Was this Lilith or an imposter/parasite?

I called to her to commune and work on self transformation, shadow work.

As for the channeling, Lilith seemed like the Goddess Aspect… regal, to the point etc.

I have protections in place yes and guardians, but they seemed to have bypassed them as I guess it was willfully allowed as I chose to do tje enn chant.

I did not willfully manipulate any of my energies into my chakras it just happened as I was saying the enn chant

I don’t know, but you need more information on exactly how and what is taking energy, and if that’s even the case. Running more energy than you’re used to can also cause “magickal fatigue” so maybe nobody drained any energy and it’s that.

I think spending some time in meditation scanning your energy body and allowing your intuition to sow you exactly what the problems are, find blocks and clear them and find tendrils/parasitic attachments and pluck them off would be beneficial.

It’s a bit too early to say for sure whether this is an intrusion or lilith or magickal fatigue.

If in the next few days the tune on and the draining continue, I’d suspect parasites. If you feel much better after a few days of good high nutrition food and quality sleep, I’d lean towards magickal fatigue.

@FallenSeraph Possibly if your doing shadow work and the solar plexus was the major chakra effected it could possibly be thats the chakra where you are storing the trauma in. So in a way she was re-opening the wound in a way where you have to look at it, because thats where issues stem from. This can be quite painful as your conscious mind will resist revisiting the trauma.

So maybe it’s that or could be a parasite. Again i would banish and retry but this time set your intention and boundaries before getting to that part of the pathworking.


Yeah so I could feel energy drain from the root chakra, solar plexus and third eye chakra.

Symptoms are fatigue, disynessa and tiredness. Intense sexual energy and physical touches.The sexual energy was being induced while energy was being syphoned from me vampirically primarily from the root and solar plexus then changed to third eye, feeling pressure and energy draw from there.

Thats exactly along the lines I thought of too, especially after you mentioned

Is it possible that you have been the victim, perpetrator or observer in a situation where sexual assault happened?
You dont have to answer this publicly, its just one train of thought you could explore for yourself.
Even if that would be the case though…shit thats a harsh lesson she is teaching you. I hope youre okay friend :heart:


Also issues with identity and how you are expected to identify by the world standards vs what you personally and authenticly want to identify as.

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I mean I was lied to & used by group of entities from a conjourer last year, wont say who they are. But they claimed to offer vampire transformations and believed their goddess was the only way to be transformed.

I didnt transform in the end. But the entities basically fed on me and after i left that nonsense the conjourer was annoyed because a load of people left his crazy ass cult and sent more entities after us.

I was vistied by these beings which did the same kind of thing to lesser degree, every night they came to me. I was able to remove them when I got a courtwind angel.

Yeah i would banish and clean. Then use a protective circle and restart you working with her while stating your intent and boundaries in the preliminary parts of the ritual before you even begin opening the chakras.

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Yeah I will try that. Also I think the enn chant changed my frequency right? Is it possible to revert my frequency back to what it was before so i would be in a different vibrational plane to those sorts of entities.

But how would I revert back?

@FallenSeraph Well Lilith has a vampiric frequency anyway but i would try calling upon her infernal mother side maybe instead.

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Its not Lilith, its a type of succubus called an Ardat Lili, apprently they are powerful type of succubus/daughters of lilith.

They claim to have been sent by Lilith to watch over me, and feed (we know what that means).

Im not really sure how to proceed with this. They gave me a name to refer to them as “De Freya” but its not thier actual name and refused to give me their actual name.

Not sure if I believe them as Im sure the Goddess would tell me this, and I didnt ask for a succubus to be sent to me.

Yeah i dont think its an Adrat-Lili either sounds like egrogoric servitor parasite. I would defo banish and cleanse.

Ardat Lili are storm/wind spirits some of them have spirit spouse type relationships. What you are describing sounds defo parasite.

So defo banishing, cleanse, up your protection, protective circle, clear intent and boundaries to be stated during ritual.

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I agree with you and thanks for all your help. And thanks to everyone elses help, appreciate it.

Ok I have an update, the parasite is still with me and feeding off me.

I have prayed to Goddess Lilith for help with this but no response.

I have tried to banish multiple times, with no success.

I know this is a big ask, but due to not being that great communication with deities and spirits. It is possible for someone who works closely with Goddess Lilith to perhaps ask her on my behalf to figure out whats going on? I know this is a stretch but im honestly out of options at the moment.

This makes a lot of sense. I would switch from passive to aggressive, when it comes literally attack it, use whatever astral weapons you like, personally I prefer fire. Attack it every time it comes and hurt it and it’ll quickly decide it’s not worth the pain and go bother someone else.

I described my process with a very old embedded parasite I had here:

Fasting also gets rid of parasites both physical and spiritual without any ritual at all, but it might take a decent amount of fasting to complete that and unless you have some spare fat you don’t mind using up it’s harder to do.

We have a Request Thread that stays relatively high in the search and gets bumped frequently, it’s worth putting the ask in there as well.

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Thankyou for the advice friend, yes astral weapons are cool and will use this. I did use fire, but suprisingly resilient. But will keep fighting it. And will try to abstain from sexual things, doesnt help i have a high sex drive :upside_down_face: and also fasting is another thing i will try.

Oh sorry didnt realize there was a requesting thread my bad, I will post up in there.

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@FallenSeraph Just keep cleansing and banishing. While your doing that focus on practicing psychic development. That will help you alot more in the future in connecting with deity/spirits.

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Apologies, I have a question on the enn chant to Lilith, is it closed & specific to Lilith? Or, is it open/unprotected & can bring through other entities?

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@FallenSeraph The Enn is for Lilith in the demonolatry goetic style connected to many things including the Qliphothic sphere of Gamaliel. If you want to work with a specific aspect of her you are better using your own chant. E.g. Picture yourself entering Liliths Cave and walking to a dark water pool, enter it and say. “Lilith Queen Of The Shadow, Allow me entry into your caves. I step into waters show me the reflection of what i need to know.” Then she will show what you need to see via scrying.

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Ah ok, so it is kind of an open gatway to any energy on that vibrational current. Yeah I wont be using this enn chant for me. Thankyou for your help