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Could I just ask - if there are several gossips in a single department of an organisation or an organisation who might prevent you from getting a new job in the department based on trash talk from a former manager (now gone) who’d bullied you out, would you need to write down the name of each of the gossips or could you simply use “anyone who gossips or talks maliciously about me” or would there be a better option I could use?

Many thanks in advance.


This might work:

I dislike the very idea because ratties are cute, but The Cusp does some very good work.


Not exactly practical - take five rats and macrame them… I think I will just go through the list of names and do Vovin on each one and shove them all in a baggie with ice water then leave them in there until they are quiet.

Thanks anyway.


I thought he’d posted a sigil for it, my bad for not checking the post, things seem to drop off here and this may have got lost. :thinking:


Okay @HermesHorse:

A Rat King is such a novel and unique thing, it doesn’t even require a sigil to represent it, the very idea is it’s own sigil. Although some tied together rat tails representations wouldn’t be out of place.

So, get their names on pieces of paper, ideally from their own desks/that they’ve touched (business cards if they have them would be ideal) and tie on a piece of string as the tail, find a photo of a rat king irl (I’m not googling that for you, too gross) and attach a tail to each card/piece of paper.

Ties the tails in many knots and place on the photo, repeat an incantation of what you desire, while channelling maximum malice into the knot as the focal point.

Rip the cards slightly and slot some into each other so they’re all mixed up in each others energy.

Draw a circle around this so it won’t spill out, and do any other ritual work you feel like to this, and put it safe out of sight and mind.

There’s a New Moon Saturday (Day of Saturn, probably good) at 13:11 UTC, and the Equinoc is Tuesaday (Day of Mars, even better?) at 16:15 UTC.

Can you reuse voodoo dolls?

Very nice spell


OK I will do this. It will be a rat king to kill all others…


Hi Eva, this spell can be effective even if the person doing it is a newbie? (i´ve never done this stuff before), because i have an economics teacher who i want to get rid of before the final exams

also i want to know how long it takes the spell to succeed, and if the piece of paper should touch the water or not?


Yes, it is very effective for beginners, make sure to pour emotion and belief into this, treat it with respect as you are stepping outside ordinary life of being part of things, pushed about by other people.

It will start working once you have done the action, but events in the ordinary world will need to align to freeze the person out of your life, so the timeframe is different, I have usually found it works quite fast unless the situation is complicated.

I put the bound paper into the container and then fiill it with water, so yes the paper does get completely saturated and then the whole thing is frozen.


nice, thanks for the input, i will do asap, i hope it works


Sounds like this could be used to freeze/stop a lot of unwanted things from someone’s life :slight_smile: Just a few different words and intentions for different spells with this!


what if you wanted to keep the person bound bout we’re moving states and the time u got to a new freezer the ice would melt… is there a way to bind it forever after the it has been frozen ?


It says full name do 100 percent have to know their middle name ? Because I don’t know the middle name and I really need to do this ASAP


No, I don’t think you need to use their middle name. Usually only your mother calls out your full name so whatever names they are known by will work. A first and last is fine.


Thank you so much for the quick reply. I really hope this works cause it is giving me panic attacks. I just want them to leave me alone. Is there anything else I can do to maybe make sure this works 100 percent? Or another easy spell I can throw on top of this. I am kind of new for doing spells and don’t have a lot to work with other than my mind and candles. I don’t want to hurt anyone but I feel a bad gut feeling that maybe if i don’t act soon i may get hurt, or having to keep dealing with the persons bs is making my chest hurt. I feel passionate enough about this so I know my intent is powerful.
Again thank you for responding so quick.


No, this spell has a very good reputation so you don’t need anything else, but nothing in magick has a 100% guarantee.

However, what you do need to do is let go of your doubt and anxiety. By doubting the efficacy of the spell, your thoughts interfere with its success. When you do the spell, any spell for that matter, you have to have it in your head that it WILL work, and once the spell is cast, you have to assume it is successful and you don’t have to worry about it any more. If you go into the ritual with the idea that it won’t work, that is what will happen. If you are desperate, use that desperation as fuel for the spell, but completely exhaust it so you no longer feel it once the spell is completed.


Hi Darkest Knight,

How about if you put the persons photo and write the name on it with Date of birth 3 times on it and take any item which belong to the that person in the jar. Say your intention & put it in the freezer? Any thoughts on this extra creativity? Let me know. Thanks.


Good ol’ memories