Visualizing from the desire being complete, lusting for result and forgetting result

So I am curios about this now and been thinking a bit about it. But what are peoples thoughts on visualizing things happening from the desired result having been manifest. Ie feeling yourself drive the car every so often or each day or visualizing it parked in your drive when you go out as having it already. Or visualizing your bedroom in your dream home as having already got it each time you go to sleep or seeing your lover in various situations from the idea that you are together. This is a firm law of attraction principle and one Neville Godard used to talk about and a few others. He would state each night visualize FROM your desired outcome manifest until you sleep. Obviously this is to bypass the conscious filters as you are sleepy and set it into your deep subconscious mind.

Now in magick we visualize from having it for a bit and then say to forget about it until it manifests. Now I am curios about this as surely visualizing and feeling from HAVING ALREADY the result manifest but applying it to your current life makes the connection stronger and is not classed as a lusting for result. Any ideas on this? seems to work in law of attraction and I have done Neville Godards techniques with good success plenty of times.

To me lusting for results would be doing either magick or law of attraction and then saying or thinking I wonder when it will manifest, wonder if its here yet, feeling lack of it not being there in current or doing ritual after ritual to get that one thing or throwing every entity at it for no reason than to manifest it quicker. Whereas visualizing what you will do or the feel from the point of having it and even seeing it integrated into your current view makes it stronger and is amplifying the result even more plus your belief as you know its done. Any thoughts on this?

Yes this works to manifest without having to do a ritual. You can even do this naturally and be surprised one day when you look around and go “wow, this is exactly what I always wanted”.

Not so much forget about it, as much as don’t “lust for results”. The idea here is that you don’t want to worry about it not manifesting, as that is the opposite of doing the law of attraction, but a common trap: you manifest that it doesn’t come. It’s the little and often approach vs the shock and awe, send all the energy on one go approach. For some people, not thinking about it is easier than trusting it will happen.

There’s a good discussion about this issue here:

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Personally, I’ve found it to be of little effect. I don’t find validity in the Law of Attraction. I’ve seen many things contrary to it, in truth, everyone has. And I’ve know one individual for who it was very destructive in the end while brining no gain.

Now, you can certainly manifest results by having a strong desire for it. Your soul can act freely through spirit, and so it is as connected to the world as you are. So, this is your soul acting in the world and causing effects. So I am not speaking about that, but rather about the law of attraction, which some people love to use to victim blame others.

So, visualizing that you have what you want can have an effect, if your soul is moved to act. You’ll likely find this to be of varying success. If someone’s spirit is strong and more able to cause effects, they will experience greater results and power in this, but those who are weak in spirit or it is restricted by troubles in the body and fear and so on, they will experience less success.

My practice for rituals is to simply not worry about it. I don’t worry about “lusting for results” and at this point if I want to lust for results, I will lust for results. This has worked wonderfully for me.

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Yes I agree with this I think adding scenarios going from that desire having manifest even if doing law of attraction or magickal ritual or spell makes it more powerful. But to enjoy it and not think of it as making it happen. That is the hard part at times. Like you say if we check up on it and wonder if its happening then we are lusting. Thank you for the link some good info there that applies to all magickal systems.

Dankquanicus - I know what you mean about the loa community it can be toxic in some ways as the newer age stuff says you bring about all negative situations which is not the case. Life is life regardless of what we do but our goal is to restructure the chaos into order that suits our needs. Re-arrange the beautiful mess into more order. A lot of new age stuff is twisting older teachings. I like Neville Godards work for this as he keeps the older school of thought whereas the new stuff is just think if, do nada and you get it. They dont even tell you the best times to do it, how to fully or what to look for and try to manifest. A good test Neville did was the ladder test like below.

He said to write down notes saying you will not climb a ladder wherever you generally look, mirrors, side of bed you sleep on, walls, doors, near keys etc etc. Then each night imagine yourself climbing a ladder, visualizing it and feeling it until you fall asleep. Do this for a week each night. Then you will see that you will end up literally climbing a ladder in short time and remember you had visualized it. Also to note is that the notes you left of not being able to climb a ladder did nothing as the visualization at night impressed the subconscious and the notes didn’t go past the conscious filter. They also show that ‘NO OR NOT’ is not recognized by the brain and instead it sees ‘you will climb the ladder’.

The trick to me is you know without a doubt its done and you have it just like when doing any magickal rite.