Want to know what color your Aura is? Post your picture here

The fuck is that lol


Someone needs to put that thing down


Blue or Orange

It’s my inner daemon.

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You are hitting the nail

I prefer to hit cats. Disgusting, vile, dirty beasts they are.

That muthafucker looks like someone ran it over. Several times. Lol

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Ready to do one practice scan for anyone here.

Cool. Thank you!

No problem mate

You can scan me if you want

Okay. I’m quite new to this whole scanning thing so it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll need you to post a picture of your self then ask me a question you know the answer to and I don’t. Nothing that involves numbers, dates, or colors. Sort of something that relates to feelings and personal morals.

It will get me worked up to the point where I can either one see something from your past or get some message from your future. It’s different with each person.

Never mind. Guess it’s working better today. Did you experience some sort of abuse in your past?

Or did something your close with or know experience abuse. Possibly both?

Yes my mom very much so. I am trying to help her heal right now

Did she experience some sort of sexual abuse? Rape? Molestation? Etc?

Or perhaps it was physical abuse?

Yes, not sure how many times tho

if you still want a pic i have one of me if you need it