Ways to Develop Psychic Senses

Hello all:
I was wondering if I could get ideas on how YOU ALL successfully developed your psychic senses. Everything I’m trying so far just isn’t working. Looking back over my life, I don’t recall, except maybe once or twice connecting with spirits or anything and that was debatable. So any tips, tricks, success stories would be GREAT.


Have you tried energy work? Qi gong, nei gong, etc? Learning how to process, store, and circulate energy throughout your body will gradually (and naturally) open up your psychic senses and increase your overall health to boot!

Aside from that, choose a form of meditation, whatever imagery you want and stick with it for a good ol’ 90 days.

Set yourself benchmarks and goals. For example:

Learn a form of Qi Gong, and practice it for five minutes every single day for two weeks. Then bump the time up to ten minutes for two weeks. Then fifteen minutes for two weeks. Then twenty minutes for two weeks. Then try to set aside time to do it twice a day. Maybe right when you get up, and right before you go to bed?

Choose a meditation to sit with for 90 days. You can choose something as simple as ‘watching the river’ or even just ‘watching your breath’ and redirecting your attention back to whatever it is you are focusing on when you get distracted. Meditate for 10 minutes every single day, no excuses, no ifs and or buts. For 90 days discipline yourself (Note- You can meditate for longer, it is just 10 minutes is the bare minimum for most normal people to feel an altered state).

The KEY to success with magic, and to gain any sort of power, is consistency. You need to show up. In fact, if you look up Zhan Zhuang style of Qi Gong, all you need to do is basically show up and put in the time to cultivate energy.

In my opinion, having a strong foundation in meditation and energy cultivation will help you have those deeper spiritual experiences that you are seeking. Learn some breathing techniques, and learn to breath from your gut. Make sure your breaths are complete and full, as a lot of modern people waste needless energy breathing from their chest in shorter rapid breaths. Breath helps direct energy and power. Breath calms the mind, and centers the spirit. It is through breath that life flows.

You should work on these basic things: feeling the flow of energy (qi gong), honing your attention (meditation), and mastering your breath.

The very basic of basic exercises together will take about 15 minutes of your day total. Meditate for 10 minutes, qi gong for 5 minutes. If you work your qi gong up to 20 minutes, then the new total will be a 30 minutes. Then if you go with qi gong twice a day (totaling 40 minutes), you still will be under an hour of practice time for your entire day: just 50 minutes.

Can YOU dedicate yourself to a simple and easy practice, for 15-30 minutes a day, for 90 days?

The goal here is not to master anything, but to get you in a habit of doing and working and being consistent with yourself. You have opportunities to grow every single day. Baby steps. Hardly anyone just wakes up one day having full blown conversations with spirits. Since you are not born intuitive, you might as well build for yourself a strong foundation with hard work and grit.


I practice Tai chi and sit with meditation just got started with the meditation but I’m seeing and foremost feeling a result from the meditation practice! So good tips @Ryce


Nice. I am glad meditation is working for you. Do note there are differences between Tai Chi and Qi gong! Its no surprise that you are getting more from meditation, considering.

Qi Gong is fantastic. I think Robert Bruce offers a free course on energy work on his website, too.

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Oh I know their is a big difference between Qi gong and Tai chi one is a martial art and the other is not a fighting style. So the difference is that I got a Different result with sitting meditation than with moving meditation.
Both have a enormous amount of chi you get that from Tai chi to but.
What I noticed for magic is that the sitting one is better than moving one.

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Thanks for all the information! I started doing some chakra meditation again and let me tell ya, it’s powerful. Not sure if it’s opening my “psychic senses” but it’s definitely helping me see my existence in a different way.

Huh, thank you. It turns out I’ve actually done a lot of this in the past without really realising it. Not going to say it was all intuitive, I had some guidance but didn’t really realise the implications it could have and helps explain a fair few things I was unaware of. I may have to pick up old habbits, so to speak :slight_smile:

As a newbie this is the single most important thing I have read on this forum. Thank you.
Also your display pic is frickin adorable.

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Energy work always. Once you can sort of feel it, start manipulating it for more capacity/stronger vibrations/what you want the energy to be like. That helps with clairsentience, feeling energy’s presence and “form” or code or whatever. Energy work is the basis of most practices so keep that in mind.

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