notice because it would be going directly against my own biases. Yet they never seem to…:thinking: