Vovin's Freeze Spell ~ from EvocationMagic.com

Just a quick post to say that this spell is super effective!

Last week I used this on one of my flatmates ‘friends’- who was constantly bugging us, literally knocking on our door like 5 times a day, and then started getting aggressive with me when I made it pretty clear that I didn’t want him around.

At first I thought the spell had failed, as he turned up at our flat hours after I did it (and then again twice that same day), but heard nothing from him after that. Today I found out that he was arrested and went straight to prison, as he is a repeat offender. Should be locked up for at least 6 weeks our flatmate reckons. Yayness! :slight_smile:

Also, just to add that I did this during the planetary hour of Saturn, for some extra ‘oomph’ lol.


I used this spell back in the days when I was active on Evocation Magic although I don’t remember what for. I do remember that it worked though.

As an aside, too bad jerks ruined that forum. It was really good.


Do some divination on it.

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Here’s an idea for you, it’s a simple visualisation to keep two or more people apart.

This idea popped into my head a few months back when I needed two people to stay away from each other. I’m not sure if it’s something I read about in a book, on this forum or if I did just invent it myself. As far as I could tell it did work in keeping these people apart until I stopped repeating it often, basically until I stopped caring.

So you need to vislualise in your mind’s eye, a geometric shape with PARALLEL lines. I visualised this shape: http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/40600/40683/pb_rhm_40683.htm

Then imagine the name of ‘person number 1’ written on the top line and ‘person 2’ on the bottom one, in your case it ‘person 1’ would obv be both your parents and ‘person 2’ your school or your teachers. Then while this image is in you mind-say something along the lines of… ‘person 1 (obv state their names) and person 2 are parallel lines- they will NEVER meet. This Is My Will- So Be It!’

The trick with these sort of visulisations is to really ‘push your will into it’. As you’re saying the above- really feel the need for your parents not to meet your school. Actually shout the command out in your head if you have to. Anyway, I repeated this a few times each day, every time i started worrying about them contacting each other.

I obviously can’t guarantee you’ll have success with this method, and if you’re more into physical rituals I’d recommend doing a bit of research into other possible spells of the sort. Just wanted to share this fwiw…

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To aide you in binding or cursing the individual, you must give him a name ( I’m very surprised you’ve had so many dealings with this person & have no idea what his name is) give him a nickname based on his behaviour, like “watcher” or “the nosy one”, a name that would immediately bring him to mind & keep referring to him by this name. In fact, if you have run-ins with him, refer to him by this name. This connection will help you bind him. You must name your enemies before anyone can bind them, or curse them.


Yup, works like a charm, every time, all the time.


Invisibility is possible, just as in movies. A “UFO contactee” ( contact with demons/angels in my opinion) gave me proof of it. He made himself totally invisible and unheardable by me, sitting in daylight in front of me and chatting with my mom and another man. He was invisible only to me. COMPLETELY invisible and unaudible.


What has this got to do with the topic?

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I had a guy who was insisting me to curse 10 peoples to death on Facebook. I told him directly that I won’t do it but he keeps threatening me.
So I sort of asked a group in Facebook for suggestions to get rid of this moron! And one of them suggested me this spell, tough it never worked for me but I still kicked him out with a help of my friend.

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Hi Lady_Eva

I had real drama this morning from a vile person causing me grief with want of damage to cause ill irreversible intent, thus I cast your Vovins Freeze Spell, adding some Graveyard Dirt to see if it gives it extra measure shall let you know how well it worked.

Thanks to you Eva for sending link to
Vovins Freeze Spell ( Vovin, 2007)
Darkest Blessings


Please keep us updated! :slight_smile:

Important for me to say this is not MY spell, in any way - it was posted by Vovin, former admin of EvocationMagic.com forums, currently a mod I believe on its new incarnation as StudioArcanis. In 2014 EvocationMagic closed down, at the time it was stated that this would be permanent, and that was the primary motivation for me to post this here, so it didn’t get lost to the mists of time.

Vovin had, himself, similarly archived I Am’s Solar Grounding & Banishing Ritual from another forum, which I believe was closed or otherwise unavailable by the time Vovin posted it on EM in 2007.

I would never wish to even slightly take credit from another magician where it’s due, and this spell is right up there with the greats in terms of effectiveness and being able to be adapted to remove someone without harm to them. :slight_smile:


You have credit for showing me path to them thank you.I thought best try it as not cause harm personal reasons fits purposes perfectly.

Sensing those with the current like E.A Asenath, Bill,Timothy, Eva, something different like a power unspoken this why people try pull them down.

Yesterday the current was strong I had to attend formal function, I had countless woman drawn to me sensing the current lots of men/partners non believers giving me stare down.

A woman walked into a glass door in a trance whilst giving me the eye major confidence boost worried if she was ok! .

The night before in conducting evocation Lilith filled me, breathing her spirit with every breath I felt just a small part a seeker given a little taste of her i want more.

The attention i was getting was unwanted at time I was just doing my own thing, think it’s just these woman were being drawn to the current not me it was a major confirmatiom validation left-hand path content from forum founders and authors is real deal.

Thanks to all those who work tirelessly on becoming a living god envision success helping spread give access valuable knowledge to new seekers like me of the left-hand path and currents awesome!

Lady_Eva just checked new link powereful cheers
Eva pedia is way better more knowledgeable than Wikipedia
Darkest Blessings

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I read about a variation.
~with only a bit of water, because you don’t want to wash down the name…


Drachir’s post reminded me, I should probably post in here. This spell works wonders and very quickly for a stalker issue a friend was having. I cast this on the target and all contact was broken that day and haven’t heard anything since. Thanks for the wonderful post :slight_smile:


:hugging: you are welcome!

~i just used that variation i spoke of recently


I actually did think about the paper disolving in the spell. My go around was first after rolling the picture up in a scroll, was to seal it in a dime baggy (we have a ton of them at work for holding screws to laptops). But really the goal of this spell i don’t think it matters what happens to the paper


Why not?
Freeze them out AND make them disappear!
Sounds like an added bonus to me…



Do you have to say this word for word? Or can I just say I hope they get so occupied in their own affairs? I don’t want bad upon this person necessarily, just want them out

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The exact words don’t imply any harm whatsoever, so if you stick to the original you are not doing any baneful action against them:

“I want Marilyn Manson to stop meddling in my affairs and from saying or causing any harm to myself or reputation. May they become so embroiled in there own affairs that I will no longer be involved in any way with this person for as long as this string binds this scroll so mote it be.”

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what else can you do with this spell, or can it only remove annoying people

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