We need better than the LBRP

Okay I do the LBRP, sometimes it’s better than nothing.
I like the sword banishing because it’s faster,
I like the circle of power because it’s more effective
I like my moon banishing arguably best of all,
but still better would be better.

Once I had a parasite and I was talking to archangel Michael and he said
“Getting rid of it is the easy part, keeping it gone is the tricky part.”
I suspect most LBRP practitioners don’t usually have very serious threats they have to use it on.
I could be wrong, but I often have hear of it not working very well too.
It seems to work for maybe a few seconds sometimes and that’s it.
I have found my moon banishing which is a long complicated ritual but at least it may banish the spirit for a week or more, should I type out how to do it?

Does anyone have a better solution?
I have been thinking about creating thought form armies to get rid of spirts that are causing trouble.
Based on some of my gnosis and prophecies … maybe more necessary than you think, but I am open to suggestion anyone?


Have you wondered that it may depend on the practitioner’s ability, too? Would making up another banishment method help in that scenario?


When performed properly by an experienced magician, the LBRP is like dropping a spiritual nuke in the vicinity. It’s damn effective. But it depends entirely on the practitioner doing it.


Not “better” since what works depends on that individual, but this is something that can complement it:


I suppose it’s only as effective as you believe it to be. I’ve found it reasonably effective but I’ve (touch wood) yet to ever be really bothered by recurring parasites or anything like that.

Also I subscribe heavily to the theory that “energy flows where attention goes”; keeping the aforementioned in mind, I’d be likely to approach any parasite infestation by banishing, setting wards, a ritual to sever any energetic cords, and then some kind of internally-focused ritual to move your attention completely away from the problem. Perhaps I’m naïve since, again, I have never had to deal with recurring parasites.

Also, wards, as Eva mentioned. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Sure. :smiley: I’d be interested in reading it.

Also, this:


Like others have said, it does depend on the practitioner. Continue doing the Sword Banishing and it will become more powerful. But since you have Magickal Protection, use the ritual in there to remove a parasite. It can be… very powerful. Otherwise, the ‘Clear an Area of Dark Energies’ ritual from Mystical Words of Power, it will clear parasites as well as any other spirits that harm. You can also ask the Angel Hariel to improve your power to banish. Otherwise you can also ask Archangel Raziel for the same increase in power. Or the Olympic Spirit Phul.

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Not to sound like a terrible person, which I might be, and I own that, but have you tried going for the jugular? Generally if you try to kill something and mean it, they go away in a hurry.
It’s the same as with human parasites like burglars - all you really have to do is make yourself a harder target than the next guy.

I used the LRBP exactly once properly, just for the xp, it worked amazingly well, but i’s just too long and fiddly and I don’t like to call other beings to do my dirty work.

I’ve had issues with several parasites and really just getting very aggressive with them gets the message across, and tends to keep others away as well. Either you end up with the removed permanently from your universe, the pattern disrupted so they’re as dead as a discarnate can be, or they get all butthurt and don’t come back.

Anything deity level has better manners and respects a decent banishing ime. Even Kali that someone sent to me one time and left with an understanding. I’m not worried about making enemies or burning bridges. (Well, did that once, got a bit heavy handed, but too bad, it shouldn’t have lied: I hate liars.)


There’s always the GBRP


Thoughtforms seem like a good idea if the threat is coming from the astral but thoughtforms are limited to that mentalspace, in which case rip.

But if an entity is being a threat go for blood in my opinion, if you beat it once and it continues to come back go for its life, once it knows you mean business maybe it’ll go away and stay away.

Personally I don’t really deal with serious threats because if I banish and it continues I’ll aim to kill what it is that is aiming to harm me, if I miss something I have guardians, specifically a horned serpent and two Cù-sìth that will handle it if miss it.


May I trouble you or someone to tell me the exact books that detail the moon banishing and the circle of power ritual? Also what do you all think about the goetia elemental circle ritual from corwin hargroves’ book or the modified LBRP from gordon winterfields book

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That can be found in either ‘Archangels of Magick’ by Damon Brand or ‘Demons of Magick’ by Gordon Winterfield. The former explains it better for normal usage.

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do the invoking at the morning and the banishing at the night…

you can do the hexagram rituals inside the pentagram rituals as well. both invoking and banishing

I’m just wondering how this would be better than a MLP servitor? :woman_shrugging: :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Grrrr these posts- grumbles everyone always treats me like I’m frickin Mickey Mouse over here- Grumbles.

Lol Anyways I would like to give a few responses.

@UnseelieDiabolus maybe for people who practice high magick Kabbala stuff I wouldn’t bother.
I have worked with angels lots but no high no Kabbala stuff.

@Veil I will have to try out some of what you are suggesting.

@Dankquanicus I don’t recall the circle being in demons of magick, I used it from archeangels of magick.

@Keteriya well I might have a few concerns, but maybe you do lots right too.
I would actually love to have a talk with you on thought forms and thought form creation.

Koetting book Evoking Eternityemphasized text** has a banishment in it.

It’s the Opening Ritual, but it’s not called The Circle of Power in Demons of Magick. Might be altered, I can’t quite remember but it should still be a good banishing.

For The Opening Ritual from Demons of Magick, I’ve summarized this in my notes into 10 steps, so I’ll paste it here for whoever needs it. (It seems pretty similar to the LBRP)

  1. Stand facing North.

  2. Vibrate “Before me OO-REE-ELL.”
    While doing so: Imagine earth, soil, plants, green leaves colour.

  3. Vibrate “At my back RAH-FAH-ELL.”
    While doing so: Imagine air rolling down from the mountains, and behind you a blue sky with a yellow sun.

  4. Vibrate “On my right ME-CHAH-ELL.”
    While doing so: imagine fire, but also a flowing red (like scarlet cloth), and sparks of green. A strong, dry heat is imagined coming from your right.

  5. Vibrate “On my left GAHV-REE-ELL.“
    While doing so: imagine that on your left there is an open ocean, beneath a moon, the light more blue than gray, and where the waves crash there are sparks of orange.

  6. Imagine a line of white light passing from the North (before you), right through your body (at the heart or solar plexus, or both), and disappearing behind you to the south. Know that this light comes from infinity, passes through the angel Uriel, passes through you and then moves though Raphael and into infinity.

Now imagine an identical line of light beaming from infinity on your right side, passing through Michael, passing through you (and through the first line of light), passing through Gabriel and continuing to infinity.

You are standing at the center of your universe. Where the beams of light cross, there is intense white light within you, Remember you are connected to Uriel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel.

Vibrate, ‘From above, MEH-TAH-TRAWN”

While doing so: Imagine above is nothing but darkness. One star appears in this darkness as you say the name Metatron. You then imagine this light extending into a beam that passes through the crown of your head, through your body, where it spreads out as a white disc on the floor.

  1. Know you are protected.

Did you know that demons leave hooks in you so they can come and go, so if your are banishing one would the angels dig up all the hooks too, or would that be why they keep coming back?

You mean links? Lol that happens with anyone you come across/experience with.