Was Travis $cott’s Astroworld concert a ritual?

Rapper Travis $cott held a massive concert in Houston, TX called Astroworld where 8 people died and many were injured. Some attendees and conspiracy theorists on social media now claim that the event was a demonic “energy harvesting ritual” where Travis purposely sacrificed the lives of the deceased. The controversy comes from the fact that he acknowledged that people were hurt but didn’t end the show and continued to perform. A video on Twitter shows him singing while a dead body is being carried away:

Another video on YouTube shows him performing although fans chant stop the show: - YouTube

Even before I heard this happened, whenever I listened to his music for some reason I would always think about Lilith. I felt she was connected to him or his music somehow. But I personally don’t feel there was anything demonic going on at the event. Just kids overdosing on drugs.

I think it was just an unfortunate accident that happened. Sometimes that’s all it is.

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As people are already having this conversation is this thread, post closed to avoid duplication.

The common response so far is, no, this was incompetence in the facilities organisation. It’s possible baneful magick was done to get the managers fired or something, but it seems unlikely… sometime shit happens.

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