Want to know what color your Aura is? Post your picture here

Orange or yellow

I see white or gold in your aura.

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Hmm. Now that i look at it, that white somewhat looks like grey or silver

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Welcome @Djinn. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Feel free to say anything that comes to mind

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Why not?


What if they just wanna curse your hand though, like making it slap the bitch out of you? @Mephisto


I have protection/attack dogs. Secondly i know how to handle a situation where someone tries to attack me. Not wise to attack a deity of decay and prosperity.

Your aura is showing some sort of murky green color. It seems to be wavy. Hmm. How odd. You seem to be teeming with energy


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Murky being dark? Or are you trying to Express something different?

Maybe a silly question but does it have to be a color photo? I have one of my deceased twin brother and me but it’s not in color and I would like to know his too.


Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:




His aura is black and blue. @Iam_Incide


Thanks. I checked out the color meanings. Deep red sounded good, dark pink sounds bad lol but maybe if i work on myself i can make it a brighter pink? Anyways, thanks <3

Its somewhat in the middle. Your aura makes me think of a swamp. Dark and mysterious but theres a hidden beauty and light within. Deeply reminds me of death. Dark, mysterious, and powerful. You have a unique energy coming from you mate

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Doesn’t have to be in color. I feel and hear auras, i dont see them unless im calm. Which im far from calm most of the time lol

No problem