Void Trance - Taught to me by Azazel

Embracing the totality of the void.

I performed a mediation given to me by Azazel, which had a interesting affect on me. Azazel instructed me to take five black candles, place them on the ground in the shape of a inverted pentagram.

I placed a charcoal disk in the centre of it as instructed, I was instructed to add Frankincense and dragons blood resin.

I was then instructed to light the candles, I did this facing the north. I began looking at the candles in the shape of the inverted pentagram like a sigil. It started opening I then began chanting.

“ i’kmaz tal’intol Itz sah’kilol “.

I began chanting this over and over, until the trance reached the deepest it could. I went through TGS, into the rapture, into the crossroads state. I then saw the static rain become black, like a energetic darkness. It began covering the ground, the candles burnt out quick. The whole room became black, Azazel explained this as the ‘Void Trance’. He explains you enter the void but I must embrace it completely to become one with the void as the void.

I went so deep into trance, I couldn’t see anything, I couldn’t think anything, I couldn’t feel my body. It was as if I was asleep almost however the person present explained I was awake, eyes open normally sat up.

I was nothing and remained nothing for a whole hour. I suddenly came back and felt different. Azazel was in the room he spoke to me and explained.

“ You see when you’re in the void you can remain yourself, however you can dissolve yourself into the void. Into nothingness which is unlimited potential. It as if you no longer exist, you get rebuilt and brought back but not the same “.

So as I began writing the dialogue I stopped and ask him what he meant by not being the same he answered.

“ You get rebuilt in the essence of the void, your whole being sinks into the void, your consciousness and presence is infinite and you become the all and nothing simultaneously “.

I began experimenting with this over and over, the ecstasy of the experience is amazing. It’s like dying and being reborn not spiritually but physically.

Azazel explained this is the state that many claim to be the state of total enlightenment. You disconnect from everything totally, however monks stay in that state and dissolve into existence.

Azazel explains the true goal should be, dissolving back into the womb of the void and reborn over and over.

I had no idea the benefits of the whole thing was incredible. My personal flow of power was higher than ever, trance took literally seconds to enter.

I began being able to enter the void by merely thinking of it in my mind. In the void I could create anything and pull it here into this realm and push it into the world.

Then I’d obtain a actual manifestation of what I created. The ‘Void Trance’ is a experience which needs to be experienced in order to understand. It’s so fucking incredible, it gets to the point when I can enter the void trance in minutes without any tools.

What are your thoughts on this experience and the void trance ?.


Connor Kendall.


I believe I am going to try it.

If it’s the same i have in my memory, i went there once, before i started black magick, even before i raised my kundalini.

Great to see your expierience with it and your explenation.
Thank you very much indeed!

I think i may actually have taken something of it back here when i raised my kundalini and became completely numb for a short period of time.
Back then it felt like loosing my soul,
like being dead and yet still being alive,
in my body.

So yes it definately makes a lot of sense what you say there.

It also explains the shadow self of mine i expierienced later on.



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This is good. Now try this. Go into the void and call on someone that you know who is living. Question them or command them to do something. Feed on their life force. Whatever you choose to do. See how that works out


That sounds pretty neat. Very similar to qabalistic practices, with the goal of reconnecting with one’s godhood…

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There’s a reason i only accessed it once.
Later, when i did the same method, i found myself in a Huge Room, Looking at a big black body, knowing it’s mine.
That Body always sat still on his Throne / Stone Chair, whilest an uncountable amount of people was standing in front of him, facing him, him facing them.
That Body stood up last year.
It isn’t there anymore.
I casted it into an Vessle (An Sorcerer who asked for more power.)
I then, later on got informed and revealed about another Black Body, which had been laying completely Still in a Stone Tomb Grave, which was rised by several ( i belief it was 6 or 8) People around him, all smaller then him, who removed the Top of the Stone Tomb (which took several people to lift), and he stood up and i was clearly told, that’d be my body to take.


I guess, i really have to see weather that form of meditation - void meditation - works on me again or not.

Note, that Still sitting Black Body - which also was much taller then those looking at him - was accessed by me again and again, for several meditations, later at some point i could see into his room without even going into meditation, yet - i could be sitting in front of a person, talk to it and see the room around me.
That stage was where i could see it while actively completely managing my 3d enviorment around me,
was short before it stood up and went “away”.

I don’t think there’s anything to connect for me.
I think i am connected, fully.
Good you remind me.
I practiced back then to rise that body right here in our plane, next to me.
That was actually the cause of it staying in our plane, as far as i can tell.

Oh and i did merge it with me too,
going into it and out of it,
having it step into me and out of me.

So yes, there’s someone out there, who carries a gift barely possible to value or weigh.

yaah… i remember.
I did that before crafting my alchemic stone.
I needed to create a reason for me to go into it and actually craft philosopher’s stone.^^

It’s funny, i just happen to wear the stone, on my left pointing finger, while tiping this. :smile:



Thank you so much for sharing this!

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you know what?
i saw a video from vsauce which it said that the mind takes 1 second or some miliseconds to make out the picture of reality trance has to do with awareness so maybe in that moment you been so present that your mind didnt do the reailty